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Our dad berates his son. How could you be my son? The way you played out there today, it’s embarrassing! As Aiden is ridiculed by his own father, they are stunned! Ice cream is for winners, and you’re a loser. You really think I’m a loser? Well today, you definitely are. A big one. And now, we send dad away, leaving Aiden all alone. Will they step up to the plate and help a fellow player? (shrugs) I don’t know. Okay, but what if my dad gets angry? Just a small. Thank you! As dad returns…
-Aiden, where did you get the ice cream? …our heroes, take one for the team. I was trying to teach him a lesson. Both players rally around Aiden: Teaching dad a lesson about sportsmanship. You think it’s okay to reward failure? Young man who hit it out of the park. Time to introduce ourselves. -Hey! How are you doing? (chuckles)
-Hey (mumbles) -You cool?
-That’s crazy. What were you thinking? I mean, you wanna stick up for the right thing, you know. That little kid that… –you gotta have fun with what you’re doing. I mean the reason I stuck up for him is ’cause I know what he’s going through. You’ve messed up too? You’ve made mistakes?
-Yeah. Oh yeah. You can’t control results, you can only control effort. If he’s trying his hardest, you can’t yell at him in front of everyone and immediately condescend him. What does that do to a player? If someone had treated me like that, I wouldn’t be playing baseball anymore. It’s what I love to do, so I’m glad no one did it. And that, is a ‘What Would You Do?’ home run.

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  1. My dad would always take me out for ice cream after a game, I lose, I get a small, I win, I can get a medium or large

  2. I know it's not important, but I had to grow up like this and I really wish someone would be like this. I had a stepdad who put a sign on me saying that I made bad grades and no one stepped up and confronted him. We need more people like this.

  3. " What Would you Do? "

  4. I actually went to college with these guys. Two of them are playing baseball professionally now and the other (the guy in the backwards cap) works in business as an executive recruiter. Still three of the nicest guys I ever met and it clearly shows.

  5. Participation awards are B.S 😂
    They really are it’s like saying congratulations “you suck” but here’s a little something to make you feel better 😂

  6. Every time I get involved with shitty people I wait for Mr Q to show up but he never does so I just have to realize there’s just generally shitty people out there.

  7. I was born and raised in a third world country before moving to North America, decades ago “one day I was reading a passage aloud in front of my grade six class, and I made a mistake in pronunciation, all of a sudden the teacher was enraged, rather than correcting my mistake, he asked me to stop reading and asked another student to read, i became timid and never amounted to anything…”

  8. This is staged… only idiots beLIEve this… freemasonry does this stuff and it’s a huge joke on the intelligence of the general public

  9. Ok nice intention but really cruel .
    A young male being bullied by an adult and the solution is to buy him something that caused a female to be forcibly impregnated , carry her child for 9 months , give birth and have her son taken away from her and his throat slit because he’s considered garbage by bullies because he won’t lactate ever .
    So make a bullied child happy by killing a male child for not making breastmilk ?
    That makes no sense and if you brought the male baby in front of this child and said if you want some ice cream I’ll have to slice his throat I don’t think this child would want that done .

    There’s nothing nice about taking babies from their mothers and killing babies just so another species can breastfeed all their lives

  10. I know who those people are they are my teachers son friend it sound weird but those people play for the los angles angles

  11. I actually think the best thing is when your dad goes hard on you with sports not putting the kid down but making the kid push his limit run every day and if he loses a game make him run more not a kid as young as the one on the show more like a teen you might hate but trust me you will thank your dad for it. But then again I don’t know if it’s a lot harder to become a sports men in America here in Australia give it everything you got plus probably a little natural gifted with height and skill and you can play most sports professionals but you have to start at a young age maximum 15-16.

  12. Wow this episode was a very bad example. Dont use kids in "what would you do" you can cause more damage than good. If this was real, you might put that dad on the spot there but when that kid gets home that dad would BEAT that kid silly cause of you.!! Doing way more harm than good. Dont envovle kids in your games

  13. Thats pretty much my story. I loved baseball I was great at it. I tried so damn hard everytime I played and it was fun. Until it wasnt, because I wasnt good enough for him. And when I looked bad or failed it made him look bad. And he would yell and belittle me. Embarass me in front of everyone. So one day I just said enough and never showed up to baseball practice or a game ever again. But nobody would ever change his mind and I knew that. So I walked away. Never knowing how good I coulda been. Dont be like this guy or my dad. Or else your gonna have a child that hates you with a passion and will never love you again. Believe me. Give praise, encourage, and remember that its just a game. Let them have fun. And guide them in a way that they can want the challenges that come. Give love.

  14. The size of the ice cream doesn't matter they did everything to make the little boy feel better. That's what counts people. Now at days people don't appreciate the little things anymore they want to have more money and always think about itself before others. Appreciate the little things in life because money comes and goes. Humanity needs to be more thankful

  15. Los yankees se conmueven por comprar un helado … pero no de matar a miles de inocentes invadiendo paises … 🤦‍♂️👎👎👎👎👎

  16. I dont disagree that the dad was wrong. I most definitely do not agree with two dudes whi have no children if their own presuming that they know better than a child's parent what's best for them. They came to a conclusion based on 30 seconds of interaction between a parent and his child that they thought gave them the right to overstep his parental authority and parental rights. He has to take responsibility for that kid and his actions, not you. This moral soldier crap really needs to stop. This shit is what makes parents afraid to let their kids play outside alone for some high and mighty do gooder making a judgement, making a call, and ruining the kids life that they think they are helping. The sad part is that it's usually not motivated by want to help the kid but rather by self righteousness.

  17. When I was a sperm I looked around and thought I’m never going to win this race.Bish bash bouch …… I the top of the world.

  18. See if I was ther I would say.. hey kid u r a loser!! Listen to ur dad cuz he’s a loser too!! Looks like ur entire family r all losers!! U loser!! Lol

  19. Lol Ice cream is for winners just like Disney Land….never heard the losing qb of a Superbowl say they are going there….cause they already know losers aren't welcome

  20. So this was a skit. What would I do!? I would have kept my mouth shut and let the father teach his own kid a lesson. The dad did sound like a jerk, calling the kid a loser, and maybe could have chosen his words better.
    How would the two so called heros have known that the kid didn't get mad and thrown his bat at the umpire or started a fight with another player or something? Maybe he didn't deserve the ice cream, and two self proclaimed sjw's stepped in and let the kid know his misbehavior was acceptable no matter what dad says. Pathetic!
    And then all of the "Don't know the situation" SJW's jump on the warpath and condemn a father who though not perfectly, but maybe justly, is trying to teach his kid something.
    One way or another, what doesn't kill you just makes you stronger, but in this case the kid was made to think that his father is wrong and bad. The selfsame father that he has to go home and grow up with for the rest of his childhood while all of the other social justice warriors don't have anything else to do with the kids life. He goes home and knows now that he can be unruly and not listen to Dad.
    I feel sorry for the kid and it is not because of his dad!
    If the two guys wanted to do something, they should have followed dad out of the area and spoke privately with him and ask him about his treatment of the child and talk to him and maybe got through to him a little bit.

  21. I wouldnt do anything cuz it's none of my business to do so gotta show more respect. Would u like someone telling you how to raise your kid?

  22. “Ma’am, are you ok?” they ask me at 7:41 in the morning as I cry in a bodega watching this video on mute because I don’t have headphones

  23. Growing up, Aiden will realize his dad loved him all the same.

    Despite Aiden's being a good for nothing, loser…

  24. Lol my family does that, but certainly not in English. Got use to it so doesn’t really matter now dou. Hurts to know that they feel that way but okay I guess

  25. I bring my kids into baskin robins all the time just to tell them they cant have any ice cream. Sometimes i get myself something and eat it infront of them.

  26. What a real coach would have said after a tough loss: "Tough loss today, guys. Losing stinks, but you learn more from games like this than you ever will from winning. We're going to get back to practice this week, and we have some things to work on. As long as you keep working, do your best, and always hustle, and most importantly have fun, things are going to get better. If you had a bad game today, don't sweat it. Everyone has bad games. Learn from it and you'll bounce back next game. Alright, everybody up, let's get some ice cream!!"

  27. My husband played baseball. Senior year of high school one of his team mates and good friends ended his life because he played poorly when the college he wanted to go to was at the game to recruit.. he was a great player and just had an off day. It was the end of the season…his parents had so much pressure on him…it’s really hard to watch that happen…things like this exist 🙁

  28. Never crush the spirit…the best worknout tears muscle just enough to make it grow. Pain is required, but too much causes an injury so its a fine line. The goal of a parent and/or coach is to help the young do more than they thought they could, and enjoy it. Only then do they build the fire inside to WANT TO PUSH THEMSELVES TO ACHEIVE THEIR BEST. Everyone who does their personal best wins, every time. Failure and mistskes are the best teachers, and every success requires a huge number of failures to overcome no mstter who you are…its the same for everyone. Research Michael Jordan's sports history. Scar tissue is stronger than what has not been broken or torn, so don't negotiate the cost…get busy PAYING FULL PRICE FOR YOUR OWN SUCCESS. †

  29. Once again, it's Aiden and his dad, as well as the exact same ice cream shop. Aiden is again called a loser by his dad because of a baseball failure, as well as the dad refusing to give Aiden ice cream.

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