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AD**AD Hello viewers , welcome to nothing but cricket I’m gonna talk about Chanderpaul’s batting stance and what are the inputs that we can talk from his stance We’ll focus on what we can learn from his stance rather than breaking down his technique If you haven’t subscribed yet please to subscribe and also press the bell icon to get notifications please do follow me on instagram from the link in description Most of my videos will have subtitles please check do check them also πŸ™‚ we always have a curiosity to see chanderpaul standing his open stance I’ve done some research on that out of curiosity he has explained about his stance in some of the interviews also he had some problem playing legside in my ‘Leg Side dominant batting’ video I’ve talked about something called blind spot when we stand side-on during stance, some of the area on legside behind our back will be blind spot so when quick bowlers few batsmen will have trouble facing them because of blind spot Chanderpaul had this problem and his country’s fast bowlers are very very quick So in order to avoid blind spot he started practicing open stance to avoid off side batting struggle because of open stance he used to move during the stance when the ball is bowled he wil come to the side-on position It is also called boxer position batsmen will also stay side on during batting how ever open he may stand but at the time of release he comes to that side-on boxer position if the ball is bowled on his legs he doesn’t need to get much side on if bowled on off side he might wanna get to that side on position this is why he follows this open stance It doesnt matter how we stand during the bowler’s run up at the time of bowler releasing the ball we should get to the side-on position we can play all kinda shots from that position this open stance might not suit for everyone some people might be already weak on off side and this stance will make it worse this open stance might also create some other new mistakes in your batting so definitely this stance should be practiced under the guidance of some coach getting to side on , keeping the head stable etc. are also important while having this stance while moving in the stance we will have trouble with those things inorder to get all this right in this stace you will definitely need a coach with you you should also find whether this suits you or not before taking this to matches Hope this video is useful for you guys now you guys might clearly know why batsmen have open stance I’ve also explained the difficulties and side effects of this stance leave your questions in comments and like, share, subscribe and also press the bell icon thanks for watching ! keep supporting ! please do check out my other videos also

71 thoughts on “chanderpaul Batting Stance Breakdown | Nothing But Cricket

  1. Bro… I am following ur trigger Movement.. Batting stance…. It will be more useful… and i can easily score more runs.. bro.. Tq bro for all

  2. I think sometimes Smith also play like open stance Anna……indha position la off side podura ball ah easy ah play panna mudiyuma

  3. Age 25 indha age lla Achu pannum adhukku eintha mathiri yaana team lla vilaiyada num eppdi Ranji Trophy vilaiyada num konjam sollunga Anna please

  4. Head position tha main and only problem…yenna Mari height iruku ravanga luku …easy tha macha…wide outside off pota kuda fetch panni adidalam …but height kami irukuruvangaluku eg for chandrapaul kuda eduthkala … England swinging conditions la rombo kastam patu irukaru …so height irukuruvangaluku koncham easy long legs ,long hands swinging ball kuda adidalam…Ana short ha irukum varangaluku antha trigger movement panni adurathu rombo vey kastam macha …!…

  5. Bro nanga tennis ball tournament veladurom . From Sri Lanka but enakku power hitting konjam improve pannanum edhavadhu tips sollunga pls

  6. Bro iam 14 years iam studing 9 bishop heber hr sec schools in trichy theppakulam I need to join cricket acdamy iam middle class family please πŸ˜«πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’“help me ok cricket Veethanam bro

  7. Dear Nothin But Cricket,
    The limited-edition bat you suggested was the worst tennis ball bat ever. I trusted you on that note.

  8. Bro ball la enga adikanum ippa short ball la entha side adikanum
    Good length ball la enga entha side( off or on side ) appadinu oru video podunga bro

  9. Bro ipo trend la irukarathu Steve smith stance than.. comeback ku apro stance complete uh change antha style knjo xplain pannunga bro

  10. Bro engalavida nalla vilayadura team kitta epdi naanga nalla viladrathu i mean naanga satharanamana players avunga romba nalla players

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