CGR Undertow – BACKYARD BASEBALL ’09 review for PlayStation 2

I donít mean to sound like an old guy, but
six cents went a lot further when I was a kid. Someone found a nickel and a penny back
then, sh*t got real. Youíd take it down to the corner market and grab six pieces of penny
candy. Anyway, six cents seems a lot less valuable
these days. Because all it got Drew from Arkansas was three mediocre PS2 games. And what did
he do with ëem? He sent them to us. Shrewd move, Drew. And we appreciate it. I appreciate
it. In fact, thisóthe third and final game of that unholy trilogyóis my favorite of
the bunch. Letís go out on a high note. Itís Backyard
Baseball í09. So this game was released back in 2008, and
it was pretty much destroyed by the critics…as were the two other games Drew sent us, hence
six cents. Nonetheless, Iím a fan of anything that involves baseball and me. Look at thatóred
hair, Pirates shirt, ponytail and camo shorts…this is how I look on a daily basis in the summer. Base hit ! Iíll tell you what I like about Backyard
Baseball í09. It takes that old-school approach to baseball games, you know? Itís got that
R.B.I. Baseball simplicity that makes the game immediately accessible. And the other
thing I like is that…one, you can make your own character. And two, it has a real backyard
feel to it. So you can put any player on any team, just like a real pick-up game. You play on schoolyard diamonds, city streets…I
dig that. The modes are pretty straightforward. You
have single games, tournaments and a season mode, which actually tracks your playersí
stats and everything. Thereís also a home run derby, because chicks dig the long ball.
So thereís actually a pretty decent amount of content here. So what holds back Backyard Baseball í09?
Well…it could definitely use some polish. The graphics, the presentation, the menus…definitely
rough around the edges. And as much as I like simple gameplay, this one is a bit too simple.
It crosses more into kidsí game than old-school arcade baseball. Nonetheless…uh, and this is going to sound
crazy…Iíd rather play this than most of the big-name MLB games. It has more retro
baseball spirit than youíd expect, and although itís definitely more of a game for your little
brother…itís a game you wonít mind playing with him. Plus, Iím in it. And I turn double
plays like Iím getting paid for it. Itís Backyard Baseball í09 for the PlayStation

19 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – BACKYARD BASEBALL ’09 review for PlayStation 2

  1. At first I was expecting Little League Baseball for the Wii, only to realized how stupid I was to compare the two! Little League was decent, but this game sucks!

  2. I know this is going to be completely off-topic, but am I the only one who thinks derek looks like an old lesbian?

  3. Whoa wait Trilogy? TRILOGY? I SENT YOU SIX TWO CENT GAMES. YOU REVIEW EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM MISTER! Unless Mark is taking the second half of pain…

    Honestly I did like this game, it needed some polish but it wasn't bad. It did have a moment where one of my players hit it into outfield, and for some reason the fielders all stopped moving. I had to reset that game.

    I enjoyed the reviews so far. 3.50 bucks well spent (Including postage).

  4. I remember getting Backyard Baseball 1999 out of a Cheerios box as I little kid. I still have it. i got this one for Wii after not having one since 05, and sorry, but it doesn't have the same good experience as even the 05 version had.

  5. world series baseball II sega saturn … best baseball game EVER .. 2d sprite animations with 3d backrounds unmatched gameplay

  6. Who’s more annoying? Jack Fowler or Abner Dubbleplay?
    Everyone knows Vinnie the Gooch is best commentator.

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