Chrigel & Michael Maurer [Eng-Subs!] SlowTV PG XC 2015

Everything OK? So, we have started Hello everyone, I am Chrigel Maurer And today I fly with my brother Michael From Zermat, little Matterhorn, towards Chur I’m a professional paraglider pilot I work in paragliding development provide advanced training for other pilots, do tandem flights and fly in competitions in the whole world My brother is also test-pilot for a paragliding company in Switzerland and also flies in competitions It’s nice that we can fly together in this cross-country flight and we hope to be able to reach Chur today Today the conditions are almost perfect Good weather, just a little wind We started at 3800m and we hope the thermals will be strong enough I think that up to Goms and the Grimselpass it will be OK and after that we hope the thermals are strong enough to fly over the Furka and the Oberalp pass The flight to Zermatt is a glide down of about 20 minutes There we hope to find some thermals Further on to Visp is about 30km I hope we can fly that in about an hour After that we have to get up to Goms, toward the Grimsel and then we have to tackle the difficult passages over the Furka and the Oberalp pass We’ll have to see what the day brings There you can see from where we’ve come it is looking very good the little cumulus clouds over Zermatt look promising Chrigel is flying ahead he want to get as quickly as possible at the Furka It’s good! When I’m on glide, I can let go of the brakes The paraglider will stably fly straight on which is of course nice, as it allows me to eat or drink while flying On glide I will loose about 10m of height for 100m distance I have to trust that I will find thermals, so I can climb again just like a bird climbs in thermals If there is a constant updraft, I can simple fly straight on which of course saves me a lot of time otherwise I will have to turn in the thermals to gain height so that I can fly further It is a bit like driving a car I have to get some fuel regularly to be able to get to the next gas station if I do this smartly, I can fly all day and cover a big distance These are my flight instruments this is a variometer, which display height speed over the ground and my glide angle then the distances I can see how far we’ve flown I can see the battery level and the map I can see the legal airspace I can zoom in and out and that way I can see where we’re allowed to fly in the whole of Switzerland. The other instrument shows almost the same our flying speed, our sinkrate, speed over ground the actual time, the flying time, the air pressure when I press here, other information comes on screen Overall it is a big help so I can see where I am along the route, and if I go up or down without such instruments, we humans easily loose our way You would have to be a bird to be able to fly thermals without instruments We’ll try over there see if we can catch a thermal that cumulus cloud is looking good We are at the mountain side It’s going up here A good upwind and we can fly straight on in this upwind so we gain height while moving on Beautiful landscape. Brilliant to be able to fly here It’s going perfectly We’ve been flying for 11 minutes from the take-off Not really long, it will be a long flying day We are on our way for 12 minutes and have flown 11 km Everything is still looking good We’re out of the Mattertal and flying toward Visp Chrigel is right behind me trying to fly close to the mountain The surroundings are very impressive Meanwhile we are above Täsch We have not flown all that far yet but the scenery is astonishing What you hear beeping is the vario it indicates where there is lift It is now about 2 m/sec going up It gives me information how I am moving in the air I see in which direction I am flying I see how high I am I can see my route where my trajectory has been or when I fly toward a waypoint how much further it is I can see how fast I am flying which is provided by the GPS I can see what time it is and how long we have been flying Shall we circle up the thermal here? What? Shall we circle up the thermal here? Yes, we have decided to gain some more height here A little bit more toward the clouds The reason is that higher up the headwind will probably be less Even though there is not much here Everything OK on your side? What? Everything OK on your side? Yes! Yes Chrigel has found a thermal The thermals are very good today We are climbing at 0.5 m/s on average, which is not bad We’re moving along quite nicely You can see that we are higher above the ground now relatively fast the helicopter is having problems getting this high The beeping that you are hearing indicates that we are going up we can hear it indicating faster or slower rising air So that we are not flying into downdrafts, which we want to avoid It is assisting us in addition to our own senses We can sense quite a lot directly When the wing is moving above us we can feel what is happening through the feedback from the lines And then we have to react accordingly Now we are going up at 3 m/s That is very good We are getting even higher into the mountains it’s brilliant Now we are at 3000m but in Valais it doesn’t look like much because some of the mountains go up for another 1000m It is a very imposing scenery Brilliant to fly here Now we can fly on Fly on to Valais and Leukerbad, (ehrm) I mean Fiesch There we are flying next to Chrigel and now going in front Magnificent views Everything OK? It’s good isn’t it? What? Yes, I have to get used to the wing a bit A paraglider is a strange type of aircraft These competition paragliders are a bit more dynamic so you have to counter their reactions Especially when you’re flying accelerated the wing can collapse quicker and more violently A collapse is when the wing partly folds together We haven’t had that up until now We try to prevent that by all means Because it costs time and is unpredictable Strong sinking air probably just before the next thermal It’s exciting to be flying today Chrigel is going up just in front of me and now I am entering the thermal as well Now we feel some cold wind coming down from the glacier Nevertheless we are still flying toward the next valley and we’re making good progress Next to us an imposing glacier always exciting and beautiful A bit greenish colour, rather uncommon Further back on the horizon we can already see the Bernese 4000 metres moutains with the Aletsch-glacier the Fiescherhorn and the Finsteraarhorn Let’s hope we can get a closer view when we pass by toward Goms Such a sun exposed bare rock get a lot of sunshine and thus warms up nicely It allows us to gain some more height we’re already over the cliff Brilliant It is shaking a little bit And back to normal If air goes up, it has to come down as well And where you go from rising to sinking air you get turbulence And that was what we experienced I think we are moving along nicely 30 minutes in the air now now we get some headwind which is normal here is the Heuspitz on the other side of the valley is the breithorn? Or is it? hah, I have forgotten the name for a cross-country flight this take-off is ideal if a XC flight starts like this one that is for us almost the best And we are enjoying that right now To the side we see two eagles thermalling up but it is a bit out of the way for us Up and down, up and down We’re going higher and higher This is how you can progress the fastest if you can just fly straight along in the right direction while still going up without the need for circling in a thermal When you are flying in circles it is a well-known fact that you are going backward half the time Now I am actually at the wrong side of Chrigel Where the clouds are, in front of us is where we have to go in order to cross the main valley of Valais So we try to maximize our height here so that we can quickly get back into lift when we cross We are flying at half-throttle at the moment since our normal speed is about 40 km/h and our maximum speed is about 60 km/h but now we are flying about 50-55 km/h which is a good cruising speed to get us forward a good pace In combination with good thermals and a bit of wind from behind at altitude we’ll be fine Here we can steer with the rear risers just like this when the paraglider is about to collapse we can pull here to keep the wing pressurized We also use it for small course corrections which reduces performance less than pulling on the brakes since that deforms the back of the wing which reduces the wing’s performance We are now 40 minutes underway and flying over the Mattertal which we are about to leave and slowly crossing into the Hofterstal and we can see further away the Grimsel and Furkapas That is our next goal and is likely to be the hardest part But first we must cross the valley at Visp and get to cloudbase on that side of the valley so that we can move on to the Aletschglacier and into Goms And then from Goms to the Furkapass This is a bit of a windy corner We are not quite as high anymore so the next thing we’ll do is get up again Meanwhile we are 28km from take-off in about 40 minutes which is a really good average speed but we are mainly flying in a straight line at the moment. Chrigel is a bit ahead of me now. Here we can thermal up again. A quick look back into the Mattertal. Now we have to concentrate on thermalling. Chrigel has found a thermal and has gone up a bit better so I’ll try to catch up. It’s not quite as good as before but just in front of Zermatt were some really good thermals. I have to look at the landscape try to find any clues where thermal are coming of the mountain. Not much here. But I would guess that in front, near the small shed Some rising are can be found. Already a bit here. Chrigel is circling there so the air is rising there. Almost exactly above the shed. We’ll take this one! Chrigel has lost the thermal further upward and has now reentered a bit below me He is going a bit more out in front now. It’s going well. Let’s go a bit further out to search for a thermal. Still a bit of headwind at 2600m ASL. When we are looking straight ahead now we can look into Goms. That’s where we have to fly through. It’s looking fantastic the clouds are where we would expect them. This is always a good sign if the clouds are where we expect them. It’s almost like in the instruction book. We have found a thermal with 1 m/s which is ok, but not very good because if we want to move quickly we should go up a bit faster. But it’s OK. Let’s turn right for a change. Chrigel’s turning left again he has got the feeling that works better. And he’s right! We’re at 3000m We’ll probably thermal up to the clouds. At 3000m now still going up nicely with 2.5-3 m/s constantly which is very nice but not extraordinarily for Valais. It is crucial now to get up as high as possible as our goal is, to be able to cross the valley and connect with the thermals on the other side as high as possible and continue toward Goms. We’ll probably get stronger thermals later in the day It’s now 12:15 and the best thermals are between 2-3 pm. It’s not always that way but that’s my experience. Let’s go cross that valley I will follow Chrigel. We will fly under that small cumulus cloud so that we can use any thermals that come up there to keep as much height as possible. OK, we are above the Gebidom. Eh sorry, that’s above Törbel, above Stalden. West of Stalden, Törbel. OK, understood. Quickly drink something. We’re now 1 hour in the air and in that first hour we have covered 36km. That is quite quick but if your realize that we’ve started quite high and were able to glide down a long way then it is not all that fast really. Just like the last thermal was not very strong. We’re above Visp we’ve had good conditions so far now we need to find new thermals, on the other side of the valley in front of us so that we can enough height to fly to the Aletschglacier and Goms. It’s a bit a rodeo-ride now. We can see Diablerets next we see the Wildhorn and the Balmhorn then the Bietschhorn and the Aletschglacier below me is Brig and then Goms. It’s a brilliant day today, with very clear visibility. and we’re making good progress. Below is the main valley of Valais and we’re flying directly over Visp. We need to drink regularly to prevent dehydration. I’m not hungry at the moment so I’ll reserve that for later. We’re flying at almost 60 km/h which is a clear indication of a tailwind. Perfect. We’re now 40km from take-off in 1 hour and 10 minutes, which is good. This way it’s going well. Let’s turn the camera to look ahead. Bietschhorn, now I remember. That’s the Bietschhorn, not the Breithorn. The Breithorn is behid us in the Mattertal. Chrigel has a better glide which is a bit annoying. There’s a few clouds there we should connect to the thermals there as we are now below 2000m. We can see the first other pilots which are our comrades from Fiesch who are trying to fly far today. Exciting, we will have to see in the evening on the XC-online competition page who has flown where and how far. There is the Weisshorn and where the clouds are, you can see the ridge where we came from on a 10km glide in 9 minutes, with a bit of tailwind. And here we have already pleasant lift it feels good I am looking for birds, or other pilots so we can move on as quickly as possible. but they are still a bit far away. Below us is Brig this is the first hard part for me here we have to connect to the thermals to get back under the clouds I think it will not be all that easy because we have dropped down to 1800m. I see that Chrigel is circling in front of me there is lift here so I must see if I can catch the same thermal. Now I must try to hook into that thermal. It works. Now I have lost it, need to refind it. I have gained about 50m and there it is! Chrigel has found something stronger over there. Now we are going up a bit faster. It is not as difficult as I feared which is very good. I have almost caught up with Chrigel Now Chrigel has found something stronger so I will slide under him. Now I have already gained a few hundred metres. that is perfect, is such a short time. The next step will be that we will go east over that next ridge but we need a bit more height for that but with such good thermals here that shouldn’t be a big problem. There we can see the first peaks behind the ridge so we are climbing nicely. We can fly on easily. Then the Aletschglacier is waiting for us. Again a beautiful panorama. The Aletsch area probably the best known or best loved flying region in Switzerland. Fiesch and Goms. Here in the lower Valais the flying race circuit of Switzerland for paragliding and sailplane pilots. Now we can look back to where we came from We have made good progress in height Now we can see the Aletschglacier. Looking back into the Mattertal where we came from The flight continues in direction Gebidum Oh no, the Gebidum is there. Sorry, wrong. We are still on schedule, aren’t we? What? Are we still within schedule? Easily. If we are flying medium fast or fast? On half throttle. On trim speed? On half throttle. We’re almost at 3000m now. as you can see Today is an excellent day for flying. The one flying over there is an aquaintance. Funny how you can meet, without any schedule. Now we are above the Riederalp at the end of the Aletschglacier. We have flown an hour and a half and flew 53 km We are moving along at a good speed the weather is really good it is pleasant, with good thermals during the day cumulus clouds will build with a chance of thunderstorms in the evening. But for the moment that is of no concern. It is really quite an excellent day. We are at 3000m Chrigel! Can you see Nedna? Ah, I see. Another pilot we know. Chrigel is flying ahead. The Aletschglacier that we can now see almost completely. We are at 3000m as high as the Eggishorn, or even a bit higher. we are still ascending nicely. So far things are going well conditions are perfect So far we haven’t had to make big decisions everything went according to plan. Conditions were as we expected or even slightly better. As you can observe by the nice little clouds and of course you can feel the thermals. The Aletschglacier, with the Mönch, the Junkfraujoch. We are now 1 hour and 45 minutes in the air and have covered 60km exactly. In front of us is the Eggishorn which is 2900m high. Now we are flying onto the Eggishorn we can see the last trails of skiers under us How they managed to ski there will remain a mystery but we can see that it ends there. Now we have to watch out for the cable-car but we know this one Chrigel, Chrigel, can you hear me? Yes? Chrigel, we are moving on to the Furka. You can contact me on the radio It will take about half an hour for you to get there, right? No, it will take about an hour to the Furka for us. OK, we will contact you in about half an hour, near Oberwald or Ulrichen. OK. This is the, (eh) no, still the Aletschglacier. Now we fly into Goms. Now we cross the Rhoneglacier no, it must be the Fiescherglacier. Time to drink a bit to prevent a headache. Wow, look at him going up! Not bad, these thermals. More than 3m/s going up. Now even 4m/s There is some turbulence, I can feel the wing moving about but that is not unusual. On a cross-country flight you get different conditions. But we have to be on our guard for any surprises that might come. Now we have 4.5m/s lift. That’s excellent! We have a bit of a tailwind and when you’ve got any wind you can feel the turbulences from the windshear. Because a paraglider is not a rigid wing it does react a bit more strongly to such turbulences then for instance a sailplane or a motorplane. That is part of the excitement of this hobby to be able to control this. Now we can see the Italian Alps and Ticino I don’t know the names of all those mountains but it is not that important anyway. We can see some nice cumulus clouds indicators for a good day. And on we go toward our goal, Chur. The next part of the journey is direction Furka Cloudbase is looking really good so that we can fly over the Furka What will be interesting is to see how strong the valley wind will be from Berner Oberland into Goms. We will than fly along the Grimsel Then we have to make sure that we are flying high enough so that we aren’t washed down in this valley wind. We are now 2 hours into our flight and have travelled 70km. Still moving along at a good pace. It will be exciting to see if we are high enough to cross the next ridge. I would expect some thermals before the next ridge which should be ample to get us there. If that is not the case we will need to make a small detour In 2-3 minutes, we will know for sure. I can already feel some light lift it’s again looking good. Yes, Chrigel is going up, and even a bit faster than I. Dreamlike conditions today. We’ll make it easily to the next ridge. And now we can even see a sailplane coming over. I was wondering when the first one would come with such good forecasts for today they naturally also were at their airfields early to be able to fly the whole day. To the right of the Furka, we see a little cloud with its shadow on the snow. Somehow we will get across the Furka pass, I’m quite sure. The question is: left or right? Left or right of the valley that is. Chrigel is going to the right I think I would do that as well. That little cloud in the valley is an indication that the Grimsel-wind is blowing and destroying the thermals. That’s why it’s a bit more turbulent here it indicates a wind from a different direction. We are now high in Goms at Oberwald we have been flying now for 2hour 20 minutes and 80 km. In front, to the left, is the Grimsel straigth ahead the Furka but we don’t have much height to spare so it could be a bit tricky. And I am thirsty and have cold fingers. I think I’ll try to eat something In the South is the Nufenen Pass On and on we go. We have reached the end of Goms. The is the Grimsel pass road. Without motor, you need a bit of luck to make it over a ridge or not you just have to streamline yourself and hope it will work. We will now try to thermal up on that hump. So that we can fly over the Furka from there. Since at the Grimsel and the Furka there are no clouds and with clouds on the southside, we try something unusual. Normally we would fly over the Grimsel and the Furka, and on the southside, we must try something else. We can see Goms in its full length. It’s brilliant today. We’ll have to search a bit further, as the thermal is weakening. The Furka is now way below us, If conditions are not really strange, we should cross it easily. But you never know for sure. We can see the ground crew with the camera. No problem in crossing the pass. And we are lucky with a bit of tailwind. We are now above the Furka pass, and have travelled 88km. Theoretically, we are halfway toward Chur. Is it with me flying half-throttle too fast? Are you flying half-throttle? Go fly at half-throttle! Maybe I’ll have to adjust later on. Now we have crossed the Furka, now we get a difficult part, without any clouds, while there is still a lot of snow, We can see the Oberalpass ahead of us the road there, with clouds on the left, so if we don’t screw up, there should be some thermals there so we should be able to fly from there over the Oberalpass. We are now beyond the Furkapass We will get a bit of a hobby hour now as we are relatively low when we get to the next clouds or the next forest or snow free rocks. But we have to say that it is looking very good there are quite a lot of big clouds which gives us a good view on the thermals. There is sinking air here we are going down and are not that high over the ground anymore. It is going to be tight it is a somewhat stressful situation. That’s the helicopter. Yes Gary, we are past the Furka, flying to Realp. OK. But quite low 2300m above sea level. that’s the Oberalpass ahead of us but we are quite low. It’s a bit tight here still 2000m above sea level, but around here that doesn’t mean much. We have a tailwind, a downwind not really ideal. You can feel it a little Oookaay. So, it’s a bit more active now Where is Michael? Michael is following. It’s a bit more comfortable here A bit of forest below in front of us clouds, that’s looking good. now we have to see where the best thermals are. The thermals are still a bit meager. Now we are flying toward Andermatt on the horizon you can see the Oberalpass that is our next obstacle we will have to see if we can get over it. Yeehaw! It’s crazy now. A quick look back at the Furkapass. Try to use this thermal as well. Chrigel is below me. Drink a bit, but unfortunately no eating. Maybe I can explain a bit how to center thermals. Thermals are pockets of rising air but it rises in a bubble. That bubble is moving in the air. It is not rising in a perfect straight line So you have to be alert that you don’t fall out of the thermal. To that end we let the wing fly straight but when we have good lift, we start to turn. As long as the air is rising, we keep turning and when the thermal is slowing down we have to fly straight again, or turn even tighter and you need to sense that now we fly a bit more toward the slope so we fly straight and then turn again and then check; Yes, I am better in the thermal now. And keep checking where the strongest lift is which was near the slope, so I go a bit further back turn even tighter and go back even further so let it fly straight for a moment and go back all the way. It’s important to feel to sense where the strongest lift, the centre of the thermal is. If you’re able to do this, you can go up the fastest and going up fast means moving on fast. That is the high art of gliding of flying in thermals. That is an exciting part for me the most exciting part of this hobby. And once you get more experience you know better how to center the thermals and you can predict more reliably where the lift will be. A simplified picture would be when you tilt the world upside down and let water trickle off it then where the water will drip off, the thermals will come off as well. That is where the warm air will “drip off” the ground. It works the best at some clear “cut-off” point that we can easily recognise. Now we can go out of the thermal and go forward again and look for the next thermal. As you can see, there is a lot going on we can see what happens in the air sometimes we get shaken a bit in the air but that is a price we are willing to pay for such a beautiful hobby that provides these magnificent views. So let’s fly on, toward Andermatt. The lift here is again very good. Chrigel is turning, I’ll wait a bit more ah, now I have to turn as well. Maybe I was a bit too late I have flown through the rising air so I’ll turn back a bit until I’m back in the rising air. On the horizon we can spot the Titlis, with the mountain station which is not all that far away. I’ll wait a moment for Chrigel yes, he is at my height as well. Now we are at Andermatt, after 3 hours and 100km. Now it’s important to get high again if possible to cloudbase then we fly on over the Oberalppass the Oberalppass is still mostly covered in snow. In direction Grissons, toward Engadin it is looking bombastic so we should be able to go far today Here we can see the lake Göscheneralp a natural reservoir lake Finally a bit of rest Yes! We are now at 3200m Beautifully over the mountains with excellent views, brilliant. Andermatt lying way below us. You can see the Oberalp, our next goal with today’s conditions, that shouldn’t be too difficult but you never know. The Furkapass. which went really well. No problems at all. We are now at 3300m in front of us the Oberalppass with this height, it could still be a bit tricky Let’s try it because the Furka went OK. That’s the Schöllenenschlucht in front of us the Gurtnellenvalley Wonderful, isn’t it? It is brilliant. That’s Grissons and the Engadin isn’t it? It is. There is the Gotthard. Yes, Gary? Correct, from Oberalp to Disentis. We are exactly over the canyon. Here is Gütsch I can see it on the map we are now 103 km from takeoff This is Zermatt and this is where we are flying. We’ve gone from Zermatt to Andermatt. 100km in 3 hours that’s an average of 33 km/h even a bit more than 33 km/h That’s a good average for a paraglider and as you can see, we are making very good progress with a bit of tailwind, and super thermals. We have a very good glide angle at the moment as we have not lost much height since the last thermal every now and then we encounter some rising air which gives the best conditions for good progress. A bit more height, even though we should be sufficiently high but it’s best to make certain. A quick look back to the Furkapass the Gotthard Andermatt and even the Lake Lucerne. Directly below us the Oberalp. And we continue toward Chur. Chrigel here. In the distance we can already see the Grissons In the distance we can already see the Engadin mountains, Piz Bernina, Piz Palü, we can also see the Tödi, just the lower part without the peak. Have a nice day, bye. Just a few remarks on the clouds on how they function for us today, for cross-country flying, they are almost perfect because they don’t grow too big. They are relatively narrow, but quite long which is a sign of low humidity so the warm air can rise up high. If the clouds get too big, we would have thunderstorms in the afternoon which would not be good for a long flight because it would force us to land early. We have made it over the Oberalp in front of us lies Sedrun, the Surselva, and we can see all the way to Chur. It’s another 40 km to Chur in front of me I see a bird going up Oops. Now we are approaching Sedrun, shortly before Disentis, Disentis is where a paragliding world cup is flown this year in August. Then we will fly a competition in this region where we are flying now during 6 days, we will fly a task each day with each task somewhere between 60 and 100km. During a paragliding world cup in contrast to the cross-country flying we are doing now, the goal is to fly a predefined course that is marked by virtual waypoints a sort of bouys in the air, that you have to round before moving on to the next point. All that is then displayed on the instruments we fly with. In the direction of Chur we have a very nice cloud street We will now try to follow it Chrigel is climbing nicely I’m also getting something here I’m going to climb as well I’m going to try to get under this black cloud It’s actually more dark. not really black yet Trying to climb. a sailplane is already climbing Looking good. It has to go up here Chrigel has caught a nice thermal over there We’re going to start turning here Climbing nicely…. 5m/s We are in Disentis now Looks like we are getting great thermals here Let’s see if it goes all the way up [Italian radio transmission] We are now entering the Surselva valley It’s not neccesary to fly very high here It’s possible to get ahead also flying a little lower here 117km in 3-1/2 Hours We arrived at cloudbase It’s climbing nicely here I guess we can glide quite far from here, going with the wind I guess… time to change my GoPro soon They are both still recording We are now 127km from the take off That’s a very good result until now We are in the middle of the Surselva valley, behind Disentis After roughly 1 hour we managed to fly 127km We can see a great cloud street in front of us All the way to Chur The clouds show us great thermal conditions I guess we will be able to tackle the next 40km quite easy and fast I’m no starting to plan where we are going to fly next If we follow the clouds we will arrive in Chur very soon But I think we can fly towards Engadin [Engadin=Valley in Grison, St. Moritz to Scuol] We are still going straight ahead It’s climbing great! We call this dolphin flying We fly straight ahead, sometimes up, sometimes down The goal is to keep the altitude or even gain a little height It is very efficient to get ahead quickly Normally, cloud streets like this allow us to get ahead very quickly using this method Here we can see Brigels with its lake Slightly elevated We flew a few competitions here So we know the area pretty well Although it is different to fly every day On the other side of the valley is Obersaxen On the ridge we can allready see Chur The Rhine Valley is allready in reach We are advancing very quickly now 60km/h at the moment The average speed is.. i am guessing overall about 35km/h We will find out when we upload the flight to XCcontest That’s the world wide Distance flying contest where every pilot with a valid liscence can upload their flight The longer the flight the points you get The pilot with the most points at the end of the season wins Did you change the GoPro already? Did you change the GoPro? Gerry, we didn’t change them yet They were only running for 3:50 hrs until now We are traversing to Klosters soon We can change then Ok. Very good Ahead of us is Ilanz This is a spot where we have to decide
Ahead of us is Ilanz This is a spot where we have to decide should we continue towards Chur or should we head towards Davos / Klosters? We will head to the right towards Klosters because the clouds over there look promising In the area of Calanda / Chur is a huge black cloud that will possibly cast to much shadow for us we will try to reach cludbase here and when we get up there we will decide further we can already feel the headwind which is the valley wind of the Rhine valley that’s quite a strong wind created when it’s thermally active the air gets heated up in the valley and rises up the valley That’s how valley winds are created and it is mostly stable and not very good to climb so we have to change the valley side to the right Now we have to find some thermals otherwise we will soon have to land in Ilanz It’s looking a bit better for me than for Chrigel But I’m preety confident we will find something He is maybe 200 to 300m lower than me We are now in Brigels 140km in about 4 hours I received a collapse because of the downwash of the helicopter Now i am a lot lower than Michael But i’m climbing again so i’m calming down again now Closing ears Now an airspace warning We flew straight ahead a little more We got ahead very quickly we have to make sure we don’t bomb out here but it’s climbing a bit not too much As long as we’re flying we are not walking Gerry, is it ok if we continue to Klosters? What did you say Chrigel? Is it ok if we fly to Klosters? Sure, no problem Well, I’ll make it there, but I don’t know about you We are in Brigels It’s 15:20, there are already shadows here clouds are getting bigger We have to gain altitude here so we can cross at Ilanz so we reach the other side high enough so we can continue towards Klosters Did you change the GoPro? No? but we are crossing soon. Now we have Westwind again Higher up, at 3000m, we have wind going exactly oposite to the valley wind We are going to use that to our advantage to get ahead We are going to use that to fly towards Grison What’s going on? Yes… above Fiesch I could feel the downwash But I could keep it open Yes Where should we go? ????? ???? To the next turnpoint? yes ???? GoPro Yes, it’s ok still running (the GoPro) We are now crossing the Rhine valley We have a good height so we have some time to eat Not so easy to eat with the balaclava 4:14 hrs flying time we flew for 140km since Zermatt it’s 15:30 and we are right on schedule The new destination is Klosters i guess That should normally just be straight ahead here Bündner Rigi is just below me A nice evening site with thermodynamic soaring Nothing going on here There are a lot of shadowing There’a a big cloud we are going to try to fly around it slightly to the left on the border to the main valley There’s Flims, the Flimser Stein Crap Sogn Gion It’s wonderful today Great!! We are now in Thusis No, that’s wrong We are at Ilanz Heres the Surselva, here’s Flims The Calanda, over there’s Chur We are flying around the rearside via Thusis, Tiefencastel, Davos, Klosters We had quite a long valley crossing with no thermals from Brigels to Obersaxen Until here, over this Forest Chrigel, is your radio turned on? I guess he is out of batteries We have a really good glide ratio here we have about 8km/h tailwind and very little sink instead of 1m/s only about 0.5m/s sink Instead of a glide ratio of 1:10 or 1:12 I constantly have a ratio of 1:20 to 1:30 Of course that’s very helpful to find the next thermal [Gerry calling Chrigel] Yes I can read you I couldn’t understand that We are south of Ilanz going towards Thusis South of Ilanz going to Thusis Ok. I copy Now we need some thermals we are very low We are just reaching the forest I guess in 10 minutes we will be fine Ok, then i’ll wait for 10 minutes then i’ll come to Ilanz I will call when I get there Exactly. About 4km south of Ilanz straight towards Thusis and the right over the highest peak It’s going up nicely here Right into the ditch and up I hope Chrigel is climbing already Now the question is can we climb in the front or do we have to go to the rockface in the back I guess we have to go around the back We are now below 2000m that hasn’t happened since Visp We have about 15km/h tailwind that’s a little much I guess it’s going to be bumpy there it goes! we are on the lee side I can see the bushes, the trees moving great thermal ! I’m going to try to turn here no back a little closer feels good to me We’re going to be fine There’s Michael a little bumpy in front a little further back towards the lee side it’s more protected there the further inside the lee side, the more protected we are from the wind Over there is the thermal If I stay here and Michael is over there we don’t get in each others way there it is again a good thermal having enough space is very important that’s one of the most beautiful things entering very low it’s not clear if it’s going to work and then you climb with 2 – 4m/s towards the clouds Really good here !! he’s turning better higher up Gerry, it’s climbing great we are faster than predicted we can now see more shadowing on our flight path It’s most likely going to be… a little more complicated It has more shadowing than i expected the Engadin valley is going to be difficult because it has a lot of shadowing a lot around Klosters as well What is that? probably Austria Prätigau looks a little better [Prätigau=Valley going up from Landquart to Davos] a very long valley crossing which we have to tackle 4:30 hrs flight time 145km distance that’s a pretty big cloud allready turning black Not sure if we can still can, should stay underneath We will detour but would be good to gain some more altitude As long as it climbs we will stay here the difficult thing is the lower we get the less climb there is it’s always a compromise between security and speed looks quite active I guess we should get out from under it Theres Chur over there The Calanda with a nice cloud there a new cloud forming just in time is just now beginning Gerry calling Chrigel Gerry behind Thusis, towards Thusis ok, understood will be there in 2 min [Gerry asking something about the GoPro] Yes I changed them Yes towards Klosters We are west of Thusis turning at 3000m ok. copy that Theres another pilot joining us we can fly a curve we just decided to continue to the next cloud I hope we can then….. Here is Thusis Theres the A13 Motorway going from Chur to San Bernardino and Filisur, Davos and Klosters There’s a cloud forming yes It’s good over there Are you also on full bar? Michael? Are you on full bar? Theres a nice cloud but no more sun underneath That’s a problem. The sun is gone The cloud is covering the sun the next slope is cooling down a nice cloud formed here we thought we would get some thermals here when we decided to fly here We might not get anything anymore this is going to be difficult Not to bad 5 hrs flying, 160km We were flying quite fast we have 28km left to Klosters landing field But… this might still be difficult if we make it at all ???? we are at 1900m We are low We’ll see if we can get back to 3000m so we can finish this We have a patch of sun now I hope it’s enough to create some thermals so we can climb I’m going to turn the radio off now now it becomes interesting we have to look for thermals on a shadowy slope But i think we are in luck the sun is just now hitting the bottom we are going to wait for the thermals here until the thermals start this might take 10 minutes Chrigel for Geri understood right now we’re east of Thusis in the shadow. It doesn’t climb very well. more and more sun, it’s starting to look better? but does it start soon enough so we can climb I hope so… We’re at 160km from Zermatt Around Thusis… not sure There’s a stronger thermal here It only took 5 minutes to get stronger thermals I hope that will take us all the way up It’s not for free today It’s turbulent, that will be good already 50 meters done the sun comes and goes chances are good that we going to get up 100 meters, that’s good. If 100 meters are possible, then so are 1000 meters. already climbed 100 meters, that’s not bad and climbing better and better looks promising, maybe it’s enough before the next shadow arrives 200 meters I think we’ll go see at the next ridge where the sun has been shining longer we’re spreading out very well, we got up further before the next shadow arrives below would be nice to make it all the way up lots of clouds, lots of shadows, we try to get to the next rocks after Lenzerheide, to get to Davos here we have Lenzerheide, then the Rheintal and at the horizon the Hoher Kasten great, we will thermal up in front then we will soon see Davos and then it won’t be far until Klosters 25km to go, that’s 1 hour if everything goes well we flew 5 hours, 15 minutes so far, so it will be a 6 hours flight let’s see where the thermals are rocks are good for thermals yes, here it comes we try to soar up here in the valley breeze and the thermals still climbing. not strong yet but we’ll find something stronger soon Chrigel turns… where is it again? it only gets stronger once we’re a bit higher up at first it’s more disorganized you can tell that it’s windy I’ll go a little closer to the wall here we feel the lee, it’s shaky but not too bad not too bad but it’s annoying Chrigel from Geri We’re east of Lenzerheide OK. Are you trying to go directly over these mountains? We’ll have to get up here and then direction of Davos So you’re still making altitude. Is it ok if we wait another 10 minutes? I think that’s not bad Chrigel has an increadibly good sense for finding thermals It’s 4:45pm, it’s the time to find the right places to thermal because it doesn’t climb everywhere anymore the north-west facing slopes are in the sun we have to think differently than in the morning and at noon that’s a condition to fly far it doesn’t look as nice as in the morning but it’s still good with clouds and sunny patches everywhere but it’s difficult with that much shadow we’re getting the visit of a glider do you think we’re good for Davos? let’s go point the GoPro on your helmet a little more downwards more – good Geri from Chrigel we have left in direction Davos The valley on the left is where Arosa is now we have done 170km after 5h30′ we’re still good in time There’s not much to discuss between Chrigel and me, everything is clear we’re at 2800m in direction of Arosa over the ridge but not much can you see the eagle? The eagle do you hear the helicopter? Geri I don’t hear you yet We’re surrounded by shadow, which we don’t like too much Our plan is to to continue past this rock towards the forest behind to get back into the sunshine to thermal back up Arosa is quite high We’re still at 2300m and almost down in the village With a bit of luck we’ll get back into the sunshine to thermal back up we’ve already needed some luck today we’ll see if we will be lucky a second time here the air is still active with thermals that looks promising we’re lucky there’s not a too strong valley breeze so we can get ahead with an acceptable glide ratio now we’re really low in this valley the sunshine isn’t ideal would have been better to fly towards Davos head wind. valley wind are you going to land? in 5 minutes we will know Geri from Chrigel: It’s climbing quite well. We’ll keep on flying that’s great to catch a thermal that gets you back that high at the last moment to get from a hopeless situation to a really promising one now we’re somewhere in between where do you want to go land? in Klosters at the sports centre are we going down the valley? it’s in the centre of the village let’s go towards the lake in the back first here’s the lake, the pass, and behind is Klosters Geri, we will land at 6pm on the field next to the swimming pool. We arrive at Klosters after 6h30′ flight time We can now see Klosters Today’s main goal It’s cool to arrive at goal The map is now displayed large we’re now at 193km from Zermatt maybe we’ll just reach 200km that would be cool of course we’re almost above Klosters It’s been 6h30′ and we’ve flown 190km We’ve reached our goal of Klosters It’s something extremely beautiful to set a goal in the morning and to reach it by evening and having to work for it Before in Arosa we were low and it wasn’t clear if we were going to make it and now we’re here, that’s great here we have the Prättigau there in front in the mist is Sargans the Glarnerland, Churfirsten back here is the Silvretta massif once more to the cloud and we’d be in the Engadin that would be pretty tempting it’s looking great, it would be really easy to continue but it’s already 6pm and at some point I should get back home let’s be happy with what we’ve got I told them at 6pm we will land. In 10 minutes have you seen them down there? yes they have just arrived let’s do a synchro spiral later ok I agree where are you? just east of Klosters by the flank of the mountain we will turn and come to land above a water reservoir we’re behind you 180 degrees we’re east of the landing zone and the lake we’re a bit higher and to your right we’re higher than you, now straight in front now to your left now straight ahead 500 meters right spiral to the right, yes are we landing at the same time or one after the other? landing at the same time? yes still high enough for another spiral so, now this is over Hello Thomas right place right time. I’ll now do an interview with you…

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