Coach Joe Augustine’s 1000th Mens Hockey Game

Just getting everybody prepared for the next game is always something I focus on. I try to coach and remember what it was to be a player. What we’re looking for is, we just want, obviously we want good hockey players, but we want good students and good people. I mean, I’m not gonna babysit people. They’re men now, I’m gonna treat them like men. The hockey part is important. Not as much as important as being a good person. It’s definitely gonna be in the back of our minds, it’s a great accomplishment for him, and, like, it just shows the success that he’s had here. I’ve always taken great pride in being on this team and playing for him, and I’m sure every else has in there, but I just look at it as a privilege everyday to come and play. Especially from Rhode Island, you know, you hear his name and you associate it with URI hockey. I wasn’t aware of how successful he was, but I knew he was a big coach, and I knew he’s had success, I didn’t know, you know, plus 600 wins, 1000 games now. You know, the way he runs it is like a D1 program. We’re always in the weight room, we’re practicing everyday. That’s why it’s fun, and that’s why we all love doing what we do. I love playing for him and I love playing here. Coming back was an easy decision and I’m really happy he took me on board. It’s been a great learning experience. 32 years, 1000 games now, it’s obviously a wealth of knowledge that I don’t have.

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