100 thoughts on “Chicken Finger Football (GAME)

  1. Two things to say about this vid:
    1. This chicken football better have a part 2 where they hit that sauce.
    2. R&L finally switched seats and they did it so smoothly.

    Also, please, we need the sauce resolution episode. A 're-sauce-lution', if you will.

  2. I wont be able to Join the chicken nugget football league
    Hey if Jonny Manziel could make the CFL(Chicken football league, then u could)

  3. imagine in the beginning of endgame Iron man and nebula were playing chicken finger football instead of the normal one

  4. I just so happened to be eating chicken while watching these episodes. Thematically appropriate.

  5. As someone who regularly eats Raising Cane’s because it’s my favorite, I suggest going and trying it with the sauce. It’s life changing.

  6. At 5:30, it looks like Link was taking pointers from Cody "thunk" Parkey.

    (See: Chicago Bears 2018 season)

  7. Half way through the video I realised I’m watching 2 grown men play paper football with chicken nuggets and I’m really not upset about it

  8. Rett: just one more try.
    Lincoln: come on it's my turn now.

    Rett: but but but

    Lincoln: just takes it from him.

  9. They must have an excellent clean up crew to not be infested with ants or other bugs… or a really good pest control they know very well by now.

  10. hey, gMm, what if you did a switch-up episode where the main episode is a more and the more is the main? whadya think bout that, huh?

  11. -Link to Rhett: Hey man it is 4, its my turn….
    -Rhett to Link: ……..Says nothing even after the 7th Link try.. (shut 8 in total).
    Playing games against Link for me would be like playing with my Little nephew 😂 all rules are designed in favor of him and some are made in the fly as needed, he has to win and he has to have more attempts than me. 😂

  12. Me: Finally something Link is better than Rhett at.

    Me 10 seconds later: dang it he found his rhythm.

  13. This is two grown men, fathers. And they make a living this way. And I watched it, with enjoyment.

  14. I think this is the first time I’ve watched two people flick chicken instead of doing schoolwork

  15. You can’t fry chicken and shrimp in the same vat. People with shell fish allergies will get sick… I know because the Safeway I worked for did that and people were getting very sick.

  16. Nobody is talking about how Rhett turned the wheel after it was over to gifticalilty that was so nice

  17. My sister walks in…
    Sister: Whatcha watching?

    Me: Oh just two grown men flickin their nuggets for 10 minutes.

    Sister: Owo

  18. Rhett basically saying "Not today", putting the wheel to Gifticality, and then laughing like an old man cracked me up so bad, omg

  19. I never knew this was a real game, first time I saw it was avengers endgame and I thought they made it up for the film or something =o

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