Coaching Baseball : How to Throw a Knuckleball

Hey I’m Mike and today I’m going to show you
how to throw a knuckleball. The thing to think about first whenever you’re going to throw
a knuckleball is grabbing the ball with the proper grip. There are many variations of
the knuckleball, but the simplest one is to place all four knuckles onto the baseball,
preferably on a seam to allow you to give pressure, to allow to throw the ball with
little to no spin. Also, you want to allow your thumb to fall on the underside of the
ball to give support so you can throw it to your target. As you throw the baseball, you
are going to throw and push with your fingers at the same time, creating a motion that will
give the ball little to no spin. The less spin the ball has, the more the ball, the
more the ball will come through the air and hopefully dance and create movement. Guys
like Tim Wakefield have made a profession out of pitches like this, and now I’ll show
you how to throw a knuckleball,
and that’s how you throw a knuckleball.

26 thoughts on “Coaching Baseball : How to Throw a Knuckleball

  1. The best pitch is the one that gets the batter out – My 12 year old son throws a knuckle ball even when others told him no – watch Bayard Baseball video 4 minutes into clip batter yellow socks

  2. i just use my index and middle fingers, and then my ring finger to stabilize. works pretty well.

  3. You can hold it with your knuckles either, it's actually the best way to do it. Like Tim Wakefield.

    But you're right about the 2 fingers.

  4. Tim Wakefield does not use his knuckles, however he didn't say that he did. That is one of many ways of throwing that pitch. I'm a baseball coach and I'm considered a knuckleball "specialist", I use my finger nails when throwing it, just like Wakefield.

  5. It took me years to develope my knuckle ball. I Started Major league. In high school it was un hitable. I also pitched in college and came in as middle relive to closer with this pitch.
    I held mine with the same fingers i trew the curve with but used my knucles and threw it like a curve with the same motion and pushed off with my knuckles it would dance just a little with almost no rotation then fall wright off the table and i could put it any where I wanted. BOY DO I MISS PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. same here. i'm in high school and it's worked very well this season. i find it harder to throw it with the knuckles than with my fingernails

  7. People are so dumb. Knuckleballs, changeups, cutters, and splitters (and of course fastballs) are the safest pitches for your arm. Only pitches where you have to twist your arm are destructive.

  8. at first i thought a knuckleball was getting hit in the balls with a knuckle…. Well, now I really know what it is! xD

  9. LOL, Dude I was complimenting you, you must be 10 if you really can't read what I said. I'm serious, if you can throw a good knuckle you CAN get into the majors, there is only 1 knuckleballer in the majors right now *R.A Dickey* If you can throw one at 60-70mph go try out, though you are probably 10 and you can't do anything. You also have terrible grammar, and below in the comment you called me poop, an adult would call me "shit" 🙂

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