College Baseball & Softball Season Cancelled – What to Do Now

So if your baseball or softball season
just ended you should stick around and watch this video because I’m actually
one of the few people that can relate to how a lot of you’re feeling whether
you’re a sophomore or your senior and losing a season is really really tough
so when I was in college my sophomore year was cut short actually in the
middle of March from a partial UCL tear so the season was very new and it was
quickly over for me then my fourth year in college I got Tommy John and I sat
through my senior season so I came back to rehab now to sit through every game
and watch my teammates go out there and compete and it was really really hard so
I really feel for the seniors no matter what sport you’re playing obviously
that’s it and for you freshmen sophomore juniors who do have
next year I can still relate to how you feel I’ve been again I’ve been on both
sides which is pretty unique so I want to give you some quick advice today on
how to cope with this going forward so number one it’s okay to validate your
feelings it’s okay to allow yourself to be pissed off and frustrated and feel
cheated and robbed for a little while that’s normal you can engage your
feelings and vent to somebody you know find someone to talk through I’m sure a
lot of you had big plans for this season and that’s tough I mean injuries do that
to people every single year in every single season
they cut season short so it’s okay to validate your feelings to be heard talk
through it you know do all that stuff number two this is now a time for you to
fix something that you could not fix when you’re on the field so especially
for your baseball pitchers or softball pitchers your mechanics aren’t going to
change much during the season so you have a flaw that you need to work on now
that you’re not in competition mode anymore is a really good time to get
back in the tunnel on the mound and really work on fixing those things that
you can’t possibly fix during a competitive season hitters this goes the
same for you if you need to tweak your swing it’s just suddenly the offseason
again so get in there and fix stuff that needs to get fixed if you need to get
bigger if you need to get stronger get in the weight room and work hard
don’t let these next couple months go for nothing when I was hurt recovering
from two Tommy John surgeries multiple partial UCL tears I didn’t waste time I
tried to fix stuff that I could fix and do whatever I could with the time that I
had so make use of this time wisely fixed
that would be impossible to fix a during competition and lastly even though we’re
gonna probably be on lockdown for a little while and still feeling the
coronavirus stuff out you should take this opportunity to experience spring
again when things kind of calm down and you can kind of get out see what it’s
like to be a normal student to be a normal college athlete normal high
school athlete during the spring time I didn’t get to experience that till I was
31 years old and I can tell you spring is pretty fun and summer is pretty fun
when you’re not having to be at the baseball or softball field every single
day obviously you love doing that you’re gonna miss it but at the same time you
can go to concerts you can do all this stuff again when things kind of calm
down a little bit and you can enjoy the springtime you know the summer the Sun
all the festivities that are going around there’s tons of stuff to do so we
will eventually get through this as a country right and when it does enjoy it
a little bit have a little bit of a Spring Break do some things that you’re
not otherwise gonna be do able to do especially if you go back to the grind a
baseball or softball next year and you just quickly get back in it enjoy the
time that you might have off appreciate it for what it is while still continuing
to kill in the weight room practice your face off work on stuff that you really
need to get better alright this is a really tough time I feel for all of you
so hopefully if this is affecting you it’s we’re gonna get through it times
you know time is gonna heal some of these wounds and you just got to keep
taking it one day at a time but again then allow yourself to be heard
keep working hard on adjusting your mechanics fix things you otherwise
couldn’t fix work hard in the weight room and enjoy being a normal student
rather than a student-athlete for a little while alright hopefully this
helped take care stay healthy

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