40 thoughts on “Chris Smalling: ‘We Want Him To Stay’ Roma Fans Squawka Mini-Doc

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    Statman Dave visited Rome and spoke to Roma fans Francesca and Matteo to find out their views on their on-loan centre back Chris Smalling
    Do you think a permanent move to Serie A would be best or should Smalling return and fight for his place at Manchester United?

  2. Smalling should never have left. He's always been one of our best defenders. Better than Jones, Rojo, Bailly because he's never fit and I'd say on par with Lindelof. He was unbelievable under LvG and Mourinho's first season.

  3. People overly criticize smalling at 1vs 1 defending and tackles he is strong maybe he isn't ball playing that is where he is limited especially in the modern game.

  4. Didn’t fergie call him one of the last of the truly old school defenders in his book or something? Really came into his own under lvg

  5. I've never known how to rate Smalling. On his day he can be world class, but he can also make terrible errors. I think he's somewhat a victim of circumstance – playing at a club on the downward spiral and never really having a top class partner. Alonside a Ferdinand or Bruce, he might have had a much better career.

  6. Maguire and smalling partnership would be solid and would work well as both are very experienced in the premier League can communicate eachother as both are quite commanding and English so can communicate better. Smalling is very good Defensively but not so good with the ball but if you pair him with a ball playing CB such as Maguire it would be a good partnership for united.

  7. This is a part of life…it's just how it is. It's good for him if he is doing well there. I think it's time for everyone to move on.. we should cash him if Roma wants him permanently and Utd should look elsewhere..refresh the squad…there's a lot good defender out there..Koulibaly, Ruben Dias and there's more. It's a good thing.

  8. Tbf he was one of the top five CBs in the world in 15-16. Smalling has Van Djik level and leadership only for Ole to come in, who shattered Smalling's confidence built under LVG and Mou. Smalling is probably more naturally talented than Maguire and Lindelof.

  9. Smalling was never bad. People on social media were quick to ridicule him without seeing what he could do. Yes he wasn’t world class for united, but didn’t deserve the criticism. Honestly was made a scapegoat just like Pogba.

  10. Appreciate the video Squawka / Dave. You might as well full screen the tactical pitch layout if Dave's gonna look at his iPad the entire segment. 🤷‍♂️

  11. In King Louis’ second season he was amongst the best centre halves in the league. solid player and great servant to United

  12. A documentary about smalling ? A weird one, it isn’t as if they bought him or anything lads, he isn’t exactly world class either.

  13. This is the perfect example of why english players need to leave england! It's not do or die if dont make it big in the premier league!

  14. I thought Smalling was our 3rd best cb, he made some fantastic last ditch tackles and he clearly was a good player given how he was that second season under Mourinho and under LVG..

  15. It’s like a curse you are at United u have a bad manager who is clueless he tells you u not good enough and when u leave boom becomes world class look at the players who we let go Zaha during moyes era. Depay mourinho era now the likes of smalling, lukaku and look who’s behind him to follow Gomes more sad days ahead as a united fan

  16. Smallnig can play to the ability of his center back partner if they are a stopper. Playing with lindelof saw him recover lots of balls with lindelof carrying it up. If it was Jones or Rojo, they cannot build up due to rojo just shooting long balls and jones….just being jones. He needed players like lindelof, blind, or maguire beside him

  17. We should learn from past experiences when Roma sold best defenders .. we should keep Smalling as he great defender. No for money anymore Palotta!!

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