Chrissy Teigen & Average Andy Go Through a Haunted House

One of my favorite things
to do this time of year is to send Andy to
a haunted house. Yeah. So I sent him with Chrissy
Teigen to The Purge maze at Universal Studios
Halloween Horror Nights. I would like to say that
Andy was really brave, but that would be a total lie. Let’s all enjoy. [CREEPY MUSIC PLAYING] Ellen, I’m here once again at
Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights for your
insane, and sick, and twisted amusement. And I’m here with
my fellow model, Chrissy Teigen. We’ve
done work together. OK, I’m nauseous. It’s five minutes. You’re going to be fine. OK, let’s do this. You’re going to be fine. [YELLING] Oh my [BLEEP]! This is not– you
don’t do it before. [CREEPY SOUND EFFECTS] All right, so look for holes. That’s always a tell. Wait, what is coming
out of the holes? I don’t know, but something can. There are just– Oh, [BLEEP]! You don’t start it this early! Hello. Hello. Nothing. It’s been too long now. These are dummies. These are dummies. They’re dummies. We’re good. It’s nothing. These are dummies. [SCREAMING] No! You’re not! It’s OK. Why didn’t we notice that? Oh my gosh! Stop it! Go [INAUDIBLE]! [SCREAMING] I’m sorry. I got you. He’s real. He’s real. Go, move! No! He’s– I knew you were real
before you even did anything! Let me breathe. I told you. They [BLEEP] with you. That’s all they want to
do, [BLEEP] with you. No, they look like
mannequins though. If you hold the wall, and you
know where– there’s nothing that can happen. You got this, baby. Solid wall, nothing. I don’t like that kind of stuff. What? [CLANGING, GROWLING] I don’t like scary things! I need you to calm down. Do they ever come back? Calm down. No, they only do it one time. Sometimes– no! You’re not! One time! Back in. Go. That’s bull-[BLEEP]! Ugh, should we just run? No, it’s not real shoes. You’re good. You can tell by the feet. He’s right. You were right. Something in the trash. Ahh! [GROWLING] [SCREAMING] No! Wait, how did you fall in? I don’t know. [SCREAMING, GROWLING] Where are you? You’re not supposed to split up. [BEEPING, ELECTRIC SOUNDS] No! I got– I’m alpha. This is it. Not real. [INAUDIBLE] Shoes. Shoes. [SHRIEKING] Fake shoes! What is coming
out of your mouth? What is that? It’s like a penis. It’s so dark. OK. Good. I thought you were the alpha! I’m alpha, in terms of,
you follow my direction. By alpha, it doesn’t
mean I go first. [SCREAMING] Oh my God, with the cleaver! Ahh! Oh my God. Go. They won’t do it again. [SHRIEKING] What? No more running! God, he’s [BLEEP] aggressive. They’re aggressive That was so weird. OK. [BLADE SLICING, SCREAMING] Oh my– what got on us? What is that? [GROWLING] No! [INAUDIBLE] Let’s just be done. Don’t get upset if
there’s nothing there! Jesus [BLEEP]. I see light, we’re almost done. We’re done. That’s the exit. [YELLING] It’s finished! It’s supposed to be done! Please stop. That wasn’t bad. It’s over. Yeah. [CACKLING] Oh, my b– Did you feel safe with me? I did. I got to say, you
were the alpha. I’ve seen a lot of these. And you usually cower. But you really took
an alpha male role. Thank you, Chrissy. Are you so happy it’s over? I’ve never been
happier about anything. So Andy texted me
over the weekend. And he said, I went through
the haunted house with Chrissy. And I said, how was it? And he said, I don’t know. I go blank in those things. It’s so wonderful. Thank you, Andy. And thanks, Chrissy,
for protecting him. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel, so you can see more
awesome videos. Like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball-peen hammer. And also some videos of
Ellen and other celebrities, if you’re into
that sort of thing. Oh, [BLEEP]! God [BLEEP]!

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