Coach Trips 13yo Hockey Player

everybody if you like the sports locked
out here in culver city california handshake lines are usually supposed to
be of sportsmanship and character from one
team and one player to another but for this coach on a youth hockey team in vancouver it was something completely different check this out the disinfecting piece of video from what is
supposed to be a role model and cults goes after eight thirteen-year-old kid this kid was by the attitude that he took down in
hectic their and trips his rest the coaches day by the latest
forty-year-old martin tremblay who coaches for the you bc hornets he was taking into custody but was uh… about chile released cbssports
just picked up the story moments ago here’s what they said the photos also reported to have been
pointing his middle finger at the crowd after the incident which the see tv
website has footage of taking place there is however no
footage and few details as to what actually happened during a game or during the handshake
line to result ini incident and also tremblay steam below in the
game five before so there’s no there’s no evidence of uh… what the
kid may have done however it should not be in the hands of
forty-year-old colds and it was supposed to be a mentor for young kids trying to make it and
trying to succeed in this game of hockey going after a thirteen-year-old kid it’s
absurd this guy should never be able to coach ever again a kid’s here’s what you do
when a guy comes at a a you get during a game you go with the handshake aligned
and then you go in taken and then hopefully break his wrist it’s ridiculous it’s
pathetic this guy this guy is horrible human being for this and i know
many people are going over and say he didn’t kill anybody no heating fuel
anybody beat you’re trying to teach kids about the values and the game of hockey
in it’s it’s just pathetic met let me know your thoughts on all this usually does that mean average from best
ones get rather on the air and also you could follow me along with brad
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99 thoughts on “Coach Trips 13yo Hockey Player

  1. They proved in court through X-rays, etc that the kid broke his wrists. Plus, he was out the rest of the summer season because of his injuries. Shame on you for placing any kind of blame on the kid. An adult never has a right to assault a child, ever. He also flicked off the crowd after he did that. BTW, he was also on probation for another assault conviction when he did this. He's a repeat offender.

  2. and WhyTF are you watching this network?… unless you are on another network and you are just jealous of TYT success and you think your comment is going to make people unsubscribe. You said constantly. That means you are watching and watching and watching TYT. Just go and watch something else.

  3. he? are you talking about this video? because your comment talks about "all the hosts on TYT network", as a global problem you have with TYT. You never made a reference to this video in particular. Now who has the reading comprehension problem.

  4. What a pathetic excuse for a man. Seriously ridiculous!!!!! It's be so pissed off if that were my son! Wow Definition of douche bag right there .

  5. His face should be introduced to a hockey stick a few times! And the person that does the introduction should not be charged with anything!

  6. If some 1 did that to my Kid I would have to go after them I'd take the hockey stick to him, principle.

  7. One of those kids broke their wrist? Just falling down like that?

    Coach is totally wrong but that's sort of odd to break one's wrist in that way.

  8. The kid behind him, who was much bigger, fell on him so that might have something to do with it. We also can't really see properly how he landed on his wrist as it's lower quality footage and from a distance.

  9. I couldnt hold back if that was my son.Theres just some things a person cant let go by without acting ! I'd break your f a c e Trembly !

  10. What an azzhole.
    Imagine the abuse his family must suffer at his hands.
    This is typical of cowards.
    Never, ever would this little man take on someone who might beat the shit out of him.

  11. I think it's classier to trip a child if your team won the pointless hockey game rather than lost. In the case of the latter, it just comes off as sour grapes.

  12. yes!! kid probably deserved it! "pick on someone your own size" yes tell that to all the rapist, wife beaters etc..Thank you coach! Kids are inconsiderate pricks/twilight looking pussies! Time to tuffen up these kids!
    hahaha kid fell like a bitch!!!
    watching again!!
    ohhhhhh!!! hahaha yess!!!

  13. kids these days are pricks! They need to be taught a lesson and scaring them is one way to do it because it will make them think of their mistakes and give them the lesson that they can't do whatever they want. Don't give them that power. Power corrupts people

  14. @JuzUrGero Thomas Castillo, shame on you guys, you can say that but you can be nicer, he didn't derserve it! You guys are really sad

  15. C'mon bro, he's an obvious troll trying to get attention. He's most likely a loser in real life and this is probably his only way of social contact, albeit anonymity on the internet.

  16. This coach is a scrub! Yea, he is a loser in real life. This is the only thing anyone will ever remember when he is buried. I would be ashamed to even be related to this loser! Auwe!

  17. He trips him, and then he points to him like he's saying "there, that's what you deserve you little twerp!"

  18. Wow.just wow I play hockey as a goaltender I am 13 have never seen this u can be mad but not an ass I get pissed but I am not trippin players cause I am then flipping ppl off

  19. If my sons wrist were broken from an altercation like this from a coach id break every fucking bone in his body. this is fucking sickening. Mike Gundys rant is neve rmore approriate 

  20. He was my coach in Atom house when I was 9 years old…He used to shorten the bench so the top players would get double shifted so that we could win our games,sacrificing the development of the weaker kids ,and would scream and yell and intimidate other players and referees…unfortunately I was one those kids who was benched in the second and third periods…thanks coach Tremblay for teaching me the values of teamwork,discipline,sacrifice and sportsmanship and I wonder why I hate hockey now.

  21. Martin Tremblay plead guilty to assault and was sentenced to 15 days in provincial jail in B.C.  "He lost his wife, he lost a number of construction contracts…will likely never coach hockey again and has been barred from his position as a leader with Scouts Canada…he will serve the sentence on consecutive weekends…he will go on (one year) probation, which could include requiring he take courses for anger management issues." – Quoted from the National Post newspaper dated February 27, 2013.  

  22. If u w as in the crowd I woulda went down and beat da shit out dat ciach and was up with the mom not going down doing sumthin

  23. Sad to watch.. a true knobber in action. he's 13 mate.. grow some balls!  … If that was my son…  my reaction.. hmmm!! mine would be to have a little word in his ear and remind him that every action has a reaction! and as for the kid.. brush yourself off and carry on.. don't let him effect you and your hockey plans. all the best.

  24. Lucky for U coach!!! I wasn't a DAD there I would have came out on the ice and kicked your ASS…your NO role model

  25. Whats with the amount of dislikes? Is it because of the few seconds of a guy tripping a kid people are like "FUCK THAT GUY. VIDEO DISLIKED!" Do people not understand the "like" system?

  26. The kid broke his wrist? are you kiddin me? why would you invent such a lie? if he had broken his wrist he wouldnt get up that easily

  27. A coach is meant to coach kids and help them through challenges. The kid probably hit the coach's kid during the game or something. Ya, the coach can be upset, but violence is never the answer.

  28. Bro if this coach wanna try my team like that he gon catch these hands, when I was 13 I was 6'1 on skates so if this dude finna do that he gonna learn today

  29. I'm more outraged that he walked with shoes on the ice, you don't do that – it is forbidden. He should be banned for life.

  30. I worked Tremblays team once during a tournament. Gave him a bench minor and he shorted his bench. I started giving the goals to players that weren't on the ice so the top players did not gain the points mainly because its not fair to leave the other players out from development and playing time.

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