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I was going to be able to go out and actually play hockey. GILLIAN WARD: Being blind
doesn’t mean that we don’t want to play sports still. So it’s a really
great opportunity. CARLA PENTIMONE (VOICEOVER):
It’s just incredible to see, kind of, the hockey
family we have here at the Chicago Blackhawks
Blind Ice hockey team. [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [RATTLING SOUND] Blind hockey started
about three years ago. We are sponsored by
the Chicago Blackhawks. We’re lucky to have their logo. Right now, we’re at the Center
Ice of DuPage in Glen Ellyn. We come here from 3:30
to 5:00 every Saturday. We have players from ages 4,
to 5, all the way up to 50, which is pretty incredible. We have players of all
different spectrums– players who were born visually impaired. Our goaltenders are,
typically, completely blind. Defenseman, typically,
have lower vision, where our forwards have a
little bit better vision so that they’re able to make the
plays and get the puck up ice. [RATTLING SOUND] So the puck has
noisemaker inside of it, kind of like a tin material. DAVID KOPP: So it rattles
as it moves across the ice. [RATTLING SOUND] So a person like me, who has
less vision, can find the puck. GILLIAN WARD: I
like playing sports, but as a blind, visually
impaired person, it’s hard to find activities
to participate in. CONNOR BAILEY: You can actually
do something at your level with everyone else, where, like,
you’re not at a disadvantage. BILL KOPP: I was amazed,
because I thought it was going to be a real challenge. Because I never thought that we
would ever put David on skates. It wasn’t a sport that
someone with visual impairment you would think he would do. HEIDIE WARD: And for
parents, it’s really nice, because it almost forms,
like, a community, you know, of people who know
the challenges that our children face and
that our families face. MAN: Some of these
kids, like, their weeks revolve around hockey. FAN: Good job on D! PLAYER1: Thank you. MAN: And they truly
love the sport. DAVID KOPP: Be out there and
shoot the puck, pass the puck, skate around. BILL LANDRAM: It’s one
of those things where you find a passion,
you run with it, and you just keep
going until your body tells you can’t no more. CARLA PENTIMONE: It’s
humbling to be on the ice with these great athletes. What they’re doing is absolutely
groundbreaking, you know, not being able to see. And it’s an amazing experience. And I’m lucky to be
here every Saturday. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING]

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  1. Here in C-A-N-A-D-A we call hockey our 5th season and it runs all year long. Glad to see you guys have a passion for the sport. I know impossible is a 10 letter word and heart is only 5 but heart has a deeper more powerful meaning. Every one that put on the skates and took to the ice made I choice to believe that there is nothing you can't do when you believe in yourself and lead with your HEART. Play on and have fun. Peace.

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