Clergy Cricket – Church Times Cup Rochester and Canterbury

Right on the border between the dioceses
of Canterbury and Rochester lies Rainham the parish of St. Margaret’s has been in
both dioceses in its history and that’s why it’s appropriate perhaps that the
cricket club is the home of the joint Canterbury and Rochester Diocesan
cricket team.Today they ‘re playing the joint team from St. Albans and Guildford
dioceses in the Church Times Cup. “Clergy cricket is a lot of fun, fundamentally it’s a lot of fun but also its opportunity to get to know people and
friends and catch up with colleagues from other diocese and but it’s a
good day out.” The games provide a useful meeting point for clergy from all over
the area. “I’ve yet to attend a game of cricket
where we haven’t had some kind of interesting conversation about ministry
either in the car on the journey and or when we’ve been sort of watching
the game from the boundary and so it’s just really good to have that fellowship
and to encourage each other in their, in ministry.” Both teams are anxious to
progress to the next round of the Church Times Cup. It’s a prestigious competition
played for by dioceses all over England “It predates even what used to be called the
Gillette Cup it’s the original limited overs cricket format. It’s got a proud
history and I love it because it just brings people together from different
church traditions different parts of the diocese and mixes with people from other
dioceses as well.” Having been set a target of 132 Canterbury and Rochester set
about achieving it with Hugh Nelson doing most of the damage on an unbeaten 72. Canterbury and Rochester won today. We beat Guildford and St. Albans. It was
a hard-fought game but I’m delighted to have won. I don’t against a lot
of laughs but I think one or two players who can actually play club standards,
but generally it’s open to anyone who can walk! It’s played in a very good spirit.” Canterbury and Rochester narrowly missed out last year on a place in the
Church Times Cup final. Performance this year will once again raise their hopes.

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