CGRundertow MVP 07 NCAA BASEBALL for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

oh why did the gods have to destroy the MVP
Baseball series. When 2K signed the contract that gave them exclusive rights to make a
major league baseball series for multiple platforms it seemed to be the death of the
MVP series. MVP then bought the collegiate license and began making college baseball
games. But MVP staggered onwards, wounded yes, but it continued to make two amazing
games that showed a lot of innovation. I bought this game the day it came out, and I admit
this because it was difficult to find a copy. I had to go to multiple stores before I even
found a store selling it. Which means that many people missed out on what is in my opinion
one of the best baseball games ever made. The biggest thing this game offered was the
pitching and batting interfaces. The game uses the right analog stick for everything.
This is the first time I had seen this used to this extend in a baseball game and the
results are, well, incredible. You really get a better feel for throwing and hitting
that meters and button pressing just can’t give you. The pitching works by you pull the
analog stick back to the green area then push forward to either the left or right for location.
If you miss the green you will either throw a pitch so far out of the strike zone not
even Vlad Guerrero would swing at it or worst a meatball right down the heart of the plate
that is just asking to hit the bull. And as you pitcher throws more and more pitches,
the green sweet zone will shrink, making it more difficult to throw a strike. These work
really well and makes you actually need to consider when to bring in a reliever. Also
the batting works much the same way. You can push the right stick forward to make contact
with the ball and try to get a single or you can pull back and load up and unleash it on
the ball. It really makes you feel like you are in control and not created out. And there are plenty of modes you cantry out
these cool mechanics out with. Of course there is your standard exhibition matches but there
is also a really deep dynasty mode and mini games. The Dynasty mode is really deep and
I found myself coming back to often. You start of with your program and through your play
you build up the school. This is college so nothing comes free. You have to go out and
recruit new players to your school. The more winning you do, the more they will want to
come play for you. Also there are challenges you can do that will unlock new equipment
to use. The game is contracted with Rawlings, which makes it really cool to unlock the real
bats and gloves I used when I played. And the mini games see you trying things like
pitching to knock out all the glass in a strike zone by hitting your spots. They are pretty
basic but still really fun and also useful because it will take some getting use to the
mechanics of the game, but after you do you won’t be able to imagine playing a baseball
game any other way. The only negative I can say about the game
is the visuals are a little underwhelming. The game looks pretty generic and the graphics
are pretty sludgy but that is a very small complaint compared to how great the rest of
the game is. If you love baseball, you should do all you can to try and find this game.

30 thoughts on “CGRundertow MVP 07 NCAA BASEBALL for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

  1. I've never played one of the college MVP games. This review makes me want to go find a copy somewhere. It can't be more than two or three bucks.

  2. Just rummaged through hundreds of PS2 discs at my local gamestop looking for this game, and dammit after twenty minutes of searching I found it! $2 for a great baseball game. I'm in.

  3. I'm gonna go on ebay buy a ps2 system and get this game. My question which is better mvp06 or mvp07. How many teams and can you create teams?

  4. No, you cant create teams but 07 has far,far more teams than 06 did. 07 is (IMO) the perfect imbodiment of what a sequal should be. It plays better and has more content, but the gameplay and "feel" of the game remain the same, which was just about perfect in 06.

  5. Couldnt agree more CG! I too think the NCAA Baseball series 06&07 are two of the best baseball games of ALL TIME, and TO DATE! The lineup, player progression, dynasty mode, mini games, every small facet from stadium creation/selection, to warming up your relievers. I still own and play this game often.

  6. Finally found this game at my local gamestop with ncaa football 06 for .99 cents, my two fav sports games growing up on the ps2

  7. I have 06 but want 07 all in all raiin should make a new college baseball series. If not then this would be a huge opportunity for a small company to get big and earn money

  8. I remember me and my dad going to the local game store years ago to get Mlb MVP 06, only to be told that they were using college teams for the next one, me and my dad thought that sounded dumb, but we were told that a new franchise had been started MLB the show

  9. One of my favorite games to this day I use to play it with my big bro when it came out, the mini games are great and dynasty was great

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