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hello there This is Bobby McKinney with Baseball house dot net and today want to talk about recruiters look for in pitchers and it
is really three things, first thing you can see is velocity, right off the bat you doesn”t take a lot see velocity , Another thing college baseball recruiters see is command. Does the pitcher command his pitches andthe other is movement. so you have velocity, command, and movement. Those three components make up a pitcher So if you want to be considered a
college recruit a pitcher you need to really have two of the three You need at the command and/or
velocity and/or movement and the variations of the others. So you could can put then together on variations, but if you don’t have Velocity
then you need to have command and movement. You need to be able to put the
ball where you want when you want it and make it look
different a few different ways to keep the the hitters off-balance. But it’s not all about the velocity,
it’s just that’s the easiest thing that can be seen so immediately a lot of players
will a lot of up recruiters will look at
velocities and say hey right now I’ve got 7 right-handed pitchers who are seniors in
high school that are interest in coming to my program that though 88 or above. And this player
here throws 82 so obviously you’re not in that group so
they really would be interested in you because they got a player who are throwing with more velocity ahead of you. They’re always looking to bring players into that recruiting board that
they can they can go back and hopefully recruit however at that board is thick already with players then is is going to be hard for you to move up into that into that area. Division 1 programs that can offer
more athletic money typically get the stronger arms, harder
throwers tend to go to division 1 schools because the division 1 schools can pay for them
to come and however does that does not mean that good players do not come from division 2 v, division 3 I Billy
Wagner I big league pitcher who threw a hundred miles an hour came from Ferrum College in Ferrum Virginia You can go through its ser dozens
and dozens and dozens of players that have gone the division 1, 2, junior college route and
NAIA route and have made it to the big leagues. so just because your hard thrower and you go to
Division one college this does not mean that you’re going to be
more successful than somebody at a at another program who continues to
work and develop but command velocity and life that’s that’s the three components that
the player should have and velocity is harder
to get, command and and life are something that
you can work on that you can really, you know really get
a hold of if you get command and and life and
then all the sudden velocity comes, All of a sudden you turn into a really really interesting player for a lot of people.
College baseball recruiting pitchers

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