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This week 12 college football picks edition
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welcome everyone to the sports game and podcast. I’m Sean stick in the mud agreed with my partner
and pics Ryan real money. Kramer what’s up Kramer. Dog O double header Sean double header
we were recording both the DFS podcasts and the college football podcast both on Monday.
So if you’re listening to this early you’re thinking What the hell is going on.
Because we’re a day early we gotta get ready for the wise zoo trip right up to Washington
State. Hanging out with fellow kids hashtag Cougar Nation hashtag Go Cougars. We will
be on the campus this weekend Friday Saturday probably a little bit of Sunday so we’ll call
it Kobe snag a cougar Kobe as always in studio for the college picks podcast. AK The database.
What’s up guys. I’m ready. Let’s go. All right. I feel like that. Deeds we hit zone drop.
What’s up guys. Have in your voice there. I don’t know. I’ve been drinking all right.
I come coming from a show I was yelling and to think I was trying to be clever getting
shot on the whiskey before you got here. You see my standup I’m drinking. Yeah. Ellen
you know. You know how it goes. When you’re angry onstage. I am. I didn’t see now not
that anger. I mean you know there’s a couple of moments calling my number. How about our
guy Mike Leach today. Great. Great rant on student loans.
No he’s got it all. And we’ll be hanging out and hopefully getting a mix it up with Coach.
Coming up this Saturday 130 West Coast kick will get to pick in the game but again if
you’re going to be in the Pullman area or smoke Thursday night. Yes McCain will be there
Thursday night. Flake it’s in there we week. We haven’t really panned or spoken. I don’t
know. You’re asking the wrong guy. But I’ve never
been to either. I’m gonna guess it’s spoken and the locals
will tell you it’s both came. Just a guess. Are you excited to try the apples. KRAMER
Sure. I mean here’s the thing here’s the long and short of it. I’ve spent some time in the
east. I want to brag a little time in Eastern Washington. What were you doing there. You
know agriculture. Seeing a guy about a horse. Agriculture. Well it was years ago before.
Before that was cool. Not I don’t know Brian. I did a little research know over a trip Savitar
calm nice guy to recreational marijuana in Washington. You’re limited to 16 ounces of
solid marijuana use their product so 16 ounces seventy two ounces of liquid marijuana infused
product. Well don’t worry. I’ll make Francis some girls
there. We’ll find more. All right. I guess I could buy it in the summer
got you covered. I’m you know I’m not one to consume a ton
of poison known as alcohol. I go more the uh the herbal organic.
Well what’s great about us as a combo. Like I feel like me and Sean will handle the booze.
Yeah. And then your level of herbal will is pretty much like three human beings worth.
So now this is I’m just googling some local places. There is a there is a store called
Kush 21 Kush 21 Pullman premium recreational cannabis. And I’m looking it up literally
75 feet from a Taco Bell. Oh. How many stars. The Taco Bell or the kush. Twenty one pulled
in the Taco Bell. Well this is again I don’t know what kind of Mexican food they get up
in Washington. So maybe maybe Taco Bell is three point nine out of 5 for a Taco Bell.
That is very high man. So that said to read a look I’ll say this
show. That would be very difficult for me right now. I’ll share something I’m not eating
meat. I. You’re really and you’re really making
my home life a hell. Because my wife keeps going like you like look more like Ryan’s
not eating any meat. I’m like Well yeah. She’s like Ryan says all great at you know a lot
of death leads her aren’t eating meat. We’re going to eat. Well you know I. Ryan you don’t
workout at all. What are you talking about. I’m in the gym fucking throwing down on the
gym lap machine so I can go and flex on one over at Walgreens. OK. You do realize I can
rip this shit. We need to do a photo shoot the next SGP photo
shoot there’s a bench press involved. John throwing up plates that I’m throwing up at
least to. See Corey. I don’t know I. I have no idea
what Colby’s strength levels are. You guys don’t know you don’t know a missile
an assassin. I mean listen I uh yeah there’s no way in
hell Shawn’s beating me in any sort of strength camp.
Well either way. Well you are you are going to meet him. Green beans you pussy. Oh. I’ll
be just chewing down raw steak and throwing dude.
We’re staying on a fuckin farm one of a couple of the nights. All right. You’re gonna eat
some fuckin meat right. I’ll figure it out. So right I’m going to
kill him. We’re an animal in front of him. Me We’re going on a weekend football trip
and Ryan is abstaining from meat and alcohol. Now Mildred No.
If you are eating meat at will when we’re hanging out for two or three days I’m going
to fucking kill an animal farm. So when we’re sitting in some random Sports
Bar and smoking watching for eight and a half hours watching games all day and he doesn’t
want the chicken nachos he wants the nachos. You have soy nuggets. Can I get some soy nuggets.
Beans work just fine. Do you have a gardenia. I thought I was in a safe place. That’s not
my new movie The final night. I’m going to rip a chicken chicken’s heads off like right
in front of me and zap it. Know Stop. You hate Michael Vick way too much. That’s true.
That’s true. Hey how’s he on Fox. How did he fail upward
like that. He’s pretty good on TV. Come on. He did give him a gig. What do you mean. He
did his time. He did his time and it’s time to move now.
He’s done more than I forgive. He’s done more than most for him. But they don’t put John
Rocker on TV. You know I mean like if he apologized but
he’s not good on TV and he’s horrible scramble John Rogers also said some horribly racist
thing was saying something and killing a shit ton of animals is completely different. These
are just words. Yes John Rocker is a terrible human being.
He shouldn’t be on TV just like Michael Vick should not be on TV.
So the whole purpose of Joe is to rehabilitate and serves his time and he comes back and
he’s a young 31. Hey so let’s put OJ on TV. Yes. Yes please. I mean I don’t want to be
controversial man but he’s cool. You don’t watch his youth.
You don’t watch I don’t. I don’t see this guy. I don’t subscribe. Sometimes he gets
retweeted. I see it but very rarely. I don’t follow him.
I don’t man. I got morals man. You didn’t know that about the dude.
Murdered some people but for some reason society is cool with it. Look I’m a Colorado man made
Colorado a buffalo fan and I hate Rae Carruth. I mean like you’re one of Rae Carruth had
funny Twitter videos might have to what might be out there. No one checks. Kobe your moral
guardrails are all over the place. Oh and that’s fine. That’s fine.
I do think this all started because I shared that I’m not eating meat. That’s that’s what
I’m saying. It’s a stunning revelation on the podcast. Temporary it’s temporary. This
trial situation. All right. You know it’s not temporary. Our partnership with our presenting
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That is such a great song. It is gets Jack awesome.
I saw a dude playing air air drums and a kid in the backseat of a truck was playing air
drums really hard or something. I bet he’s meat does.
Maybe you know you can’t judge a book by its cover.
Well you know what you can judge our records because we’re we’re putting together a nice
little streak here. I am always things first and in my last three weeks on locks and bonus
locks. That’s right. 6 and 0 6 wins zero losses in my locks and bonus locks Ryan. You are
now eight and one over the last three weeks in the top 25 14 and four in the top 25 over
the last six weeks tot war but most impressively more impressively. We all we all finally cracked
the six pack. Each of us going foreign to 80 yes in the dreaded call Dad six pack which
had been first week. We all went above.
And if you listen to the college experience I gave on blocks and I went nine and three.
It’s hard to rate the game. I mean like you get a lot out three and seven. It’s the same
fucking thing. You know what I mean. And I got I got to be honest because you’re
talking about records and the record that that we love because it’s from the fans. Kobe
that’s our reviews over and I. Oh yeah.
And I went over there and I’m like Oh college showed and I pull one of these. Kobe give
a nice pat on the back. So five stars see pony CPO Neal. Twenty one gotta love Kobe’s
foolproof technique of saying sprinkle on 15 dogs in a row.
That way when the 16th hits he can tout all day. That’s true. Kramer and Sean you’re my
guy. That’s true love. Tulsa plus five seventy five out out out.
Colby did have LSU outright for his dog plus 190. Kramer gave out the Gophers a plus 215
parlay those together that’s 9 to 1. And who shit on this 4 4 4. Tulsa. Some guys
shirtless on the comment section. Tulsa has been a covering machine. Yes. The number one
time when you threw your money on there. How about before you leave the comment you look
at their track record. All right. The Golden Hurricane are amazing.
You know we also as a as a group hitting our TS is impressive impressive percentage here.
Ryan a 55 myself 55 and Colby Dan 64 percent of his three team teases which pay out a plus
one 80 over my bookie dad e.g.. Coaching coaching and call with his bonus block sitting at 73
percent. Kramer and I are bonus locks at 64 percent. So there’s money to be. There’s money
in these here. College football hills we’re about to we’re about to go mining unearth
some. Let’s do it. We are ready. We’re ready cracked it open. But let’s do one more officially
to open up the Kobe debt college six pack here. First up Eastern Michigan squaring off
against Akron. Is this a little bit of Maxon Colby. Yes. Tuesday night Tuesday night. So
again Colby this is why you subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss these early picks.
Kudos to you for taking advantage of the early recording day and going straight for the match.
Well you guys burn me sometimes on those Tuesday night so I have to rule them out. I burn you.
We burn but don’t worry buddy I’ll buy you a fuckin steaks. Sean get back to it please.
Eastern Michigan minus 17 road favorite in Akron. Mm hmm. Again saccharin accurately
plus six five home dog EMU minus 950 on the MONEYLINE total sit and forty six and a half.
Colby what are you doing here. Look I’ve had this philosophy all year and it’s won me a
lot of money and I think accurate double check this one. Are they winless. Yes I am.
I’m pulling up that information as we see them are humans. That’s winless ACL. Yes accurate
and impressive 0 9 straight up in 0 9 against spread and I feel like I have UMass is at
a similar area. They’re one of three teams that don’t have
a big three versus the FBI school. Yeah and they’re really bad and they shouldn’t
fire Terry Belton who took him to the Mac championship just just two years ago. He has
one bad year if you go into the MAC championship they fire company situation though they’re
not coming in red hot. One in five atheists in the last six.
But let me tell you this team’s going bowling. I’ve been high on Eastern Michigan all year.
This coach is a very very good coach there when they were a horrible horrible pro they
were Akron before this coach got there. And so minus 17 all day I think you can give me
Give me 30 minus I’ll say minus 30 on this one when Bowling Green beats Akron by that
much. I mean this one’s going to be ugly.
Yeah. I mean for me it’s the same like UMass. They’re just on an insane auto FE and a lot
of my bonus blocks are just me going against UMass or New Mexico State like me last week
there. Those I mean bottom. Yeah. You look at Army in thirty four and a half and you
go I don’t know. That’s kind of high. And then they win by like sixty three to seven.
I think a similar track that’s what I’m noticing a change in you buddy because at one point
you hated me for putting them on. Well as you notice we didn’t spend a bunch of time
talking about it. It’s just a passing comment that I thought the winning pass basically
author of My couple weeks where I put them on there to let you know how bad they were.
Hey I follow Kobe dance work. I listen to your information again. That’s why your employer.
Right. What do you got. Akron has scored nine points in their last
four games combined. They’re out by Bowling Green who is horrible. Who is coached by who.
Who’s the coach. Oh the left. From Virginia Tech. One of the worst offensive Oh the worst
defensive coordinator in Brian Van Gordon who was at Notre Dame in Louisville. I’m it’s
action. It’s Tuesday night. Weird things may happen but now with this action team. Give
me Give me the Eastern Michigan. Who are the Eagles.
Yeah well Zips Zipper months why Shawn’s big. Yeah I can’t go against the Eagles not against
the fucking patriots. This week Michigan state heading into Michigan. Battle of the palm.
Ann Arbor Michigan. You know because they show you like here’s my pole and they show
you never seen a person from Michigan show you on their hand where they are in Michigan
and it’s some local Michigan humor tweet us that gambling podcast if you know if you’re
from Michigan you know I’m talking about 9:00 a.m. West Coast kick Michigan minus 14 minus
six hundred on the MONEYLINE MSU smarty plus for twenty five total sitting at forty four
and a half. Colby what are you doing here.
First off I mean look I know we’re pro my bookie AIG but chopper because I saw this
at 15 and some other stuff today. Things move around. Well maybe you like Michigan
so maybe on a chopper. No I don’t like Michigan because look Michigan
State. The wheels have fallen off the Antonio. You know he was in this up twenty six I think
against Illinois and lost now afterwards AIDS makes a statement saying his job is safe.
But why would he state that. I need a ruling. Why would he stay. I’m looking
at my bookie. It’s now 13 and a half. Wow. Aw gee. We adjusted are we. We we just stick
to the the Holy Grail. Yes. The spreadsheet. No it’s updated to thirteen
and a half. It’s supposed to be what we’re what the line
is when we’re recording. I mean shop around is what I’ll say almost 15. I’m a real man
and even the real man is me. I just adjusted. Now I have no I don’t have a rebuttal to that
right now. Like I said real man knows Michael makes a piece of shit. Oh so now you’re not.
Now you’re just now you’re just he’s a man who made some mistakes Carvey and I believe
in second chances. Well the guy grew up he didn’t realize fighting
dogs was bad. He came from a really bad. Are you backing up Bradley Cooper. Do you
see almost one man. I mean like you keep comparing violence to dogs to horrible racist acts.
I actually think that will. Well it’s not like Bradley Cooper actually as far as we
know you can hurt somebody most. Michael Vick hurt these innocent dog. Did
you read the indictment. He grabs his kids cocker spaniel and because they’re not paying
attention he says it into the dog ring and the dog ring destroys the fucking cocker spaniel
in like five seconds. Let’s face it. Three things are happening right now. People
are wondering how the same man that can be calling me a pussy for not being me. Exactly.
Being on the soapbox crying about a cockroach. I mean I’m a dog guy buddy. I married my best
friend my fucking best pals are highly intelligent. Now granted we aren’t prodding them with electrodes
and and you know cutting their heads off and throwing them through butcher saws but someone
is so I realize as humans a.k.a. top of the food chain we have a complicated relationship
with animals. If fur not right and now for one. Yeah. Brian
is off. He’s living in a safe space for now but. Yo listen.
We live in a place where it’s illegal interested those illegal immigrants with his lettuce
they pick his fucking lazy. All right. You’re really trying to derail
the show here. Call me if I’m going all that. Well. All of this to say that it’s just the
spread down a half point but I’m still taking Michigan State.
I’m taking Michigan State to cause D’Antonio. This team is like when the 80 makes a statement
like that it it only it only means that his job is not secure which is a little bit of.
Maybe they’re forgetting what it was like. I don’t know. Feels like they have a pretty
good coaching situation almost to the point where it seems like they’ve been fortunate
to keep him right. Like I don’t know man they’ve they’ve outperformed
their their talent more than I don’t have. I don’t more than they don’t. No on offense
on offense no defense. Yes but more importantly against Michigan.
1 1 in 10 Michigan is against me well against the spread in the last 11. Well the road teams
have won the past 4 I think against the spread. He knows how to get it done against Michigan.
Period. Yeah I’m telling you. He does show up against
good teams 27 and 24 when playing against a top level team someone winning a greater
than 75 percent clip so that to me means they’re probably a decent dog and a lot of those games
and he’s helping them to win outright. Also shows up on the road 36 and 25 straight up
in road games when coaching Michigan State. So I’m going to get a fade. Harbaugh and he’s
like so many big ten game rivalry game to many points. Yeah I just think there’s some
motivation issues there with Harbor. Twenty nine percent of the money butts or
other tickets but 60 percent of the money on Michigan State were sharp.
Be careful make cuts in Wisconsin Lane 14 points as they head into Lincoln Nebraska.
Nebraska was supposed to be the surprise team that everyone knows. This was when they were
going to take the next step. Nebraska a plus for twenty five dog Wisconsin minus six hundred
on the money line fifty one is the total. Colby what are you doing here.
I am right and big red here. Look they had a bye week to go into this Adrian Martinez
is coming back now. I get it. Nebraska has been a total disappointment but Wisconsin
played like 35 home games this year and when they hit the road they lost to Illinois. When
they hit the road they lost Ohio State. Those are the only two college campus stadiums they’ve
been to. Besides that they had a game in South for that Raymond James Stadium so I’m going
to say pirate ship pirate ship play. Yes they want to know when playing near a
power plant. I will was my my dog and only they were in
that game right. They just missed the two point at the end of the game. Or like with
three minutes left. They missed the two point. They covered for us. Yeah. Oh fortune. We
had it plus nine. They were in that game the entire game. I think Wisconsin a little bit
overrated to be. They can’t throw the ball to a classic Wisconsin. Yeah I mean to be
a big road favorite I think you have to have a no show some more high powered offense so
Kobe’s now going contrary and with back to back dogs.
What’s going on here. You never know about me but I’m really concerned.
What do you do. Kramer I’m 100 percent lockstep with you guys. This is not this is not good
or this is great. We’ve we’ve unlocked the key to the six pack.
We’re just going to it this week 0 6 and 0 0 0 we’ve got a good point like Nebraska.
They’ve had a fucked up season by week. Now you’ve got a big opponent coming starting
quarterback back. Yeah you got your mojo back a little bit. It feels like this is the game
they get up for. Kobe No. The road spot and it’s also the Wisconsin
defense in this elite squad anymore. I think they’re giving up twenty eight points per
game over the last three so struggle passing the ball to look like this situation for Nebraska.
Virginia Tech minus five and a half road favorites against Georgia Tech in Atlanta Georgia twelve
thirty West Coast kick for Saturday minus two twenty on the MONEYLINE is biotech Georgia
Tech plus one eighty going the other way. Total sitting at fifty two Colby what are
you doing here. Look the fuck my life story is very strong
very strong right now because Virginia Tech’s winning the coastal I watched Virginia play
Georgia Tech they looked like shit what hasn’t happened Virginia Tech Week me and you cashed
in on that wait game and I’m really impressed by what Bud Foster’s doing with the defense
how his teams coming along. They’re ascending I mean they were a young
team I guess the narrative might get a lifetime contract for this year it’s fucking sociopath
I’m all about making everyone look as bad as Virginia Tech has looked at moments in
this season they are foreign won eight yes in their last five games so exceeding expectations
or as of late rallying around that embarrassing loss against Duke look that last week was
to honor Bud Foster they were never going to lose that game but they showed up at Notre
Dame I think that’s the spot you gotta look to in Miami they were like a fourteen point
doll. Yeah forget forget they always show up in Miami to show up and Notre Dame with
or without your starting quarterback like they started their third string quarterback
maybe they should have beat Notre Dame yeah they should have won that was a horrible call.
So this team is rolling and when I saw this line was under seven yeah unbelievable. I
don’t understand. Colby explain to me what what is Georgia Tech because they beat Miami
as well somehow and they played Virginia. But but Texas offense is better than Virginia’s
offense right now in this game strangely last week was the game you had to worry about because
wake they could have lost the weight game and still control their own destiny. This
game strangely more important but this has to be a touchdown. Shawn you know I’ve been
making my bets early in the week. Yes. And I’m loving it because I’ve been on the right
left right side of a lot of the closing line movement that this game early this number
goes to seven. Yeah it’s going up it’s not going down. I’m
also on Virginia Tech. Again they just kind of figured it out a little bit. Got. They’re
just playing well I don’t know how else to say they they got a little momentum here.
I do think U.S.A. is where things could kind of be a make or break for the season but I
think they roll past Georgia Tech. Yeah I mean again they got the starting quarterback
was back last week and they destroyed a team. Yeah that people were happy about. And their
offense had been slaying people. So yeah let’s go let’s go and let’s go to
Pullman Washington where we will be in attendance for Stanford squaring off against Washington
State 130 p.m. West Coast kick the cougars are ten and a half point favorites minus 400
on the MONEYLINE Stanford plus 3 10 total sitting at sixty three I’m all in Washington
state no way I’m not going to pick them no way I’m not going to bet on them I am going
to wait a little bit to see if this goes down to ten it actually was at ten early in the
morning and then went OK. So I’m going to I’m going to monitor this spread but right
now I’ll still take it at minus 10 and a half. Colby why should we bet on the Cougars this
week. Oh because my cleats called out his team after
a bad performance in Berkeley and he basically said they’re the softest team of all time
and last time he did that they responded well and I think they respond well again. And I
also think Stanford is incredibly down. My boss just beat Stanford.
Are you worried he may call us the softest podcast of all time because of Ryan’s recent
admission. Yeah. Very soft. Yeah. Yeah I’m sure he could.
You could call that I got to be accurate. I need to at the podcast because the bleachers
that I don’t want based on what I don’t want coach here and this and him rant and rave
and based on my research big foot plant based diet. So Bigfoot is gone paleo.
What about pirates buddy. I’m pretty sure I’m not paleo the opposite pirates were very
much into a plant based diet. No no. That’s why I got scurvy. They never
eat any citrus or Vitamin C. They didn’t have fruits or vegetables. That’s
why he kept having fish in a red fish. And you know what I mean.
Yeah. So you Kobe touched on it. You know Leech said said what he to say. But more importantly
what we don’t we haven’t been privy to some dude’s got put into a shed. Yeah. So you’ve
gotta put newish to and come out of the shed. And also how about this while zoo play Stanford
really well of the past five years under leach when Stanford was really good they were always
a thorn in in 0 4 and won against the spread in their last five games against was there
you go. Well see what I did that we didn’t even talk
about this. I didn’t even research. That’s just memory. That’s a database coming in.
Well and. It does seem like a good match for the way. You know effort sucks dick this year
Stanford sucks. That’s huge. But also they’re just a methodical
plodding team historically and then you have. Well yeah. Was he with the air raid. It seems
like a bad match. We’re going to the game. We’re going into
the game. We’re obviously going to be better and you’re gonna paint your face right. And
you’re not. No. But I I’m going to I need to I need to pick up a nice sum so was you.
I feel like right when I come into town we’re gonna get wasn’t good. Yeah we’re definitely
getting was zoo gear and we’re not we’re going against the private school places. I was going
to be glorious and Sean this is the best part. Ninety two percent of the money is there for
it. Oh let’s go.
Well the cause I think they saw a disappointing performance last week for Washington state
is on the road in Berkeley they’re pi party and doing acid the night before me.
I would love to hear a Mike Leach like pissed off at this team buying Oh well and we didn’t
even hit on how great the ADL post game was for how I see you like the front yard.
No thank you. And I think Kramer mentioned it. Normally you wouldn’t want to.
You’re you’re someone like recording what’s happening in the locker room and leaking that
out but that was the greatest security video of all time. You go into Alabama and I think
even some of the players like their high school came to you there were high school players
that came there were getting like you know kind of baseball fan.
The AMA tries to milk that as a rookie. The LSU players came there.
You better come to us because you fucking suck as if they had a fucking ice cream truck
next to a playground. If you know. All right.
So an ice cream. Call me. Get off. No no Sandusky. I switch the plants and you think five o’clock
you’ve UCLA heads the Salt Lake City Utah where the Utes are a minus. I like to say
it like Joe Pesci U.S. couple of utes. Mine is twenty one to use minus twenty one I had
home minus seventy on on the money like the Bruins plus one thousand.
Don’t look now but UCLA quietly putting together a Okay season total sitting at 54 Colby. What
do you do. I love this line. This is the first one that
jumped out to me. You give me the points easily Utah. Not the type of team to really blow
teams out. They’re great defensively they throwing the ball. They have an athlete at
quarterback but he they’re very inconsistent offensively. So Moss good running back but
at the same time UCLA is kind of rolling here. Give me the twenty one all day.
I think you told will still probably win this game but not a crazy play to throw some the
money line but the hard part is Salt Lake City is a tough place to play but no way they
win by more. Gotta wonder it was the buy at the wrong time
for this UCLA team coming off a five game win and cover a streak. Yeah I look to the
situation though. Always tough to play in Utah with the elevation
when you play fast like Chip Kelly does. Sean can tell you all about what happens to your
defense and how a 10 point game turns into a 24 point game because that defense is Gast
who has UCLA played over this Washington State stretch.
Yeah I wasn’t saying you don’t bring it up for me Mike.
He’s not gonna want to target anything you do but have to pay attention to if you still
want a game. But you know Colorado Arizona states which one of these teams has that great
defense there is no say it’s got a better defense I think than Utah. No no nothing.
Oh nothing like my. That’s my point. Sure they’ve been rattling off so when it’s time
to get those beaten up power five by twenty one or more.
That’s fair point. But I’m going to take you over to the betting take it breakdown and
Sean I hope your vote is in place because UCLA getting is getting under three quarters
of the kids public dogs have fleas. Yep. Sorry. Don’t be a square sharp. It’s
too many times. It’s minus 20 UCLA by the way.
If you said I was to find themselves in this game if they win they control their own.
They do. They do can go to the PAC to the championship. I would love the Scituate or
I wouldn’t love it but I would like I would like this situation more for UCLA. If Utah
wasn’t also coming off a bye Well to me it’s the tough part.
Salt Lake City Utah is a really good team in Salt Lake City and they rarely lose in
Salt Lake City. Your speed team you’re trying to run lots
of plays your chip kelly your team is going to gas out. That’s why this numbers 21 give
me Utah. Yeah I kind of wanted to back UCLA. Did I
sway. Yeah you did because you brought up great
points about uh the defense and the conditioning and the fact that it’s just it’s just everyone.
KELLY He’s still mad. Yeah I’m sure he’s still mad about Sam Bradford.
Now you say I’d rather trade was unforgiving Utah has a shot at the playoffs. Yeah. Utah
is going to be part of that equation is beating the shit out of you. So if they win by 10
they’re still going to still gonna be fine. I think.
I think this game could get away from UCLA so I’m I’m rocking Utah minus twenty one what
do we got. We got our top twenty five picks coming up
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in paper IV providers. A refreshing sigh from Kramer as we get into the top twenty five
five top twenty five games break down a lot of opportunity to cash here. Kramer first
off Navy. That’s right. Navy heads of South Bend Indiana
eleven thirty PM kick. That can’t be right. Squaring off against Notre Dame Notre Dame
a minus not even a half a C minus 350 on the money line for Notre Dame. Plus two seventy
five. I’ve just been they’ve just changed the game to eleven thirty a.m. West Coast
kick Navy the midshipmen plus to seventy five dogs total sitting at 54.
Colby what are you doing here. I I really hope Navy wins this game but I’m taking the
Irish minus nine and a half triple option navy is actually really good they should have
beat Memphis saying kind of throw the ball. Yeah. But better than your typical Navy team.
But I still think Notre Dame still I mean crazy shit has happened so they they still
have some to play for right now and what’s that. I’m saying they have two losses Bama
still plays Auburn Georgia wins the SCC Notre Dame could still have a chance in this thing
are you talking about the College Football Playoff.
Yeah. Notre Dame. No. Look I. Look I don’t think they belong. But you’re
saying the powers that be love Notre Dame in the playoffs.
Yeah I’m just saying that right now everyone’s got him counted out but I’m saying with Bama
loses to Auburn Georgia beats LSU and the SCC championship. Well Georgia barely beat
Notre Dame. Well then all of a sudden you add in Baylor beat the Oklahoma this week
and then Oklahoma then then then Oklahoma has two losses yeah it’s possible that some
but I’m just saying do they think it’s possible. I think they do. And I think they’re gonna
beat Navy. And look I know I’m saying this on Veterans Day. So I should probably go to
hell but I hate Notre Dame. Why am I taking Notre Dame. Oh man you almost
got me to say take Navy. You’re so you’re going to Notre Dame. I’m
going to go. I’m going to go to Notre Dame minus nine and a half.
Kramer what are you doing. Are you getting cuter here. Mm hmm. Cute. Is that what’s going
on. No no. Cute would be taking Navy right. No take me. They’ve crush this.
All right it’s Veterans Day. Give me here. I hate Notre Dame. I hate you. What am I doing.
I want to root for Navy. They they’ve they’ve all right. Beat them. Change my a couple years
back there. They’re really good this year.
This is the one I want to read. Hey it’s Veterans Day. I can’t I can’t.
They’re covering just for America crazy. It’s Veterans Day I think I love navy here. I mean
I was wrong. Fading Duke or failing Notre Dame last week
would do. That was not a good idea. I know I stand by I got you on the right side of
that one. That situation was golden. No I’m I like this Navy squad and frankly
I. Anytime you have a triple option situation going into a team that to your point I think
there is question whether or not the motivation is still there.
And when you start getting shot blocked at the knees with these bullshit fucking high
school offense God bless the troops all that good stuff. High school friends that can actually
pass the ball. You think the troops eat meat. I think the troops eat meat that’s been dried
out and then put into a tin can. That’s what I think they call them are happy to buy a
mistake. The temple is a temporary situation and giving the Navy plus the points yeah all
day Navy plus the point yeah. Why did you lose a bet or something like potential here.
I think Navy or I think Notre Dame is going to have trouble getting up for this game.
As far as I like to blow out navy and navy this isn’t navy army but I think there is
there is a kind of a decent rivalry between Navy and Notre Dame and navy is kind of hung
with them in this series in spite of the fact that there are 1 in 7 straight up they are
5 in 1 8. Yes men the last 6 in the head to head series against Notre Dame and Navy has
been great against the no against the spread all season 6 and 2 8 7 11 straight up like
this is just a competent Navy team and I think Notre Dame kind of struggles to get up and
I don’t see them blowing out this Navy team I mean correct me if I’m wrong Kobe but could
Navy not be the group of five team they could they could have Notre Dame this week they
have SMU next week they still play Houston and Army yeah.
And you’re telling me they’re not going to pick. Maybe if it’s a hoax. No. Of course
of course. I think you are sorry about which team has more to play for.
Notre Dame is out. Crazier things have happened. Look Notre Dame like Duke of football they
always give them the benefit of the doubt. Last year was a bad look.
Every year they’ve been in a bad real bad move on showing I am moving on to wake forest
vs. Clemson Clemson minus thirty three minus thirty three on the spread there minus seventy
two Hunter Lake Forest plus two thousand total sitting at sixty two in Clemson twelve thirty
kick Colby what are you doing here. So you mean to tell me Clemson finally plays
a decent team and they happen to catch them on a back to back road game. The lack of Clemson
schedule unbelievable but give me the thirty three points I’m taking away in the thirty
three weeks though is enough offense that I think once this case gets out of control
they have seen write really good wide receiver Newman is a good quarterback the backup backups
a good quarterback so they have enough firepower to to cover thirty three I got this one at
forty nine twenty six my instincts say that but wake also just got their season ended
they controlled their own destiny they had a chance to beat if they beat Clemson they
could win that side of the SCC they were clearly looking ahead in the Virginia Tech game.
The question is do they bounce back. It’s still a passing coach teams will try
every time. Well because back to your point they have
too much. Well you think they have to watch our offense. What did Virginia Tech do to
stop them. Is that concerning news. It was cold. They’re going down to South Carolina.
Well it’s a letdown game for Clemson. And I ask that because you know last week and
we should have been more all over this. But Clemson really you could tell just by the
interviews that they felt disrespected like we’re going to put our orange pants on. This
is the win the SCC now. They got really jacked up and are really looking to stick it to him
and and ran the score up accordingly. Is this a weird letdown game because they’re going
down they’re going to do that now they’re gonna be back in the College Football Playoff.
People are kind of like yeah you know. Oh yeah we were wrong. Top. They’re going to
put them in the top four. How would they not be in the top.
Well because Minnesota and Baylor are better like resumé wise. Yeah but come on.
Yeah Clemson they won the SCC. They were number five. I’m sorry SCC. No Clemson was kidding
me. They they they cheat like they’re in the air. Yes. So do you see a bunch of churches.
Clemson was number five Penn State loss. They’re clearly going to slide the Thompson’s
best win is what. Yeah but they’re not going to completely reseed the the thing and go
oh well we were completely wrong. The playoffs are such a sham. It’s not even right. I’m
saying I’m not arguing whether or not it’s a sham.
It is stupid. But if they had Clemson at number five and then they destroy a team and Penn
State number four loses how do they not. Well I would argue that Minnesota has better
wins and Baylor has better win so that’s why they met Minnesota. Just beat Penn State.
Right. But they’re not going to put Minnesota in the College Football Playoff. Yeah I hate
America. I mean well call me I love America. I don’t like the college football but I meet
them I’m just frustrated. All right. All right. I’m going to take. I’m going to take Clemson
minus 33 even though it’s kind of making a counter argument for a letdown. He makes the
point. No no I was I was I was bringing up is this a possible letdown. I still think
they’re going to have the foot to the gas and look to destroy work force the chip has
been implanted. I think the chip stays because regardless
of if they get to number four or not the narrative is that Clemson sucks because the FCC sucks.
Well at ACS he does suck. Agreed but Clemson can only play the teams that they have. That
doesn’t make them less than they play Wofford. No I’m not trying to argue the merits of their
schedule. I’m trying to say that it doesn’t make them it they shouldn’t be ranked lower
because the FCC sucks. I would say they should be ranked lower because
the FCC sucks. I’m saying if you put Clemson onto a field
they beat the shit out of Alabama right. But if that’s last year. Well sure Sanders
and I all that I hold defensive line in the NFL based on the FCC sucking in the minds
of people voting Clemson was lower than Alabama right for example.
Yes. That’s all I’m saying. So the chip has been banned. Basically we need to fucking
murder people so people notice because this is bullshit our conference sucks this year
and week for season got crushed last week in Blacksburg.
That’s the main thing for me. Me Awake and the points wakes you to do. You’re crazy.
Lay the plane is gonna do me and Shawn are on the right side.
Yeah. I mean shot and I but quick update Shawn and I have agreed on the first eight picks.
Yeah. There hasn’t been a lot of disagreement. I’m loving it just it’s all we’re all just
disagreeing about life choices and whether or not you should give people second chances.
But for the most part the facts have been or in lockstep Georgia.
I’ll give you guys a second chance next week when you lose that game.
Hey. I mean make it through five touchdowns against the Redskins on Monday nights.
It’s the Georgia race in Auburn Alabama twelve thirty kick the dogs minus one forty five
on the honey line Auburn plus 120 as a home dog. Total sitting at 44. Call
me what do you do. I’m taking Auburn over is going to win this game outright. Why is
Georgia favorite. Yeah I mean how was Georgia. Can we call out
Kurt Herb streak who has Georgia’s the third team in the nation. They have the worst loss
of anyone in the pot in the top 25. They lost to South Carolina on their third string quarterback
at home in Athens. They do not belong anywhere close to the college football playoff right
now. If they win this game if they beat them then maybe and they win the SC championship
then. OK then I’ll start by an end. But right now they do not belong anywhere close to the
casual playoffs. It’s all bullshit. That’s why I vote for a
only a one week ranking at the very end of the season. Yes I’m with you because I mean
it is nonsense. I think upstate just beat that same South
Carolina team. Look in Colombia Colby by. Moyer I promise you we will do it again. This
year we will. We are seeding. We will make our own 16 team playoff. And life will be
good. And of course 10 conference winners six wild cards plenty of teams first emulate
the first round is a home game more revenue. That’s good for the schools and the conferences
and then again go to bowl games from there or even bowl games the whole way. A man gives
a fuck. Give me Auburn. I when I saw this one before I saw you. Obviously it’s a top
25 game so it was making the sheet and obviously I have been slaying top 25 picks. I looked
at this and wrong team favorite give me Auburn. Yeah that’s all this is.
I’m going Georgia here guys. Sorry Georgia five in one shirt up in the last six against
Auburn. End of five and one straight up in the last six games against an opponent in
the South East Conference. Everyone’s talking about Auburn as a home
dog but they play in the SCC East. That should be noted. Yeah they’re soft and
they’re going to get good wins against Kentucky and Vanderbilt and Tennessee. Hey it’s SCC
game. Give me Georgia. You are a very salty man.
Colby is really this time of year when I see these rankings come out. I get really upset.
I mean have you not listened to the college experience. I get the gist that you haven’t.
We need the download USCF but we literally got pissed on last week. I thought Tulsa threw
a fit. I took Tulsa. Let’s move on. I’m not a U.S. a fan. I was only saying that
they deserved the shot. I am an East Carolina fan who are in the same division as UCLA.
You’re a soccer mom. I go to Minnesota and the Golden Gophers head
into Iowa Iowa a three point favorite against Minnesota a top three college football team.
One o’clock West Coast kick I will minus one five in the morning on the Gophers a plus
one 30 dogs total sitting at forty four and a half. COLBY I guess I just got to write
in Minnesota plus three feet. No no no. You know what this is. This is one
that I’ve got I’ve I’ve seen all year. I said if they’re undefeated man that’s the
worst Why are you getting all worked up. Then why does it need to be here. As of right now
you should only look at the resume as you shouldn’t be looking at the game’s forward.
Kobe demands the utmost in integrity in point in time.
So wait you’re saying doesn’t matter then you’re supposed to guess in the future when
they’re going to lose. No no. But what he’s saying is it’s a completely
worthless exercise to determine these college football playoff rankings when there’s a.
There’s games ahead that like well maybe you’re predicting they’re going to let even if they
lose this if they beat Ohio State in the Big Ten championship they should be in based on
what if they’re hitting Ohio State and being the champion of the second best conference
or third best conference in college football. They’re not getting in over Ohio State if
they beat them as a one loss team in Ohio State undefeated.
If that which is going to you know what I would have to be watching SFL that I hope
that happens because Kobe’s going to win and we’re going to get ridiculous. We could get
the first three hours. We haven’t kept we have a playoff. Yeah yeah we do a 30 hour
podcast of that fact all week. You look right on camera and you tell them I’m going to do
it Dances With Wolves podcast. All right. Luck.
I like Iowa. Yeah I know I know. Kyle shout at the cow. Big week for Kyle his gophers
one and the Vikings one in prime time. And yes I did like that Kyle I was on the Vikings
money line take it down the dreadful disgusting cowboys.
I also bet on the Cowboys this week. Oh my God.
He he hey Costigan you deserve what you got. Right. New York teams play. Yeah. Oh how did
I get the Jets Jets. Trash talk. Hmm. All right we’re actually talking about
college football. Yeah. Daniel. He wasn’t the problem. Jamal go through four times that
handoff to Jamal Adams is great. I mean he may.
He may as well just take his lunch just like I’ll take that. Robert Missouri right before
he got there Minnesota granted their 6 and 0 8.
Yes in the last six games I’m worried. Minnesota had their Super Bowl. It’s Penn State.
Friend of the program. Big fan. His father. Mm hmm. He. He told us he texted me that it
was such a big win for Minnesota that his father teared up and cried. And if your dad’s
crying about a regular season game that means it’s Super Bowl that means it’s something.
I’ll say this though man. There’s something to that row the boat PGA flex. He did it at
Western Michigan. Hey he made them believe and he got really really far behind.
Oh and I mean kudos to Minnesota. There haven’t even if they lose out here whatever day they’ve
had an amazing season. They deserve to be recognized. I mean that was a huge win at
home against Penn State and they just played extremely well. I do think this is where it
runs out because emotionally when you rush when the day the field in college football
and you’re going to how can you get up for a road game.
Well especially as I was sitting in one of the hardest places. It’s a tough O W on a
nationally televised game and at night. Yeah. These Minnesota gopher kids are getting laid
for the first time because of football. They’re like you know their minds are blown. I was
a slob. I got to go I went here just as a of emotional letdown.
Real quick. Minnesota some athletic black studs are definitely getting weighed on the
campus. That’s true. So that’s what I was.
You know what changed my pick to Minnesota. All right ready go. Roll the fuckin boat.
Wow. Kobe is like a fucking Kobe is a ball in his own right. Oh the fucking and I was
about to remind you. While this looks like a juicy spot to take
Iowa BQ and say Minnesota the end of the road there is something going on there and what
I saw in watching that Penn State game is I watched the team that they believe that
they were better. Yeah they worked their ass from the opening
kick into the end of the game and this is where I remind you Sean.
We love Iowa in these home spots as a scrappy underdog. Yeah. Three points same difference.
Minnesota gets to walk in with a chip of saying what we’re undefeated were worthy underdog.
Show and you know hungry dogs run faster. Yeah but I don’t think they’re hungry anymore.
They’re getting well-fed this week. They’re getting well-fed and they’re riding on this
boat and they’re rowing this fucking boat and it’s gonna be magical belief matters.
Give me Minnesota Give me the go for love it love it buddy. I’m really disappointed
in Sean right now. This Minnesota team I know they beat you.
They are the Rudy of college football right now.
Hey if they beat Iowa well I’ll bet all my money on them to be the last state I know
that they invoked karma upon your Penn State Nittany Lions.
Yeah I didn’t care for that but if you watch this team this is a team based everywhere
on the field. All the positions like there’s there’s something about this team I am very
intrigued to watch this match. Yeah me too. Because if they fall flat I’ll
be very disappointed. Yeah I mean it’s such a dangerous place to play though. I mean I
had this one serve the beginning and. Then all these all these good games going on while
we’re at the wash up. I’ll bring my iPhone and we got YouTube TV
on that shit. Oh please. Why do you use that when you can use Hulu.
Could we please who has live sports. I love you. See who has lost Baker Mayfield. Todd
Gurley and say Kwame Barkley you know how to pick up a combined one forty five yards
to be outside sequel at one yard from scrimmage Although Baker won this week huge huge huge
win for the Hulu franchise Oklahoma the Sooners head to Waco Texas where their ten point road
favorites against my Baylor Baylor’s plus three hundred on the money line for Baylor
Oklahoma minus three eighty going the other way.
Total sin at sixty seven and a half what’s the Baylor guy does the Haitian DNA Baylor
Hey Baylor what’s going on here. What’s happening. Oklahoma look.
Oklahoma the Baylor Bears corral Oklahoma pass it feared against Iowa State they should
have lost a game there was a huge pass interference but I’m OK with the no call because I love
football returning it to to the to the ways that should be interesting.
But I still think this Oklahoma team is not the same and I got Baylor Give me the 10 all
day all day on this one give me the Bears but now unlike me Baylor undefeated in a ten
point home dog if I’m catching this right yeah get known it has Baylor not been getting
a little get a little lucky to see it is a good team horseshoe has can I argue Oklahoma
got a little lucky that that pass interference wasn’t good but this is how Baylor wins this
it they win close games how can you not say that Oklahoma was lucky as shit last week
oh I guess did you see the highlights did you see the game I’m ignoring Oklahoma for
a second I’m just focused on the fact that Baylor Baylor 7 or no straight up last seven
games in the big two of they’ve been great they’ve played a harder slate of Big 12 teams
than Oklahoma this Oklahoma 1 and 4 8 yes in their last five Baylor also a sneaky preseason
prediction by the one the only shot stack in the money green again the College Football
Playoff give me Baylor Bear take us out both these teams have played at Kansas State Baylor
thirty two to thirty only thirty three to twelve and work Oklahoma heat at their ass
whipped well no it should work like that because for some reason for some reason Oklahoma with
a loss is ranked higher than undefeated Baylor although Baylor is played better opponents
in the Big 12. I fucking hate you committee.
I like we need a Mack truck to drive through that fuckin room. It’s ridiculous.
It’s absolutely ridiculous. Give me that truck’s out. I love that truck sound. I will pay somebody
to drive a Mack truck through that phone call. Kobe is eat it.
That includes your ass neck Mr. Beamer in that room.
Wow. Wow. Candidate is catching shrapnel from this side. Where are we at. Ryan what’s your
pick. How dare you come back. I’m wearing his vote
that went for that shit to do. The legendary Frank Beamer on the Jersey right
now that was very disappointing. COLBY That was very disappointing. I’m taking Oklahoma.
This is where it comes to an end for Baylor. Again I just think Oklahoma is going to big
brother. I do. I do. I think there’s I think this could be a big. This could be a blow
out statement game for Oklahoma. They’re trying to get in now man.
You’re so wrong right. Makes you feel so good about my picks for team and for my state team.
If Baylor loses this game by the way they could still play Oklahoma again in the big
tough championship and win. Yeah let’s beat them twice. Yeah. Fresno State.
Last but not least. Well actually before we get to this I did see some questions about
the uh about the Ohio State spread because it’s so comically high below the over. Yeah.
No it wasn’t it was like the spread. Ohio State minus fifty two. Yeah.
And the added Rutgers and the over under 55. Yeah. Any thoughts on the game. COLBY I’m
go with you over there. Shit they just dropped 80 on Maryland. Yeah. Why is it so well in
they’re missing Ohio State and the on the defensive linemen probably hard labor against
Rutgers. Trust me they’re fifth string defensive linemen.
GIBBS Okay so it’s a fifty two point spread. It’s a 60 and a half point. That must’ve went
up dude. Was Yeah. I’ve got to drop five. It was at fifty fifty five when it started.
I’ll still take. I’ll take it up to sixty one you’re seeing there minus the detail how
much how hard can they care about defense at some point I love this thing I have an
Ohio State four to one ticket closely plus 450 Ohio State Well what’s great about LSU
grabbing that win is like Ohio State is even more flying under the radar I actually think
they’re more a more complete team than LSU. Ohio State is just running through people
at this point. I’m not getting in front of the final pick. Thanks for bringing that game
podcast. Fresno State heads down to San Diego where
are as techs are gals coming off a tough loss against the Wolfpack.
The Aztecs minus one and half favorite minus 125 in the MONEYLINE Fresno State plus one
to 5 total sin and 45 do our gals in Rocky Long rebound here call me I have a hard time
with the color of our gals they’ve they’ve treated me horrible this year they’ve been
also is more like our girls for me personally but so I’m in right Fresno here I think Fresno
is actually the better team here president had a tough out a conference guys with their
records a little bit deceiving the real FSU so you’re going Fresno State I am going to
take Fresno State to get this done grammar I think Kobe just said his girl was a golden
hurricane I did it so I can assume that how you may listen San Diego State needs to get
in the fucking corner right now they and their season they just crushed their season with
that loss and now to a shitty teammate. I don’t know if they rebound. I do this a Friday
night game. I enjoy this Fresno State team San Diego State’s
office. It’s just it’s it’s embarrassing. I wanted
it so bad. I watched a lot of that. They were gonna win that game. If that quarterback is
like he is J.P. Lawson 2.0 dude wow OK JP I would have gone Sam Darnell.
But no but he’s a running around and he reminds me a lot money with this. He’s very athletic
for a quarterback. No he’s just fucking. He makes the craziest decisions.
It’s amazing how you can make the wrong decision that consistently here. Agreed. All year I’ve
been watching me. I’m going in San Diego State bounceback game Rocky long knows how to inspire
these kids it’s a Friday night game Fresno State come in and they’re gonna get up from
this game this is their super bowl after a very disappointing loss I think the Aztecs
raw especially at minus one and a half give me the San Diego State as Tex baby and now
time for the lock dog tees and bonus lock presented by my bookie that edgy promo code
S GP. P. Colby kick things off. What do you guys I
want to lock up a bunch of other teams. But you know what I’m going to be in Pullman.
Oh I’m gonna be in Pullman doing it all right. So cue the Rudy music We’re gonna get this
done. Mike talk to them. He caught him out for the
second time this year. They are 10 and half point fat so I don’t know.
What they’re gonna figure things out and get to a ballgame. That’s why you play that music
because they are gonna get to a ballgame this year and it starts right here in Pullman.
I’ll be there. I’ll go to that bar where you throw a Skittle in a Zima and drink it. I’ll
do it. I’ll do all the fucking thing. Yeah. Part of it. Is totally you do that.
Do you don’t where you’re not eating meat. So you’re still more pussy than me. Ziva that’s
right. Hit me was Zoo as the lock minus ten and a
half. I want to go with other ones but look you can’t.
This was this was divine intervention we write an article they contact us we’re now we’re
going to Pullman. You know it’s part of the journey called we
trust the process. Wankel and Kobe’s I write and then my my dog.
Okay. You want a dog it up here. Let’s go with give me bail or plus three hundred things
in Waco are gonna get interesting. I’m just gonna get very interesting.
Why don’t you take take Wake Forest. Come on. Don’t touch my work. Come on. You know
he’s going to take your three team. He’s my my team. Call me. To his credit we we give
him shit for his teasing strategy but leading the pack 64 percent.
You better start thinking about yours buddy. Okay. So let’s go with first.
Oh man. You tell me I can get Virginia Tech as a favorite a half point favorite. Give
me the hook is not the worst thing to do. Virginia Tech pours a half okay and then we’re
gonna go with um give me Nebraska plus 20. And then let’s go with HMM HMM HMM HMM HMM
HMM HMM HMM HMM HMM HMM. Let’s go let’s go over to Eastern Michigan
minus eleven Eastern Michigan minus eleven and for your bonus clock over the rainbow
warriors travel to Las Vegas where you and LV who’s only 1 1 FBI game in that one game
was against the mighty SCC on the road in Nashville by about 30 points.
Just want to shit on the S.. FCC FCC. Hawaii minus seven coming into Vegas. Look Nick rule
of it’s doing good things there there are already bowl eligible they are contending
for the West championship this is a huge game for them so give me the Rainbow Warriors in
Vegas Kramer kick things off what’s your luck. Blows my mind every time my lock.
Auburn. Wrong team favorite camp Auburn plus three
for your dog my dog I really want to throw Michigan State. I don’t think they’re gonna
get that. I just that offense. Yeah I’ve bet on them a couple of times this year and you
turn it on you’re like Jesus Christ that’s fucking gross my dog.
They keep rolling. They set up a very intriguing row boat row
the boat. Give me a minute. So yeah go for it. Everyone’s
gathered. Yeah. I’m not getting crazy this week. I’m just taking a team that’s gonna
flat out win for my teams. Uh yeah. Let’s test the fuck my life. Tour Hokies minus five.
Let’s uh let’s bang navy up to 16 or 15 year plus a half plus a half. What did I say might
as you said minus five Navy up to 16 and a half fifteen and a half.
I can’t fucking do math right now and for the last leg of my TS As much as I’d really
like to put our gals in the corner I need to have a little juice on this Washington
State game. Here we go. It’s been about four and a half and your bonus locker. Oh we’re
doing bonuses this week because that what we’re doing. Ryan’s running joke or give me
Missouri plus seven at home against Florida. So you’re under your understanding under Missouri
is just that weird spot for these SCC. It is and Florida’s trash. I’m baffled every
time we look at the record. Well because they played to FCX games and
had three buys the only team in the country that had three buys the only team. Well I
think one of the only power fives that that had to FC s opponents. Would you take me there.
And uh. And yeah it’s just disgusting. That’s disgusting.
Shell is a disgusting act. I know how to do the podcast. Thank you Coby.
Baylor. Plus 10 for my lock. Oh I will be sprinkling a little on that MONEYLINE as well.
But for my dog officially Michigan State fuck Harbaugh. Plus four twenty five for Sparky.
It’s a bit it’s their Super Bowl. They’re going to get up for it for my cheese keeping
the kids down to four and a half. The Midshipmen up to 15 and a half and closing it out. I
know. Yeah I’ll do Nebraska plus 20 and for my bonus lock continue to fade.
UMass give me Northwestern minus thirty nine Lang 13 is going to be really interesting
because since Northwestern has maybe the worst offense but you man has the worst defense.
This is going to be very fun to watch but to late that’s probably the only time ever
in Northwest history. Well here’s the good news. Thirty two percent
of the people betting on this game we’re taking you. How many. Thirty two percent. Oh wow.
What a sad sad weird losers. Well there’s a lot of that my power ranking as this. This
should be Northwestern minus thirty six. So there’s tremendous value in the dog. There
is a nice three point spread player again. Hit us up. If you’re gonna be in Pullman Washington
or Spokane on Thursday night Pullman for the game against Stanford. Yeah. Even if you’re
a stay games on Saturday just for the record. Hit us up. Yeah. We’ll be there Saturday.
Little bit of Friday hanging out drinking. I want to try that cheese in Pullman. Yeah
whatever local things you can do. Hit us up academics get rid of your read of your dairy
all right. I didn’t know you were there. I didn’t know
you’re doing a test that you got ammo now when you go buy eggs too. Don’t worry. I talked
to tests all the time. Yeah. You know what else I bring up was a vegetarian. Hitler mentioned
all the time. I don’t draw whatever correlations you want to.
That’s the second time in a week you’ve gone for the Nazi reference.
Hey it’s a big it’s you know it’s just an analogy. It’s ego stress Tiki Tiki Barber.
WE’LL HAVE WE’RE GONNA CONVINCE HIM Jarvis line pockets that sports gambling podcast
I. If you’re gonna be in the Pullman area. Yeah. Get on the items reviews and if it’s
really awesome we’ll read it on air and check hooking up with some free merch. Check out
the G check on the Instagram sports gambling podcast. YouTube dot com slash sports gambling
podcast. And for the sports can we podcast em Sean stack in the money green and he is
Ryan go Hokies. Kramer let it ride.

4 thoughts on “College Football Picks Week Twelve (Ep. 752) – Sports Gambling Podcast

  1. Colby must be even MORE hammered this week. Notre Dame has absolutely no chance at the playoff, there is literally no path for it. Sean and Kramer get this guy out of here he's ruining all of your credibility ahahahaha omg

    Clemson would also slaughter Baylor and Minnesota. Come on man…Minnesota has played a joke of a schedule as well. Clemson is the 2nd best team in the country right now by the way, LSU and Alabama's defenses are brutal. The ACC is horrible and that's the only knock on Clemson to this point. These takes are killing me! By the way, the entire purpose of rankings is to power rate teams, if it was all about records you'd just turn and look at the standings.

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