Chicago’s Best Sandwiches: Stella’s Batting Cages

(upbeat music) – Sometimes trying new food
can be a swing, and a miss. Jeff has been telling us
here for years that food here at Stella’s Batting Cages
knocks it out of the park. And you know what? We’re finally ready to
step up to the plate. When you go to the batting
cages, you expect maybe some popcorn, some hot dogs. But I’m looking at this menu,
and you guys are basically breaking all of the
rules right now. – We wanted to go back to
the ball park feel in a lot of the different stadiums,
bring a different type of foods. This has been around
for about 30 years. We felt with us taking
over the new business, we wanted to really kind
of develop our Korean culture into the menu. – Tell me a little bit about
the history of this place. – [Ed] The original owners
really just wanted something for the community. – So Anna, your one of
the original owners, what made you guys
want to open this up? – My husband asked me, “Would you like me to
build you a restaurant?” – I did most of the
construction myself. As we were building it,
we didn’t realize what we were building until
you stepped back and saw it in operation was like,
“Really, this happened?” – If you build it,
they will come! – We’re here for the
Texas Ranger choomongous. What’s in this choomongous? – It’s Korean (bleep). Oh, I forgot. It might be better
if you talk– – Take two. – Uh. – Tell us. – Alright, I got it, I got it. – Alright, so what’s
in this choomongous? – So it’s uh– (bleep) – Guys, he doesn’t know. – I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – I’m gonna go back in the
kitchen, I’ma figure it out. You stay out here. Your brother’s cool, but he has no idea
what’s goin on in here. – Choomongous is
marinated skirt steak, it’s a Korean style
kind of marinade. We top it off with
quick kimchee slaw, just a little bit of
Sriracha mayo, just to, kick up the color and taste. – It’s a lot of ingredients,
no wonder Ed couldn’t remember. So what’s first? – [Robin] First we
get the beef on. So while that’s going we
gotta get our bread started. – [Lauren] Steam the buns. You got it with your hands? – [Robin] Yeah, just be careful. – [Lauren] I got it! (laughs) – Alright, maybe I should do it. – [Lauren] Handful of this. – [Robin] Yeah. I’ll tell you when. When. Grab a little beef and
just put it right there. That’s perfect. – Pinch of green. – I come in with this
sriracha mayo, just kind of, just for a touch of orange. – Boom shaka laka. We done. Why do you love to come here? – I came here as a kid,
it feels like home. – It’s just fun to me. – This is our go to place
when I don’t wanna cook. – [Lauren] But we’re here becaue
of one viewer who told us
at least eight times that we needed
to quit playing hard ball, and give Stella’s a taste. Jeff, you asked us again and
again and again and again. We are here! – Yes, I’m very happy you
guys decided to show up. – Why do you love
this place so much? – The food is
really interesting, and it’s always been super
quality every time I’ve had it. – It’s not every day you come
to a ball park and you find Korean food. Let’s get in here. – Let’s get it, let’s
get it, let’s go. – Man, every flavor
goes together perfectly. Tell me why, you guys
are Chicago’s Best. – You don’t find places
like this still around, A kid can ride his bike, slam
some balls, get a soft serve cone, it’s special,
you know what I mean? – A 30 year legacy that’s
still going strong. Cheers to 30 more. – Cheers.

22 thoughts on “Chicago’s Best Sandwiches: Stella’s Batting Cages

  1. Weird, all the hosts on this show are either really bossy women or really feminine and bossy "men". We need at least one man's man.

  2. Wasn’t really impressed when I come here I asked for a beef sandwich and the owner accused me of being racist so he called the police still to this day I don’t know why

  3. Love your channel, but you guys lose your credibility when you proclaim every place you visit at "The Best". How many "The Best" pizza places are there. How many "The best" Mexican restaurants are there? By proclaiming "The Best" , that implies that there is only 1 Best Pizza place in Chicago, and so on and so on….Please STOP using such exaggerated video titles

  4. This doesn't make sense! Korean food at a "ball park ". The theme of the restaurant was for food you eat at a baseball game I'm sorry this is trash

  5. Loved Chef Choi's work at Stella's so much I had to write about it here:

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