64 thoughts on “Cold Open: Boyle Bullpen Bottle Bowling – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Episode Highlight)

  1. I'm impressed by the writers ability to think of a whole cold open only involving b words, that's freaking talent!

  2. That is a lot of B's, talk about a major case of Alliteration.
    Also know what Babushka means, it's Russian for grandmother.

  3. Here an idea for an episode: Die Hard but with Brooklyn 99 character's! It's Jakes dream so obviously he's John Mclane (dope), the terrorists: basically any random actor you find on the streets, the police: Everyone in the show. What building will it be in? How about: The Empire State building!

  4. I cannot believe I only JUST realized this whole cold opening is only words that start with B, except for Terry when he says "what are you-"

  5. I just realized they had to have all been counting it out in their heads or something to make sure they all said babushka at the same time, I can’t imagine how many takes that took

  6. I want the world to know the power of B99 in my life. I suffer from ear imbalance, extreme gastritis, two slip discs, underwent a surgery this year, am undergoing a divorce, and was forced to be separated from my 2 year old son. I last saw him 4 months ago. I was so depressed and agonised and heartbroken….. but B 99 would not allow me to give up….. I have learnt –

    To be tough from Rosa Diaz

    To be stubborn from Captain Holt

    To stay positive at all times from Jake Peralta

    To be flexible in situation from Charles Boyle

    To be myself from Gina Linetti

    To be competitive from Amy Santiago

    To live as per one’s wishes from Hitchcock and Scully

    I know that I can’t do a lot for B99… but I’ll post this for multiple videos. I’m not doing this for praise….. it is just my gratitude ……. A heartfelt NINE NINE! to all B 99 fans. May GOD bless u all.

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