Central Parasport Festival 2018 – PARENT

We’ve heard through her school about this event. It gives us a chance to try out other sports without having to join into anything. It is a free event. So I just had to have the time to be able to come along as a mother to accompany her. Well the Parasports festival has been very positive and I would recommend that to all other Parents because it allows you to try lots of different Sports so you can see which one’s particularly suit your child. So there is racket sports and there’s basketball and boccia. Defiantly come along its a great experience and it is probably for the parents as well as the children. It’s really good fun for the parents as we because you get to take part and do things with the children. So it’s really really good. I thought it was brilliantly organised my child had a lot of fun, And I think that’s the main thing for kids with disabilities. To see that they stay active and that they can have fun and enjoy themselves. Just as any other mainstreamed kids can as well.

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