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I bear witness that i will say everything truth in this court , nothing else do not feel stress, Mr Ramzan tell me, that when your daughter was taking last breath , where you were at that time I was there what she told you she was saying “wajih , Wajih” again n again, but Wajih did not let her say she was taking her last breaths , she gave her statement and I read that the statement that you did read , what was written in that it was written that Wajih was touching me he tried to molest me, I slapped him and spitted on his face |Wajih did beat her badly and she ran to the roof Wajih dropped her down from roof, she said tell to Mannat that Wajih is a wolf
|Wajih did beat her badly and she ran to the roof Wajih dropped her down from roof, she said tell to Mannat that Wajih is a wolf Mr Ramzan where did you see this statement ? S.H.O Amir Khan has this statement point to be noted , S.H.O Amir Khan has that statement so I request to the court that bring that statement and call S.H.O Amir Khan, and take his statement permission granted thank you Mr Aqeeb Zada , do you like to ask something thank you your honor I surly like to ask something how are you old man ? are you fine ? whats your name ? Ramzan tell your real name Ramzan is my name your name is Ramzan Ahmed yes Ramzan Ahmed , it does not make difference it makes difference , a big difference leave this, tell me that when your daughter was giving statement , where you were ? I was out side, after that I was with her, when she was taking her last breath means whatever you did tell in this court, that statement was not given in front of you she gave her statement to police , I did read that you read that statement not heard ? not , not heard so what you did hear ? she was saying Wajih ….Wajih again n again then you might caught his collar no, at that time I did not have an idea what do you mean, when your daughter is saying the name of a man, you are giving such a cool reaction I did not think like that at that time someone’s daughter, your daughter in front of you was telling the name of a man at her time of death and you were not realizing and you were thinking in another direction instead of this her condition was not good so that’s why I am feeling doubt on your mental condition, leave her condition because she is not alive tell me if Wajih was there then what he did say to Nayyab? Wajih did hold her hand and ….. he did give her courage by holding her hand and said that I am with you. isn’t ? yes this….. point to be noted my Lord my client was encouraging that girl.. its all a false story, reality is something else actually that girl was planted at there to catch the rich boy no sir … shut up answer only what you are asking for and when she was unsuccessful there , she had affair with some other boy, result was unsuccessful love that boy did beat her and she did tell the name of my client to take revenge of rejection objection my Lord, he is blaming my client without reason just imagine why she might think of revenge at the time of her death at the time of death everyone tells the name of murderer Mr Ajmal Umer be seated and wait for your turn thank you might be she was trying to admit her love or might be trying to do anything else first time a person may confuse, and thinks later that how to get benefit I don’t want to discuss about this, I want that you must call S.H.O Amir Khan with Nayyab’s statement after that we will discuss it this court orders S.H.O Amir Khan to come to the court and to recite the statement of victim here next hearing will be conducted on 22nd of the same month , the court is adjourned asalam alekum sir walekum asalam, why you did break the signal ? sir I broken the signal because my friend is pregnant , I have to take her hospital who? me? she is all fine sir she seems fine to you, but she is not I am an educated girl , why I may break the signal, its emergency please let us go what is the concern of pregnancy with the signal you are a man, so you can not understand , if you will ask your wife she will tell you one minute I am not pregnant , even I am not married I am not you will have a Challan , show me your license sir I am not pregnant in pregnancy mood swings , why you are not understanding ? I will not let you go what are you talking if it would happened to your wife you would do also like this you would break the signal okay thank you so much bye I am not pregnant, I am not even married why you are giving the clearance of your character , be easy the meaning of outing with you people is to be insulted , every time no we will not let you be insulted, we will give you a perfect meal give me the poison that will be given you by your step mother , face changing snake she is so cheap, until I would not bring some gift she may not allow me inside lets fun no fun its necessary we really forgot you I am feeling dizzy your blood pressure is low, have you taken tablet ? its finished then why you did not tell me tell Shayan he will bring don’t know when Shayan will come, I am bringing it where you will go its near, I am bringing you …………… I want this medicine look
I want this medicine look this not all, this center one center ? yes she is that ? yes, she is not seems like that, she is you are the same who tried to flirt with your brother in law? what happened? you do not have any answer . say something is it your concern? yes its concerned with me the parents bring the girls like you so you may break their home
yes its concerned with me the parents bring the girls like you so you may break their home please mind your own business in the presence of her husband she is trying to flirting her brother in law we are not concern with anything look how she is staring me I am giving respect due to your age only do not give respect to my age, care about your parent’s age she does not respect her parents , what she may respect us ?
do not give respect to my age, care about your parent’s age she does not respect her parents , what she may respect us ? what are you talking in the market we do not have any problem , you have problem he is also culprit , he is not any innocent boy who talked about me what she is talking about you are calling me disrespect , look at yourself its the sign of doom day what you did say? if you are a man then fight with me you want to see my courage, I will show you today run, …go Wajih , with respect run do not make fun here i did say I am not a bad person you all made me bad you know if Shayyan would not my real brother
you all made me bad you know if Shayyan would not my real brother i would do same that I did with Nayyab, but I did not do that want to talk with shayyan brother, I will tell him that you have this condition he is not picking the phone still you have time, take the case back Shayan Dr Shazia she is fine now, she will be conscious soon then you can meet her Shayyan I am really very sorry about your baby she did fall very badly so baby’s survival was impossible but God will give you a child again, have patience Shazia may I meet Manat no, she is still unconscious , meet her after one hour in room be brave come on madam, meal is ready you are looking so nice while doing work why you are making these videos , you did not drink the juice I will upload it on my instagram what you want to say ? drink juice I do not want don’t want Mannat I am saying that drink this juice see you are looking so nice, one second drink juice I don’t want with my hand please drink hmm it has no ice its hot please put some ice I will put, now one more sip good girl hmm its too hot, I do not like what the thing you are ? I am full of fun lets come, I am so hungry its so tasty Chinese I do not want right now , will eat later what is this? you are neither drinking the juice nor eating the food I am not hungry , you may eat okay fine , I am so hungry but due to you I will sleep hungry hmm will you do emotionally black mail? hmm its like that ? you will not eat, have swear .. do not do drama, now lift me come God come baby come oh nice you made it or did order from out side? you might brought it from restaurant ? you are accepting and I would order from outside ? I made it, myself great my love I will serve no I will serve , you made it with so much love for me now you put rice for me thank you my love Mannat its okay, everything will be fine please control yourself, everything is okay you need rest, do not take stress please control yourself Wajih killed my child he killed , he did so wrong what happened brother, where you are seated ? I got divorced , you are doing outing you got divorced but you have a problem with my outing what happened to you brother ? why you use to sit sad like this have you seen yourself, you are so fit brother I am telling you , you can get any girl no girl can take her place leave this I have also seen , your behavior with sister in law she was so innocent woman whenever she tried to talk , you always said quiet , quiet, tell me who talks like this
she was so innocent woman whenever she tried to talk , you always said quiet , quiet, tell me who talks like this now see, you are sitting sadly here sometime the scolding person becomes use to of the person who is being scolded now leave this, enough you did not leave anything in hurting her , you know it I will search someone for you what are you looking like this I am looking that , having the heart like you is so beneficial spring doesn’t come in heart with anyone’s arrival or not even it falls when some one leaves careless, unconcern, and always happy but having such heart is total lost So brother i am not against sister in law, go and placate her you yourself hurt her, now you are sitting sadly in front of me so i must convince you there is nothing in being sad, stay happy brother i am happy in your happiness we may fight with hundred people but not with everyone some people are across from the limit of bullying, being unconcern and misbehavior only Haya is left in those few people please leave to being sad brother! look, where are you …. this attitude suits on you, as you are the sister of Wajih Taseer how do you bear him ? he is my brother , what should I do ? come and sit brother if you do not want to eat food , may I send milk for you ? no, I was thinking that may we send some sweets to Shayan it’s his first happiness he is going to become a father, we may send something and do some custom if our parents might alive they would do so much for him don’t know who’s gaze ate the Jamalistan, every happiness goes back from our door but brother why only sending? you must go with me, we both will go together the doors of their home are not closed for you may be he will not like my presence, you may go okay come on let’s have dinner you may go i am coming Mannat please eat some thing i am not hungry please take it like medicine i don’t want to be fine why you people did not call me at night still you are considering me as stranger? it’s not like that we were upset i went to your home with some sweets and other stuff, brother yawar sent it, because the first child of our family is about to come and the last child of that family has killed that child Wajih? Haya you still asking “Wajih”? you still don’t have trust on me? i don’t know what to say, oh my God! i am so sorry i am so sorry but! i am so sorry, Brothers! one more wicket is lost? i swear elder sister in law was so crying, i felt very bad to see her i think this house is possessed by some ghost, the girl was killed by the same and ate the happiness of this house you are right brother i feel the same yes! such an intelligent ghost elder brother should ask forgiveness to God Okay brother you give the suggestion as you are adorable to them what’s the matter brother Sadiq! your tongue smells burning now a days no brother Look! neither i steal nor i will stay quite like Lalu after being beaten what you are saying? what will you do? I’ll create panic your tongue will be cut let it be cut, I will manage ,you are also doing too, at least I will sleep peacefully what we poor people have? only a needful meal and peaceful sleep, you shameless have sold these even what do you mean? look I do not have spare time, and listen one thing and fix it in your mind, if you would try to complain against us to your father then i swear God , a panic will be created here may I say something brother Saleem say what you want the difference between human and animal is only the understanding of rights and wrongs to whom you are saying ? may I show you my animal do your work control yourself, and make him to be understand go and do your work he became mad
go and do your work he became mad if a man is a thief then it happens asalam alekum walekum asalam brother how is sister in law ? better , please pray for her, take this and make soup okay fine Tabinda listen yes brother make soup brother , is sister in law fine? I am really sorry about your baby, she did fall so bad so baby’s survival was impossible what? calmly you are coming so calmly you have to take care of yourself, now you are going to be a darling aunt oh God really after a long time I heard a good news come inside what is this? these are my dreams , my happiness my hopes, my wish for my child by passing through a mall I did purchase it un deliberately I purchased it when I was not married , my friends were watching me strangely I told them, it will belong to the first child of my family these are being with me since so many years first i had a hope that a happiness will come to you, then I would give him when I got that hope then I saved it for my child , but your brother killed him before birth

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  1. Drama apni pakad kho raha he…wajeeh Character ab over dekha rahe hain
    Suspense khatam kar diya

  2. ساتھ چلنے والے جب ساتھ چھوڑ جاتے ھیں
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  4. aksar negative character par bahoot zada gussa aata hai but billal abbas par is character mein bhi gussa nahi aata hai.

    but realy v. bad char. billal . my name saba and i am from india

  5. OMGGGG!!!! THIS IS A HEART TOUCHING DRAMA ! !! CAN'T EXPRESS MY WORDS FOR IT 💕💕💕💕💕 I literally cried when I heard "aur us akhri khandan k bachey nay us bachey ki jan leli"😢😗 beautiful drama

  6. Mannat ne apna baccha khoya hai ab wo chup nhi baithegi wajih ka bahaduri se muqabla karegi ek maa ko lalkaara hai wajih ne us ka baccha cheen kr ab to use saza dilwa kr hi rahegi wajih ka anjaam bahot bura hoga dekh Lena who agree wid me

  7. First time Saba Qamar ka drama dekha …boht hi kamaal drama hai…or Saba Qamar ny to jo Role play kiya sch mein mzaa a gya…

  8. Jab mannat ne kaha k wajih nee bache ko mara hy tu kisi nee usse explaination Kun ni li shayan tak ny ni pocha

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  11. this also has a lesson….
    Mannat is a girl!
    Aur larkion ko akele bahir niklne se parhaiz krna chahye..
    esp. jb hmari society main wajeeh jese kutte hon!

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  15. I love this drama really saba qamar suprb acting mujhe sabse acchi acting saba qamar aur ramzan unkle wajjih ki lagi bilkul real hai love u all from india 🇮🇳

  16. One big mistake…..she said walking distance he…..and they showed she was walking and walking and walking she could get cab easily….story banani he bus

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