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November 6th 1869 Rutgers University
faces Princeton University in the first ever game of intercollegiate football by
the 1920s collegiate football was on its way to become an American institution as
it is today universities have constructed mecca’s
that fit over a hundred thousand fans every Saturday landmarks like usc’s
Coliseum Penn State’s Happy Valley and Michigan’s big house all became tribal
grounds for fans to cheer on their programs
September 30th 1939 Ford ham University played Waynesburg College in the
first-ever televised game by 1952 the n-c-double-a sold the
exclusive rights to broadcast a weekly game on NBC for 1.1 million dollars and
then college football leaped to a whole new level now college football is a
billion-dollar industry 40 sponsored goal games from chick-fil-a the
PlayStation playoff tournament teams having an athletic where Diaz just Nike
Under Armour adidas top athletes being full ride scholarships at top
universities the light shines bright on young men ages 18 to 24
pressure to perform at a high level to appease its families and fans but also
one day play at the biggest stage of the NFL it’s every kid’s dream to play at
the highest level and receive that glory that goes along with being a modern-day
gladiator of sport but out of the 7% of student athletes that play collegiate
football only 2% play Division one Division one or not with the strong
chance of never reaching the top level of professional status there are
athletes across this nation that still strive for the same glory out between
the lines with the end of the athletic career in mine but sometimes even on the smallest
stages of college football you’ll find things that are even more glorious The University of Redlands Home of the Bulldogs Private liberal arts college in
the heart of Southern California A producer of current and future leaders
of America nestled in San Bernardino County an hour away from a live city of
Los Angeles the sandy beaches the snowy mountains and dry desert on top of its
academic prestige Redlands boasts one of the most winningest football programs in
California history since 1988 under the tenure of Mike Manor the Redlands
Bulldog football program has boasted a record of 180 to 85 and won 12
conference championships and eight NCAA playoff appearances some
describe this program as We are a winning program we fight Get the ring People were in it for the love of the game Always team first blue collar in 2016 the Bulldogs
finished with the 8th and to record another appearance in the playoffs and
was ranked number 25th on the final national polls of the season in the
first round of the playoffs the Bulldogs faced top ranked Mary-Hardin Baylor
out of Texas for the fifth time in school history entrenched in the
tradition of mental toughness and extreme desire the Bulldogs were two
quarters away from pulling off the impossible being the first team all year
to hold a 21-14 lead over the Crusaders at halftime
with the obsession of going good to great the Bulldogs special of the
historical opportunity being that division 3 athletics do not offer
athletic scholarships players play for the love of the game trying to create
lasting legacies that may not even leave the small southern California town
people love to talk about the top athletes in the Division one ranks
praising their stories of success trial and tribulation but imagine for a second
the thousands of true student-athletes who don’t have full rides go to
overprice schools still involved on campus hoping to get a good-paying job
to pay off student loans yet still sacrificed for the sport they love most
knowing that the hopes and dreams of being a professional athlete at the
highest level are all but non-existent Here I am trying to tell the stories of
most athletes whose football careers are over but the love of the game still runs
deep and all that they do after the lights go off Its the story being told of those who Lived The Dream

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