Chicago White Sox: Funny Baseball Bloopers

(Unofficial captions by Adam J Duncan) During the commercial break… Mark Parent, who was out there to inaugurously take out the lineup cards got the heave-ho So, it’s not the all-time record but it’s pretty close to it as he doesn’t make it to the post. Now Robin Ventura comes out, he wants a word and find out just exactly what the “magic word” or “words” were… Fairly pleasant… supposed to get up into the high 50s today as Cabrera stands in, and now he’s got words with Adrian Johnson, the Home Plate umpire perhaps about the back line of that Batter’s Box And now Johnson calling “Time” and asking for… First Base umpire to come and join him Cabrera is saying to Johnson that that Batter’s Box is short. If anybody knows where he can stand in that Batter’s Box as deep as he can get, you know Cabrera knows that. And by that Batter’s Box being where it is, he feels like he’s being forced to stand closer to the pitcher than he wants to. You see Miguel right now drawing a line from the tip of Home Plate to the back of the Batter’s Box and you’re right, if anybody knows that Batter’s Box it’s Cabrera. Now they’re going to measure it with a bat. How ’bout this… I don’t think I’ve ever seen this. I have never seen it before. And now the Grounds Crew is going to come out to, I think, officially measure this. So as they talk about what to do with the Batter’s Box, believe it or not… Smiling back… there goes the line drawing… So they’re going to redo the Batter’s Box, two batters into this game! White Sox tried to pull a fast one on the Tigers How ’bout that. It’s a brilliant move if you can get away with it, if you really think about it. Can you imagine that? For Cabrera to walk in there… We’ve had two batters in this game, and nobody’s said anything except the Big Fella’ And he’s right, because they’re coming out and redoing the Batter’s Box If Adrian Johnson, the Home Plate umpire, thought this wasn’t a legit complaint he would’ve just said “Get in there Big Boy, let’s go.” Look how far outside of that line Cabrera was. Waiting for Hector Santiago or a Pinch Hitter… Hector making just his second start of the season And I think he’s down in the locker room, I think sometimes you forget that this is the National League and you actually have to hit… I think I saw a couple players go down there to, maybe, remind him… that uh, “Hey, Big Boy… National League. Grab a bat.” And that’s exactly what happened. The fans here, as you would expect, are very patient… New York fans giving him a standing “Boo”. Maybe this will get his adrenaline going to where he’ll get a first ball fastball and get a base hit.

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  1. I’m a true White Sox fan from Chicago, unlike traitors who immediately went for the Cubs, and I have to admit they are a really funny team.

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