1. This is the most fair and impressive hatrrick in the cricket world and that too in the world cup. no umpire ,no fielder, no third person was involved. No chance of angle or any calculation,no assumption, no prejudice,most c l e a n clean bowlds .

  2. This is the Only Hatrrick in the History of Cricket, where a Bowler Hits Off, Miidle and Leg Stump in back to back 3 balls.

  3. It's Histork Hattrick Off, Middle & Leg Stump in back to back 3 Balls. Verrrrrrrrrrry Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  4. wrong !!!!!!!!! it was before six. people forgot his hattrick and criticised him for having conceded a last ball six. this criticism made him cry on TV. i watched that show

  5. No Sir.. I have both videos and iam dam sure that first of all the last ball six was happened and after that hattrick occured

  6. I remember watching this live and can't believe how impressed I was !! This is my earliest memory of cricket 🙂 
    thanks to youtube !!

  7. Stupid men would always CRITICIZE Chetan Sharma for that infamous last ball 6 incident.

    But his fans would always remember him for this amazing HAT TRICK feat and becoming the first bowler to take hat-trick in World Cup matches.

  8. Really sad people remember him for that 6 in sharjah… He was never handled well… I believe he scored a one day 100 as well… He had his moments in cricket and was very young by d time he was axed…

    Not many people give credit to him but it was because of him that we won that series in England in 1986 which many have failed to achieve…

    This hattrick has separate fanbase, if u r to say that in today's world

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