Coconino High Panthers Volleyball take on their rivals the FLagstaff High Eagles

Kade: Welcome back to NAZ today i’m your sports anchor Kade Gillis and it’s rivalry week here in Flagstaff as the
Coconino Panthers are taking on the Flagstaff Eagles in their volleyball
matchup I hesitated on using the world rivalry because the Eagles they’ve held
a choke hold on this matchup so far winning 28 of their last 30 matchups
with the Panthers last victory coming in 2015 this is every bit of a rivalry as
the hammer and the nail is a rivalry and it may continue in Flagstaff’s favor
again today the Eagles are killing it pun intended
behind their ferocious leaders sophomore graceland Nez and our score are soaring
high to a 17 and 1 record thus far Coconino we’ll look to take back control
of their series after falling to 6 and 10 on the year

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