Chris Gayle Batting 20 Balls 51 Runs 104 Run’s 43 Balls Not Out IPL2019

Chris Gayle Batting 20 Balls 51 Runs 104 Run’s 43 Balls Not Out IPL 2019 The scale is looking to unleash on the Santa Lucia Zuke’s Flicked away Will it get to the boundary Yes, absolutely. The bats were Making it look very very simple Chris Gayle Chris Kael Pulled away high up in the air Another hero six parting is bad nearly thought he had him but that’s his power Six number 86 in the tournament so far Well, you can’t both short two this man Scratch it Smashed it from outside. They all stop to the midwicket boundary. They’re dealing in boundaries and sixes. Both knees batsman What we’ve seen from Chris keel you can’t Bowl length deliveries to him especially at the top of the innings Pulled away Top edge and now there are six another hero maximum. He wants to finish it quickly He said at the toss that he’s going to be swinging hard and he’s living up to his word Then off the first two balls of this Shannon Gabriel’s over They can’t believe it st. Lucia’s ooks not convincing but effective nonetheless from Chris Gayle a bitch flying over Slower ball but nothing different Between Ross Taylor and Kevin Peterson this time and all Darren. Sammy can do is a wry smile Is striking it just about 280 at the moment This is hole formed oh And as easy as your like Almost a one-handed catch this guy is incredible Yes, oh And this one carries as well and ennoble this is a cardinal sin of bowling Chris Gayle also brings up his 50 of just 20 balls Taking the game away Teach yourself Extraordinary moment this one a little bit of a top edge It’s gone like a tracer bullet extrude And if you open the blade beautifully there In another full toss just quite get onto this one again just job through or an easy to even Well that one now that full toss KP doing well, I Scotts conned Hello catch this another big one straight down for another hero maximum Chris Gayle is on fire Thought for a moment. It was coming up here. Look at the nonchalance from Gayle Opens up their front leg And again Gabriel can not even get close Such power into the ninth over 98 Is he going to open his shoulders here and go be oh Stop it right on cue another hero maximum Thank You Christopher Henry hundred out in style First hundred partnership for the tally was in their history. Oh And again, maybe a one-handed catch No Not this time Maybe not straight out of the screws makes no difference Still manages to go for six piece of it And Some heavy backswing didn’t get it out of the screws, but still making no difference That’s gone for more response to finish this quickly Goodbye good Hostess on it Here miles from game finishes on 90 extraordinary timing from the be Jamaican Nine-sixes and six

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