Charlotte Flair recaps her dominant SummerSlam: SmackDown Exclusive, Aug. 13, 2019

Charlotte you’ve had quite
the week here in Toronto, capping it all off with
the victory over Ember Moon. But do you feel humbled at all
with both Trish Stratus and Ember taking you to your absolute limit?>>Taking me to my limit? I think taking me to my limit would
be me not tapping both of them out. No, I tapped out Trish Stratus, defeating
and humiliating her in her hometown in front of her family,
her two kids, and her husband. Defeating the past and
tapping out Ember Moon, the present. Humbled? No, there’s only one queen of
the ring of all eras and that’s me. Are you done?

100 thoughts on “Charlotte Flair recaps her dominant SummerSlam: SmackDown Exclusive, Aug. 13, 2019

  1. I'm not hating but Charlotte Flair why don't you take a break like Finn Balor and let Ember Moon get another title shot

  2. Oh yeah I think Sting suits you😂😂

  3. Charlotte​ is amazing wrestler, better than Becky and Bailey combined. She is all rounder,good with mic too..but she is annoying,wwe keep pushing her,like she is only good female wrestler they have

  4. Fans did not see Kelly Kelly in the video. Kelly is beautiful and humble young woman. I would to thank Kelly to on top in the tower with my lovely Peyton and Billie!

  5. I miss Charlotte when she was face. she was always so nice and her victories were always so special and they actually meant something.

  6. If I was Charlotte watch your back because Sasha Banks might be behind you to attack you.😅😅😅💙💙💙

  7. Charlotte is really like Triple H in 2002 to 2005 or Shawn Michaels in 1996 to 1997, always selfishly hogging title picture, beat new talents and refused to put over new talents, see how Sasha, Asuka, Liv, Ember are buried by her

  8. Charlotte flair is so sexy with those monster milky bouncy big hard huge nippled jiggley cream filled dreamy soft mushy boobs she's a busty blonde milf

  9. Taking her to her limit? We've seen Charlotte do mores in matches with the likes of Bayley, Becky, and Sasha on numerous occasions. Also Shayna was asked this same exact question on Saturday after beating every women on the roster. Maybe a call up soon?

  10. I just want her to go away for a while. Shes has gotten to much too soon. I'm sick of her. That's wwe for ya. Running good talent.

  11. I'm Christian Silvestre who lives in manila Philippines, Hi WWE network, I know you're coming here on September 20 WWE LIVE, I'm 15 years old I've been watching this program for 7 years and i loved wwe so much especially divas / women's superstars only female superstars i keep watching, because i like women wrestler's and in fact my idols are Alundra, chyna, trish, lita, mickie, melina, the beautiful people , and especially Nikki and brie the bella twins and kelly kelly, Michelle mcool, eve torres, maryse, maria, and Charlotte flair's Era, I love them so much, My problem here is that I do not have enough money to buy tickets because my family and my parents are poor, I cry a lot because I have no money I want to go but I do not have enough money I cry because I have been asking for it for a long time but I do not know how to go since i have no money 2012 i've been a wwe fan, I want them to see, i am 7 years wwe fan, subscriber, lord please hopefully i can go, I really want to see them, help me please , Please help me, This is my dream PLEASE, i want to be with them and have a picture with them please help me lots of thank you for helping me so much god bless you god bless us i love you, Please help me with my dream and help me to see my idols and go to wwe live at September 20. Thank you for reading this. I hope That you can help me. I know I'm too young to beg, but beg for my dream, Hi WWE I comment on your facebook posts and I ask you for help, help where I can join my idols and my dear superstars, And take a picture with them, people see my comments on your post, they think I'm asking for money to buy tickets but they don't understand me there are some people who understand me and all I want is to be with them and talk and have a picture with them and that's my dreams THANK YOU WWE AND THANK FOR READING THIS I LOVE YOU GUYS

  12. I'm loving the heel character as always, face, heel you name it, Charlotte Flair will always be my Queen of All Eras

  13. She comes for Bayley’s title at Clash of Champions, Sasha goes for Becky’s title in the same night….have to wonder if 4 other women might have an interest that night….

  14. I’m Charlotte fan and forever will be and she’s the only reason why I watch wwe but please let her be nice now because this is too much and every time I am saying she will be kind she become same thing please Charlotte and wwe let her be the real Charlotte her kind character please 💔

  15. If we have Roman in men division then we also have Charlotte in women division where these two superstars often called overrated by fans, and right now Vince decided not to give them any title push for a while and instead letting other superstars to have their own push, like Seth Rollins defending his title from Brock and probably we will see Brawn in WWE Universal Championship match very soon, and also Becky with Natalya with probably will be switched to Breck with Sasha very soon, this is well scripted storyline right, we already saw many times Roman having title reign same goes to Charlotte, 2016 and 2017 is the best example, it's probably Brawn and Sasha turn next

  16. If Charlotte Flair gets a next title opportunity or reign as champion I'm done watching this women's wrestling. Because for this company Charlotte Flair by the end of her career she will be 20/25 time Women's champion and non of her reigns as champion will be memorable it will be more like "just because" it's Flair.

  17. It's was all about Ric Flair money 💸 when it's comes to business , of course vince will accepted with open arm .

  18. Alicia Silverstone Bat Girl Charlotte Flair Hailey Baldwin Bieber Alison NikkiBella Vanessa Hudgens Jazmine Catherine Sutherland Kat Pink Ranger

  19. Don't worry Charlotte because Cathy Kelly called Randy ortons match with kolfi Kingston "Tough" so if she's asking stupid questions also she was trying to get bayley involved in the Natalya,becky Lynch and Sasha banks ordeal I mean is this announcer persistently trying to start something or is she just stupid ?

  20. Charlotte is such a freakin' boss. I hope to one day see Charlotte Flair vs. Tessa Blanchard. It'd be the greatest women's match of all time.

  21. They should do a queen of the ring too but have Charlotte lose and have a feud with the winner and be jealous about them winning and talk about she's the real Queen

  22. Charlotte Flair I love you so much you are my favourite female superstar I am your very big fan I will always support you in your all matches. 😘😘🥰🥰😍😍

  23. Charlotte you should've left your face alone/ You were beautiful, now you just remind me of Barbie having a really bad day

  24. As Ashley after SummerSlam: "I hope I was everything Trish saw in me to want to come back and face me".
    As Charlotte after SDL: "I humiliated Trish in front of her hometown, her family, her two kids and her husband".

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