College Baseball Recruiting: MAJOR Mistakes Players & Parents Make

In this video I’m going to teach you
five ways that players typically get themselves crossed off these college
recruiting lists so obviously for every aspiring ball player they’re chasing
their dream trying to make it to the next level and with that comes playing
in front of scouts communicating with Scouts going to showcases and camps and
all that stuff so basically what you’re trying to do is at the very least show
yourself at your best minimize some of your least
distinguished characteristics and hopefully does not make any missteps
that are going to get you crossed off a list so I’m coach Dan blew it if you
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baseball content each week and today we’re gonna talk a lot about the
recruiting process so stick around. I think this is going to be a big help for
a lot of you. Alright so the number one way to get
crossed off a college scouts recruiting list is by having a bad attitude and by
showing a lack of hustle and I one of the things I really want to impress upon
you is that they are gonna watch everything that you do they’re gonna
call every coach that you’ve played for they’re gonna do a lot of digging to
figure out who you are as a person and for me as a former baseball academy
owner and coach we had our own brand of teams
I was watching my players in the same way so when I see kid walk out to the
outfield or maybe only runs two thirds of the way out to his position in left
field and walks the rest of the way that might be enough to get that kid crossed
off a Scouts list if he’s they’re watching him because they’re trying to
extrapolate they’re trying to predict what their habits are gonna be like who
is this person is he gonna work really hard for me at
my program or is he gonna be kind of lazier as again they’re trying to
project so it’s really really hard so anything that makes them nervous they’re
probably just gonna move on to the next guy so be really careful about your
attitude and the reputation that you build when you build a good reputation
your coaches are gonna vouch for you all their players are gonna vouch for you
and it’s gonna get through the grapevine that okay this kid pretty consistently
gets high marks from everyone sounds like a good player for my program the
number two way the players get crossed off college recruiting lists is their
parents so parents if you’re watching this video if you’re in this in the
bleachers and you’re screaming and you’re berating officials and you’re
making life difficult on your kids coach it’s hurting your your son already I
guarantee it because I had I had a teammate who is now a high level amateur
coach e coaches some showcase teams around the country he called me about a
couple kids in my area because he was looking to kind of get some kids
nationally for this big big tournament he said hey tell me about this kid I’ve
seen him on the the prep baseball Report rankings he seems pretty good one of the
first questions my friend asked me was any parent issues and on one of the
three players that he asked me about I said yeah this is kid their parents have
been on me it’s been tough you know it’s a situation where you probably want to
pass so this is a situation that happens over
and over and over if you’re giving your son’s barsy baseball coach a hard time
it’s already come back to haunt you I guarantee it because college coaches
call them and they want to know if the family is gonna give them problems at
the next level so parents you really need to be on your best behavior and
that just means being positive let the bad stuff go it always works itself out
in the end anyway and if you do need to talk with coaches you have to do it in a
productive way that’s not creating this conflict because again we’re all people
and college coaches they’re gonna figure it out so even if I don’t want to tell
someone that yeah that kid’s dad is kind of tough he’s gonna call for the coaches
anyway so none of us are gonna lie because if we lied to a college
recruiter today he’s not gonna call us in the future and it’s gonna close the
door for another kid so be really careful parents about what you do in the
bleachers watching games the number three thing that you can do to get
yourself crossed off a recruiting list is by not being physical enough now I
know that a lot of kids are waiting for a growth spurt or you’re just not six
four and you’re never gonna be those things obviously are beyond your control
that’s not what I’m talking about but when we talk about weight room
habits and nutritional habits those things are very much in your control and
even if you’re working out three four days a week with a good strength coach
on a good program you need to eat to give yourself the the cinder blocks to
build that big strong house that’s essentially what nutrition does and the
vast majority kids because this is what I did for nine years they don’t eat
nearly enough they say that they do but really when we start to count calories
and try to dig deeper we find out they’re eating like a six hundred
calorie calorie breakfast an eight hundred calorie lunch and they’re eating
a kind of big dinner but they’re just not getting enough calories during the
day so athletes if you’ve gone to a college baseball game recently you’ll
probably notice they are really big and strong they are much bigger than when I
played and I was like a gym rat I was a fiend in the weight room but I would
have been a very average player today as far as physical size build and strength
there’s a strong culture of work ethic in the weight room now in baseball which
is great but these players are getting more and more physical and so the
standard is rising for you in high school so you really need to
eat take eating like your job because if you’re not big and strong and physical
and a college scout comes out and washes you and you’re six foot one 155 pounds
unless you’ve got some really special tools they’re probably like and kind of
looks more like a little kid than a man you know we’ve got a couple other kids
over here who can throw harder hit harder run faster and they’re just
physically built they look like they’re ready for college baseball so be careful
about your physical build and do whatever you can to control it number
four this is the fourth thing that’ll get you crossed off a college recruiting
list is bad contacts with college coaches so here’s what I mean by this
obviously there’s lots of showcases that you can go to and get yourself seen and
get a profile on a website or something you can you know pay for those services
as well you can get recruiting videos made all that stuff is great it can all
be very very helpful but one of the big keys is emailing college coaches so if
you really want to go to you know Illinois State then you should email
Illinois State and tell them that you’re really interested in their program that
you admire their program you’d love to be a part of it share some video and
tell them about yourself it’s just like dating if you really want to date
someone go tell them that you’re interested in them show signs that
you’re interested schools have to do a lot of recruiting and when they know a
prospect is interested in them it makes everything easier because then they can
really look and say wow that kid actually is really good and he’s
interested in us that checks two really big boxes and it makes it easier for
them so in doing that you have to be strategic about how you contact these
coaches mom and dad don’t ever ever ever email a college coach no one cares about
your opinion it’s just the way that it is because you’re always gonna have this
bias most parents haven’t played high enough baseball and they can’t separate
themselves again from that bias that it’s their kid and they really want
their kid to succeed parents don’t ever email a college coach and tell them
about your son ballplayers you need to do this yourself that’s just the reality
you need to email college coaches yourself use your own words get help
from someone email me ask your coach ask your parents for help proofreading it
but do not let your parents email your college coach because they’ll just be
like okay mommy and daddy are doing this for them
see you don’t want them you have to be a grown up going into college they’re
gonna treat you like a grown-up and if you can’t act like you’re grown-up they
don’t want you in their program so part of being a grown-up is saying this is my
future I want to do this I want to get in touch with this coach I’m gonna write
the email myself in my own words so with that you don’t need to talk about how
good you are you don’t need to do all that sort of stuff just share objective
things and that means share your stats share your information share other
people who can contact or who they can contact as a reference share video of
yourself those are things that for me I want to see if I’m interested in adding
a player to my Academy for example I’m gonna make a decision whether he’s good
or not I don’t care about your opinion whether he’s good or not I’m gonna
decide for myself cuz every college program what they believe is their
standard is different so it’s good for Vanderbilt might not be good for you
know Florida State even though they’re both very excellent programs what they
look for in players is just gonna be slightly different so you just give them
the tools give them the objective data video stats other people to contact
references and let them sort out themselves so you don’t need to really
talk about yourself talk about things that you’re passionate about talk about
things in the school that you like hey I want to go to Florida State because XYZ
I like these these two majors I think the canvas is great I love your
tradition of winning and of culture and player development talk about all that
stuff but you don’t really need to talk about your own ability because they’re
gonna decide what your ability is but again a really good way to get yourself
crossed off a recruiting list is if mommy and daddy email one of these
coaches and do that for you and my last recruiting tip is social
media if you really want to get yourself acts from the discussion you know
swearing on social media posting sketchy stuff and it’s obviously a nebulous
ambiguous thing of what is appropriate on social media not but really it kind
of boils down to this if you feel like it might be inappropriate or someone
might say this isn’t like a high character thing to post then probably
just don’t post it you have to be really careful about your your curated stuff
right so things that maybe your Reif sharing from other people because there
reflection on you so don’t necessarily retweet something that maybe doesn’t is
in like your personal values it’s often seen as an endorsement when you retreat
some when you retweet someone even though that might not be the case the
other thing to think about is yeah you get to put more thought in like a
regular Instagram post right like when they’re gonna talk about the caption for
that’s gonna be on your feed those are more easy to control the ones that you
can definitely still get in trouble with are the stories stuff we’re just like a
quick snapshot of what you’re doing maybe you just accidentally catch
someone doing something or catch yourself doing something that uses REME
maybe didn’t want to post and you’re and really think through it as much the ones
where you can kind of think through it again like oh this is going on my main
feed those are easier to control the stories the ones you should be careful
about because if someone’s just flipping through it and college coaches will ask
for your social media and they will follow you they’re gonna look for
patterns of behavior and if they always see you out partying out doing certain
stuff they’re gonna make certain judgments about that you can’t you can’t
fault them for that either they’re trying to figure out who you are as a
person and if they want you and you’re in their program so be super careful
about social media the best thing to do is just lay low post stuff that you feel
like is obviously wholesome obviously reflection of who you are and what
you’re interested in and all that’s fine but be really careful about times when
you’re socializing with other people because it just might be misconstrued in
a way that maybe isn’t reality either people don’t have contexts when they’re
watching social media stuff so hopefully these recruiting strategies were helpful
obviously the college recruiting process is difficult and just to give yourself
the best possible chance of getting the outcome you that you want and finding
your dream school just don’t make these easy missteps that are very easily
controllable so to recap players watch your behavior watch your hustle everyone
is watching you at all times and your reputation will follow you parents the
exact same is true for you players make sure you’re physical enough make sure
you’re eating to support your weightlifting habits and if you want to
play in college baseball and especially the higher tiers you know division to
Division one you need to go see how physical those
players are and you need to make yourself into that as fast as possible
as early as possible and if you aren’t if you’re still a skinny kid
don’t expect for Big D ones is come calling because they won’t number for
bad contact with coaches mommy and daddy don’t email a college coach ever they
don’t want to see an email come from your email inbox kids send it from yours
fill up it online college questionnaires do all that stuff but it needs to come
from you you’re gonna be an adult in college your parents are not gonna
contact the coach hopefully and you’re gonna be doing your thing so start now
you contact the coaches yourself and lastly be careful about social media all
right hopefully this video is helpful thanks for watching you can hit
subscribe below check out my books my other videos my online courses I do tons
of stuff to help baseball families players and parents so stick around and
I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. 3:09
    i never thought about that.
    when parents are being obnoxious i always thought it was just annoying as hell.
    i never gave thought that it could hurt a player’s rep.

    great video!!

  2. Good stuff dan. I’ve heard it said this way, >99% of the players scouts see aren’t who they are looking for so they are already inclined to look for reasons NOT to be interested in you. There are too many other players out there so don’t give them a reason to cross you off.

  3. Two things you can't coach and the player controls: attitude and effort. The #1 thing I look at for pitchers is mound presence and how they react to adversity when an umpire misses a call, an error gets made, give up a big hit or they give up a big walk on a close pitch.

  4. When sending an email to a coach, proofread it for sentence construction and proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. A person only gets one chance to make a positive first impression. Make it a good one by communicating effectively.

  5. I always tell players that they never know who is watching and who that person may know, so they should always be putting their best foot forward.

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