Coaching Cricket on the 2G Flicx Skills Pitch #AskAsh Episode 4

Hi, welcome to Episode 4 of #AskAsh. Today we are with Dan and Kieran from We Coach Cricket and we would love to show you the 2G Flicx Skills cricket pitch. [ASH] So this is the 2G Flicx Skills cricket pitch, as you can see it’s a batting end. What’s unique about this pitch is that its a portable, roll out cricket wicket. It delivers realistic pace and bounce but more importantly the skills pitch has got integrated colour coded coaching zones in the pitch which could help a coach with young players, to develop their skills and technique by focusing on certain lines and lengths in the pitch. What we have over here is the yellow zone which could be sort of full of a length, the black zone – a good length and the blue zone maybe back of a length or a good length for a fast bowler. You have also got a grey hawk eye strip down the middle which basically just focuses the bowlers to bowl wicket to wicket in the zone. Kieran what do you think about the 2G Flicx Pitch from what you saw today from a coaching perspective and what did you feel bowling on the wicket. [Kieran] From a coaches but perspective its fantastic especially for
the kids I think it’d be great for that visual aid. For the bowling
perspective bowling leg spin it’s really important for me to have something to
train on that is realistic and obviously you want to train how you play so
something like this is fantastic it turned just like it would on an outdoor wicket so that was fantastic to bowl on. [ASH] Did you find that the 2G Flicx Pitch gave you more or less turn and spin than you would expect? [KIERAN] I would say probably more, especially with the ball we were using, it really did grip but outside obviously as the wickets get dryer then it’s similar to how it behaves in here – really realistic. [ASH] What did you think about the pace and the bounce off the wicket?? Again pretty straight, pretty normal, pretty realistic again. There didn’t seem to be any sort
of demons in it it kept pretty similar the whole way through so yes it was good. [ASH] So we saw the value for spin bowlers from a bowlers point of view, what do you think seam bowlers and fast bowlers might be able to get out
of a wicket like this??? [KIERAN] Well I think I think it will offer a little bit of pace which will be good. I’m not sure how much movement off the seam and things like that because it’s flat and pretty normal I think it would be pretty good for the seamers as well; obviously as a spinner its a little bit difficult to say but I think the seamers can definitely get something out especially with the colours on the floor as well for the length. [ASH] Brilliant; Dan we got you to bat on the wicket and obviously you did a bit of work behind the stumps and batting on it. What is your
perspective on the pitch from a batting point of view – did you think that you had the confidence to go forward and backwards when batting on the wicket?? [DAN] Yeah of course; I didn’t know go backwards too much but absolutely I think the bounce is gonna be so true on it, I
think you’re gonna be able to trust it. Going forwards, like I say, it played really naturally that was the most important thing for me. There was a bit in it for spinners, there was a bit in it for the seamer as well and it really was a nice natural bounce. [ASH} So batting on other synthetic wickets in the past, if you sort of had to evaluate the performance today, how would be rate the pitches performance?? [DAN} Yeh of course, so a lot of the synthetic pitches ive played on have always been quite dead so they haven’t had much bounce in it; if you’ve been keeping, you’ve been taking balls by your ankles. This one though really does have that spring in it you can feel it when you walk on it it’s got that kind of it’s got a
little bit of give in it hasn’t it and it really makes a difference. [ASH}
That’s great to hear; obviously from a coaching perspective We Coach Cricket,
you guys are really, really taking the market by storm with regards to what
you’re doing for young cricketers… where do you see the value for wicket keepers and for batters with regards to coaching on the 2G Flicx Skills cricket pitch?? [DAN] yeah of course I think like you said at the start just the colours, the colours and
that visual guide and that visual aid is gonna be so important. To start off as a junior you’re not going to be wanting to think too much about it you’re not gonna want to talk
too much as you’re going through but if I can just look at it and you
can just say of yellow you don’t have to think too hard and that’s going to be really good. And for the coaches, coaching on this is gonna be so easy compared to walking down and moving cones about and things
like that. [ASH] because that’s also another it’s not so safe, the health and safety aspect with regards to putting cones on a mat; you have all those colours, integrated into the pitch right there for you [DAN] Absolutely right [ASH] Well thank you so much, Kieran, Dan – it was lovely to work with you today and look forward to possibly doing some new ventures with you in the future together. Guys, thanks for tuning into this episode of #AskAsh, if you have any questions or any queries or any topics that you’d
like us to discuss in the future please comment below and look forward to seeing you soon.

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