Chelsea 4-4 Ajax – Frank Lampard FULL Post Match Press Conference – Champions League

Okay if you’ve got a question raise your hand we’ll start the front there on the right Are you happy or relieved from the starting point or are you disappointed not to have gone on to beat them tonight? Both Relieved from the position at halftime although I told the players at halftime that I thought we could draw the game 3-3 or win it 4-3 or it might be 4-4, I wasn’t I’m not saying because I’m clever now I just felt that the few moments where we conceded in the first half were a mixture of our sloppiness and also some bad fortune but I’ll always be self-critical of our sloppiness but I felt that we were in the game I felt that there were moments where Christian and Willian and our pressing off the ball meant that we were firmly in the game and we just needed a bit more we need a bit more in the final third and we needed to lift the spirit of the stadium so I’m delighted with that part of it and we’re probably a bit disappointed in the last 10 minutes not to win it but in the cold light of day we were 3-1 down 4-1 down so it was a good result on those terms It seems VAR is determined to haunt you every step of the way you know that the goal the end be ruled out I mean as a player you’ve played in some big nights here, can you tell us what it’s like being a manager though though is it harder actually being the manager or the player on those big nights, what do you think? Umm It’s probably a little bit I wouldn’t say harder being a manager is different than the your input in terms of on the pitch to go out and obviously grab it and change it feels less individually but at the same time you’re responsible so what I do before the game why say at halftime and the changes I make maybe in-game make it that you’ll be a part of it I mean today it was just a mad one I don’t think there’s too many up and even compare it to in my day I know we had 4-4’s with Liverpool and some crazy games but the red cards and the VAR, the VAR was obviously a new animal and we’re all getting you say and I’m not the only manager that’s talking about every week every manager is at the moment and I can’t give you any sort of dissection of all of those today because firstly I need to watch it back and find with a calm head and then see them and secondly when you’re on the sidelines it’s very difficult to get to grasp it straightaway but erm I’m delighted, take VAR out of it and the red cards etc what I have to think about is us and the spirit that we showed and the character was something that I loved and I think our fans loved and we need to tighten up for sure but with that spirit we can we can go places You said before you don’t like comparing this to the team to the old teams but that spirit that it showed did have echoes of you know when you were there with all the greats? I don’t want to compare, I mean we had um.. everyone Chelsea fans and every person here today knows the stories that we had at Champions League etc and league what we have to focus on is what we have in front of us now and performance like today unique characters personalities at 3-1 down at halftime easy to turn it in even more easy to turn it in at 4-1 down and give it give it up we never did we never did so I’m talking about the players I’ve got now I keep saying it about the experienced players of Jorginho cool head driving the team Kovacic, Willian all of those the young players you have for sure, Azpilicueta those players really pushed tonight and I loved it Your change at halftime did make an impact I mean what does it say about someone like Reece James at nineteen not played hardly any Champions League football in his career and yet he can go on and.. Yeah well Reece is a fantastic young player and he gives what you saw and I think he’ll much better because he’s nineteen that’s just normal but the I felt we needed to change to get a bit more thrust on the right-hand-side change Azpi on the left hand side and I think Reece could deliver Reece can deliver crosses and with great quality powerful and joins in and you know he knows we’ve got Azpi there who’s are captain who plays right back but there are things that we can do to change sometimes and if Reece does that then he’s a great player he’s gonna be a top player for the club It wasn’t an easy hit that either was it? Nah he’s got great quality that’s what I mean and when you look at the modern fullback with things are required now to join in and be a threat going forwards and some of the ones in the Premier League are doing it and outstanding way and hopefully Reece can do that for us How’s Mason doing? Yeah I don’t know he strapped his ankle and we have these relatively minor but that’s one for the morning You know looking at it’s hard to talk about statistic stuff now but where do you think this leaves you in terms, I mean the group now 3 teams on 7 and you go to Valencia Yeah it’s tough it’s tough you know the Valencia game the first game here you kick yourself because a penalty and a draw and maybe would have us off to a decent start and the group would probably look differently but I think this group is always going to be quite tight because it was a feeling that teams could take points of each other so we’re in it we’re in it we’ve got two games now is we’ve certainly have a lot of work to do and we must focus on that for what it is we need to go to Valencia and they’ll come here both of those very tough matches we’ve got work Do you think taking 4 points from these two games against Ajax will give the team more confidence to go to Valencia? Well I don’t know I mean I felt today that we could have won the game as well with respect to Ajax because they’re a top team but I think yeah I think the performances we put out put on in Lille and in Ajax themselves in terms of travelling in Europe which is always difficult to do wherever you go should give us confidence but every game is difficult Valencia will feel the same they’ve had a great result tonight and they’re gonna sniff the fact that they could go through as well so it’ll be a whole new tough challenge it will have to take on You maddest night ever here would you say? I don’t know I don’t know I mean as I say it’s hard to put it in perspective and one to watch back and as I said I had some mad nights over the over the years and some great nights but for everything that it was today the spectacle that it was and then it’s up there certainly right up You’ve aged a few years maybe Thanks, thanks very much Cheers then

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  1. Second red card, handball an penalty. VAR is disgrace. Hand was parallel with body it can't be glued to a body shame for the game. Ref is disgrace.2 red cards and penalty that wasn't penalty. VAR was wrong….

  2. Was Ajax that good. Or did Chelsea just give away silly free kicks? Second half Chelsea battered Ajax. Great game. Fantastic watch. Chelsea now are the best english team to watch right now.

  3. The referee has won with his Italian mafia practices. A Russian billionaire owner of Chelsea and a corrupt Italian referee? 1 plus 1 is two

  4. horrible game from ajax perspective
    2 red cards, i never have seen that, before blind got red card they made an faul on blind
    And why no replay for the goals that chelsea made? Odd

  5. Wow, what a fucking arrogant muppet. You should feel extremely lucky that you got 4 points out of these 2 matches. Overrated as a footballer and no self-reflection as a manager clearly.

  6. How much crack do this chelshit fanboys smoke man💨 crazy stuff good luck in PL next 2 champions league games big L s mark these words!

  7. Not being racist but god I hate fucking Dutch and German fans. They're always such butthurt bad losers raiding comment sections everywhere with their bullshit.

  8. I've added subtitles to this video, check it out and let me know what you think. Do you want to see this more in the future?

  9. Up the chels heaters ahh Ajax got rob stop complaining like crybabies grow up grow some hair on your balls. Chelsea out classed Ajax

  10. Lampard, you dumb c**t. Did you really think it would end 3-3 or 4-3 at half time? If so, wonder what your answer would be when you find out Ceverin's and Infantino's c**k is balls deep in Abramovich and Dyke's throat…

  11. Cope harder Ajax fans. If Chelsea players did what your players did, you would be completely fine with yellow cards.

  12. Chelsea all the way! Never weary. Ajax fans, we would've still come back regardless of the 2 sending offs. Y'all might have lost with 11.

  13. Kamikaze Chelsea what a shambles Lampard is out of his depth he is cluless the back 5 and midfield a shambles Kepa is a disaster need a new Goalkeeper ASAP

  14. They have to rethink the handrule… Veldman did everything to avoid touching that ball. To then get punished with both a penalty ad a card just seems unfair even though its according to the new rules.

  15. Chelsea needs to spend those 300 millions on 4 defenders. Tomori is really bad. Zouma is average and Alonso is finished. Azpi needs a replace to rotate

  16. This was Frank's first big moment for criticism. I can't see why CHO displaced Pulisic on the left then proceeded to repeatedly dribble straight into 2 or 3 defenders. Frank should have put Batshuayi on the pitch much sooner if the focus of the attack was going to come from crosses out wide. Bats usually doesn't hit a great shot on goal until this 3rd strike; he did not have enough time on the pitch. Frank should have foreseen the need for another big strong body and a better strike than what Tammy Abraham was offering.

  17. That hand ball call on Tammy for the last goal that got canceled was harsh, the ball was all over the place and it hit the tip of his fingers smh lol

  18. Nobody´s enjoy the great game.
    Everybody is shouting about thit and that – for nuting 🙁
    Why so much anger on both sides ?
    It´s only a game, and here: a fantastic one. Great sport.
    Regards from an outsider, not british, not dutch. Only love good football !

  19. UEFA is Fixed, 3 way tie now to get more views. 4min extra time was bullshit! Handball was VAR bullshit! Investigation is needed.

  20. why no VAR lines now huh?, second goal from Chelsea? if Promes goal in the first game is offside, why not this one? fkn Mobsters

  21. So funny because why didn’t u guys get the win? Because it was 1 against 4 😂 so be happy that the ref made a few rare decisions otherwise Ajax would have destroyed you guys more.

  22. This has nothing to do with spirit and character lol. When 2 people are send of and you get a penalty of course there will be spirit lol 😂

  23. 1st match : Ajax 0-1 Chelsea
    2nd match : Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

    "Are you scared"?

    "That's just my face"!

  24. Chelsea can't be proud of this shit! Took referee two reds to help them! Willian was lying on the ground more than playing football! Idiots

  25. I am always with lampard but honestly chelsea don't deserves to get a point against ajax, ajax were the better side and chelsea are so weak in this game! !

  26. He wanted even more ???? You got too much already ! Hope the UEFA will take action on this one. Twice a var mistake against Ajax … coincidence ?

  27. The only reason why Jorginho is not our captain is because Azpi has been so good for us. He always plays LB or RB or CB or even RM/RWM a couple of times.

    I know that many players that are in our team at the moment were on loan elsewhere last season. People are stupidly making fun of this team for not winning. I mean look at ManUtd, it has been more than a year and they are still struggling to find their way of playing. Arsenal? They aren't having many good evenings either. And somehow, somewhere some people find it's fair to say Chelsea cannot draw against nine men team with 2 goals of advantage that last season knocked out both Juve and Real. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  28. Why is he acting like they did a great job? they got 2 penalty's and could'nt beat 9 man. Without the ref's brain aneurysm, Ajax was heading for an easy victory.

  29. Gli arbitri Italiani si fanno sempre compatire l' anno scorso in Eintracht Benfica con Orsato ora con Rocchi che schifo…! Ajax senza espulsioni e rigori avrebbe vinto 4 – 1

  30. Christian Pulisic was farely held off by blind even the commentator says it, in fact you see pulisic trip blind which was the cause of him bringing down Tammy Abraham, the ball did not hit Joel Veltman's arm, you can clearly see on the replay he moves his arm away and it hits his stomach so penalty was wrong too,
    the correct decision should have been, pulisic yellow card and no penalty, the ref was wrong in other incidents, must have been bribed, cos it almost seems like the ref was not going to let ajax win not matter what they did, or did not do, so for me ajax was robbed i agree with Dusan Tadic, that ref should be held accountable

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