Codys Mine Part 17.5: Plant the Seeds and Kill the Stump

Hi everyone. Welcome back to Cody’s Lab. So, as you can see I am walking up to the mine And on my way having throwing out some of these alfalfa seed You know, just kind of in the snow and in the mud Hopefully I can get some of that to grow And then cows will eat it And my bees will pollinate it and get nectar from the colver flowers, etcetera. Primarily I’m doing this in the path of were I’m, like, tramped the grass down in the four wheeler. And I really wanna spread a whole bunch of it around up there on the mine dump. That, *uh*, bare ground oughta take this alfalfa seed just fine. But I know you guys wanna see what happened inside the mine after the last explosion, so… ..lets go find out. See my tamed wolves are coming with me. That’s excellent. Let’s see what we got in here. There’s a chunk of rock. That’s interesting. Oh yeah. Knocked some material out. Not a whole lot but I wasn’t expecting much. Hey, it knocked out there. Blew that all to smithereens. And put a bunch a material on top of this sheet of tin. Excellent. Not much else other than that. Whoa. I’ll got to shovel this out again. Ok, well, that’s pretty much all that I wanted to do right now, I think I’m gonna finish up today by throwing some seed around. Oh yeah, this will be great for getting some seed started The ground is all bare and tilled under and seems to got some fertilizer on it. [Cody laughing] Whatcha barking at, Wes? [Bark!!!] It’s a stump over there. [Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark!] Yeah. That burnt stump over there does kinda look like a person, doesn’t it? [Woof!] It’s okay. It’s just wood. Look. It’s just a stump. See. Just a stump. See. It’s dead. Looks like cesium is beginning to react You see it’s uh, some cesium vapor is getting down there. And it just blew something up Shoot. It appears we had a boil over. That’s actually not cesium that’s burning right there. That’s lithium. Like some lithium came over into the flask. *sigh* Not sure what to do about this. Put out the fire for one.

100 thoughts on “Codys Mine Part 17.5: Plant the Seeds and Kill the Stump

  1. So Cody, doing anything special for 1 million subs? Wait, no spoilers. Better have bees, honey, explosions, and something cool with rockets and what not. Maybe lay off the vacuum chamber a tiny, and go back to gold purification more? Just been a lot of vacuum chamber episodes lately. Still amazing every episode, and do what you love and I'll still watch!

  2. Amazing desert vista beyond your land in this video. Would like to see how that alfalfa turns up. My grandpa had a mining claim up in central Nevada. These videos remind me of that a little. This seems like a nice setup. Out in the desert, but with an exploration into how the world works.

  3. Even if it was short, We got to see your Puppies/mini-Doggos :3 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

  4. I discovered that I could make potssium nitrate by adding poassium carbonate to nitric acid, as I do not have access to poassium carbonate I used sodium carbonate to create sodium nitrate and I made R-candy using it burnt EXTREMELY slowly.pls give me a few suggestions for making r candy (or a better method of obtaining nitrates)PLS REPLY!

  5. Hey Cody! Can you refine silver from Arctic Silver 5 high density thermal compound? It seems to contain silver, aluminum oxide, and zinc oxide.

  6. Cody, have you thought of using Erythritol Tetranitrate to blast? You could used a blasting cap to set off the secondary explosive. I imagine it would make blasting more efficient… granted, you use this instead of black powder for blasting

  7. Please review for the uninitiated what the purpose of your mine is? Some of us are new enough to your channel to be uninformed.

  8. How bout an astronomy episode comparing the light pollution around Salt Lake City, and your mine out in the country.

  9. Tamed wolves… Love how he still keeps using the Minecraft references, even though it hasn't been called that for ages!

  10. Good dog. Warned you of dangerous stump monster, and you expertly pretended to think it was an ordinary stump, so you could get close enough to dispatch it. Heckin good team! The ranch is safe once again! =P

  11. what did Cody's girlfriend say to a girl trying to pick him up?

    "Cody's Mine!"

    what is the nickname Cody uses when refering to his girlfriend's vagina?

    Cody's Mine

  12. codyyyy how bout you make it a underground lab or HQ so you can conduct under earth experements. realy just making an underground room or cavity will be awesome.

  13. I hate where i live i couldn't do anything like this near me. I wish i could have my own land to do whatever i want with.

  14. I really enjoy this whole mining series you're doing. It's really interesting and I just watched from the beginning to now. I really hope you keep digging away! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your mine-house coming to life!

  15. When Cody says "My tamed wolves are coming with me", I am prone to believe those are actually tamed wolves. Tamed by letting them sniff on weird chemicals, fed with honey and exposed to depressurizing when behaving badly.

  16. You should spray paint or chalk the wall before you blow it so that you can see how much material was broken off

  17. you need to build a 2.5 inch garden railway for that mine to your house. lol only catch is, you have to make it from materials youve mined and processed. lol

  18. Cody: Walks through a cave
    "There's a chunk of rock, that's interesting."
    Me: well how would that get there, i wonder.

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