Chicago Fire – Kris Bryant’s Secret Talent (Digital Exclusive)

-I’m a fan, as I said. -This is his first acting gig.
He’s fresh out of acting school. -Yep.
-This guy is great. He’s gonna have a big career. -Doesn’t he look
like the real Kris Bryant? -I mean, almost
picture perfect — almost. -Yeah. I don’t know.
Where did they find you, man? -[ Chuckles ] I don’t know.
I don’t know. I’m doing a pretty good job? -Yeah, fantastic.
-Yeah. -Right out of Juilliard,
this guy. -I look just like him,
talk just like him. -I mean, he’s really incredible.
Great work, man. -I wonder if I play
just like him. -You do?
-I don’t know. I mean, you can’t — you can’t
play like the real Kris Bryant. That’s impossible.
-That’s true. -Yeah. He’s pretty good.
Yeah, he’s fantastic. -Yeah.
-Good work, man. -Yeah.
-Thanks. -Keep — Keep at it.
Keep at it, bud.

17 thoughts on “Chicago Fire – Kris Bryant’s Secret Talent (Digital Exclusive)

  1. I know who could've played Kris Bryant ! WWE wrestler Finn Balor. Finn Balor could've been doing what Kris was going in this video then Kris Bryant could've come in and said "nice try" or something lol

  2. I am from Argentina, We are Love Chicago Fire, "" CONGRATULATIONS"". When starts The next season???

  3. Yоu саn't find this moviее with bееtter quality thаn hеrееее =>

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