College Football Playoff, but in the BCS Era | NCAA RTG #13 (S2)

Hey everybody! Welcome back to NCAA 11! I hope you’re ready for the most epic NC double-a 11 Road to Glory ever because we have an unofficial college football playoff I didn’t know it was even possible, but we figured it out I mean just look at this, Alabama SCC, Texas is in the big 12 and Missouri back in 2011 was in the big 12 They’re playing in the big 12 championship. I’m playing against Alabama in the SEC Championship I’ve never had this setup in any dynasty because like an NC double-a 14 Even they don’t have the playoff in it so that have it happened. Naturally is very cool I am very likely to win the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore, which is a great achievement for me But I want more than that I want to upset Alabama and I want an a/d it looks like Trent Richardson is back on this team So we’re gonna be facing that Alabama team. We played Alabama earlier in the year. We lost by 10 and bryan-denny stadium We actually had a pretty good fight against them So I think if we come into this game and limit our turnovers and stuff we could be going to the nati This is so unrealistic has Vanderbilt ever been in an SEC Championship Actually, I don’t even have to look that up. No, they haven’t the answer is no playing in the Georgia Dome I don’t even think this stadium exists anymore. But you know, what does exist our spirit to win? We win the coin toss. That’s a good sign. Thank you Reese’s it is perfect. It is a loud crowd here probably mostly, Alabama Leaning on my tight ends. He’s been the guy all season Send it I’m getting sacs taking too much time. Oh Shut it off run run up the middle here I go hell. Yeah, that’s a future Heisman winner right here We got wide open, ah, he drops this one jet sweep, let’s do it Take some pressure off of me. Got a lot of playmakers on this team. I can’t do it all myself In an open space win Use your blockers. I like it so far Hold on to the football. Oh, we still go and he breaks through the pile. That’s gonna be a touchdown for the Commodores Let’s go. How about that? we’re about to crumble then I break off this sack and run it for a first down and then we get a huge play from Win for the touchdown Alabama does not score on their drive We have to keep the pressure on because I know they’re gonna start getting points. Eventually you run to the left We have more blockers. Oh What’s that Handoff to him again try to give him the block, but I was too slow Across the middle wide open no one’s covering the tight end breaks that one off They finally bring him down Across the middle, he’s got it run inside the goal line First and goal handed off another touchdown for a win. I’m so proud of you man That’s two touchdowns on the game for you already. How about our defense to it’s 14-0 already in the second quarter and they’ve got a flat donut on the board Across the middle again Let’s go Richardson. Everybody’s getting involved. We have looked sharp after that run by me Everyone’s just motivated to win this game Let’s give them a good ole like I think this is like a spider 2 y banana, whatever. Where’s Jon Gruden when you need him? Throw it to the tide a and he’s open that’s a touchdown 21 as if here in the SEC championship 21 to 0 you could not have asked for a better start I’m gonna run for this one. Oh, I’m actually gonna take a shot And I made the poor read we’re gonna have to pumped out it one away, oh My god, they scored in one play 21 points is not invincible guys Are there ready for that? Just sit on it or just keep running. Did we get a yard out of that? We got back to the line of scrimmage Just float it up. Can you get it? Diving out it and he drops it. We’re gonna have to punt it again. I’m actually gonna watch it now I think it’s more intense when we watch it gives you some more insight of what actually happened That AJ McCarron back in the day what a throw holy moly They scored in one play again. Yeah, this is going to be a fight to the finish We have to put up way more points than just 21 Right down the middle. Oh my goodness. He caught that in midair Blocks are setting up nicely go 55 well done Send it Richardson not catching this one. All we need is two yards. Oh I think you beat him. Actually we had a open but I’m going for the touchdown He’s got it Richardson beat his man deep. Let’s go. We got a two touchdown lead to start the second half I will cut them offsides. I don’t think we’re gonna get it running back Making some people miss nice Running back again, let’s go keep going. He’s having a beast of a game Actually, I’m gonna run it here slidin down for the first Titans lower the shoulder excellent Don’t running back again, they’re playing some soft coverage on him All nearly picked off coach that’s why I don’t like screens Across the middle float it up. What a catch. How are we doing this? Throw it on the run swatted down we had the full-back open in the flats, but I saw a ton of people coming at me It’s open fullback We got to cover him two times in a row. Hell yeah defense stopped him again. Got our 21-point lead back Let’s run the ball control this clock Gotta do better than that one win Take the dump off sweet still moving the chains It’s opening the flats stays inbounds Jukes a man out. That’s what I’m talking about Wayne He’s going up the gut Fumbles eight Alabama falls on it. I slap them Don’t worry about it when you’ve had a lot of good plays for us today Don’t worry about that at all Alabama scores on their Drive 14-point game a little under four minutes to go. Oh That’s dangerous turning it into a positive though This is a running opportunity just take what the defense gives me Got that tied in can you catch it inbounds what a beautiful snag? That’s gonna be a first down there got to start blowing timeouts. We could be looking at an SEC Championship Here hold on to the football. Give me a first down Not much happening there two timeouts gone Go 27 Don’t fumble it scaring me Coach wants to throw it. He wants to get all the glory right now I’m gonna run for it Sliding down that’s a first down that could be ballgame and That’ll do it We won an SEC title and we’re headed to the national championship What a victory for the Commodores coming out here on fire against Alabama and they cannot come back 17 to 25 298 yards three touchdowns 36 rushing yards Tyler Wynn was dominating in this game 14 attempts 84 yards two touchdowns Including when he ripped one off for 45 yards Jason Hudson is the man. I don’t even know how many hundred yard receiving games in a row He’s had but it might be in the double digits. He is that good Richardson? Also, one of my favorite targets got a touchdown in this game and then our fullback Lynn Johnson Vanderbilt has won the SEC championship add that to the trophy case It was another good game on the road to glory this week our student athlete proved once again why he was a good choice for our series the season he is having this year is Amazing and it has all the fans talking he threw for more touchdowns in a season than anyone in history Kirk Herbstreit Joins us now to break down this historic season This support has really shown that he’s ready to be considered with some of the best and a broken record on his resume Definitely doesn’t hurt that argument I love to see a quarterback who has an ability to hurt a defense both running and throwing have an Opportunity to break a record. This season will be remembered by him for the rest of his life Aaron back to you Another college football season has ended we’ll continue our Road to Glory series next year. So stay tuned until then I’m Erin Andrews for EA sports So worked out just like I thought Texas moves up to number one after beating, Missouri and we are number two after beating, Alabama Now we play the Longhorns in the nati Football is a team game. But every year the college football world honors the individuals who performed on the highest level possible Let’s find out who won this year’s hardware. The highest individual honor of the evening is the Heisman Trophy It was not in the cards for our student athlete to take home the trophy But after being a finalist he is a heavy favorite to win it next season. He was not completely shut out However, as he went home of this first Maxwell Award as the offensive player of the year That will do it for this year’s award presentations, but that’s not the last we’ll hear from our road to glory subject He still has some college football left to play. I’m Erin Andrews for EA Sports Are you serious? Matt Walter jumped me for the Heisman. So the guy from Boise State, I believe. It’s Kellen Moore Actually who’s actually the offensive coordinator for the Cowboys now wins? The Heisman Trophy above me But I win the Maxwell and the Walter Camp, but not the Heisman dang We got snubbed gives me something to play for next year though I put up 3,500 passing yards 28 touchdowns 7 picks 100 at 96.7 passer rating and I also put up 718 rushing yards in 20 rushing touchdowns 98 awareness 98 throw accuracy his stats this season 3900 passing yards 45 touchdowns til 1 pick ok That’s a pretty impressive stat line Utah vs. Ohio State. That’s funny That’s potential scenario for like the actual college football playoff this year Rutgers Fresno State’s been a long time Since Rutgers has been good Alabama’s play in Missouri in the Fiesta Bowl Virginia Tech and Boise State in the Sugar Bowl and Vanderbilt in Texas and the BCS National Championship Texas is number one in points per game and 5th in total offense They averaged almost 40 points a game, but we averaged 35 a game It’s gonna be a high scoring affair. Lou Corso and Kirk Herbstreit are going with the Commodores Hale. Yeah Oh I got an achievement Campus legend on the season I finished with the most rushing yards on team with 718 win head 637 with 11 touchdowns Receiving Hudson was our only thousand yard receiver and he had seven touchdowns Richardson had five he only had 21 catches two with a long of 70 it’s time national championship against the Texas Longhorns only undefeated team left in college football and Off to win on the first one It’s a gain of four I’m running Across my body across the field can Hudson get it, holy Moly just threw that into coverage never in a million years. Would that ever work again? But what a play for Hudson? Got why not gonna be enough for the first we’ll take a field goal It’s up oh I thought he was short for a second, but he got it through 47 yards for Weddell. They scored touchdown on their opening drive They’re the highest scoring team in the country gonna have to have a high-powered offense to keep up with him Down the middle, he got it Hudson’s having a big game. I’m going in the hurry up. He’s got to be offsides Sheds that one off go to the outside, maybe no offsides on that whatever ref He’s wide open Richardson holy crap, that’s got to be targeting. This was real life I’d run it over there and fight that guy he’s trying to take out my man. He’s not even on the field. That’s definitely concussion Run-run fumble. We got it back. I am not playing well Get there get there 23 on the money we got a touchdown Running away from the Blitz Fumbles it but thankfully it’s out of bounds. That’s my trademark Get that first. Oh My goodness, you almost got through the pile I’m running shooting the gap breaking it off how to move the chains. Good run What a craft from 23 has some tight coverage to Down the middle the drag rod making some people miss one yard away We got a 13 goal Hudson moving up to block wins got the ball He’s not in fourth and goal. Oh crap coaches playing aggressive and I’m all about it Fourth and goal. We’re going for it not doing a speed option though. Give me Hudson on a drag across the middle No one’s covering him wide open I will take it we got a two score lead on Texas. Oh My god, how do you catch that? That is impossible? Cut didn’t I don’t even think I got the first I pull a true Biscay right there. We had a blowout timeouts Actually, I got the first nevermind coaches just blown it because he’s an idiot Gotta be holding, but he’s picked off Will he return it? Win can’t tackle em, but he pushes them outs That’s gotta be on us. Yeah, they’re gonna decline it What am I thinking now? They get a chance to score they were in inside the 40 38 seconds left. That’s a bonehead play Basically letting them back in the game draw play Big yardage that old line looks soft get through there guys Never mind. We’re only blitzing like two guys in a quarterback Jukes him off. Oh my goodness. He’s making everybody miss. That’s a first and goal They’re gonna throw it here one-on-one coverage number three is in the end zone I Don’t think this is gonna work at all Just go deep why is open but I don’t know if he’s gonna get to the end zone Yep, we tried some patting of the stats right there going into the locker rooms up by three points Not my best tap, but we still got the lead Middle linebackers coming for you He’s getting rid of it quickly but he’s getting picked off. Is there a return here Not quite but we got the ball near midfield. What a play from our defense He’s open oh my god, they’re hitting my guys I coming in for a fight and they’re gonna get one Okay, I don’t like it when you come at my guys What’s through hell, yeah That’s what I’m talking about. When you did that last game when you’re doing it again here the big Tom plays in big-time moments He chose down the middle, I’m going to the left 23, he’s got a big game And The end zone let’s go We ran a screen pass and I improvised and just threw it deep and it worked out. We got a touchdown Extra point, no good. We only got a 16 point lead They’re gonna have to chuck a deep a lot. And this one is going deep diving out for it Oh, Slipping through the middle when I woke the safety try to zigzag around him. They got a first and goal It’s an option play what that he follows it we get the ball Did anyone see him just go into like hunchback mode right there I don’t know what that was all about. But the defense is winning us this game Down the middle too easy. You got to cover Hudson. He’s my number one target Across the middle again 25 Tied in a game do this. I’m just going across the middle. They can’t stop it I need some help somebody block him. Ah, yes. Just trying to dance around everybody Taking off Ooh Fourth and four field goal will make it a 19-point game. I guess. We’ll take the three All right, we got the field goal 19-point game 33 to 14 Whoa What a cannon. Oh My lord, they keep getting throws like that. They’ll be back in this game in a blink of an eye We’ve got a man defense. I don’t like it screen pass We still can’t stop it. I got a hustle hustle They at the first, but they’re kind of slowing down What a block from the running back you see that Three is in the end zone again. So they scored fairly quickly, but they might have to do it a little faster Extra point is good. Let’s watch this onside kick see if they can get it 12-point game. Oh We snagged it 47 great catch Pull backs open that’s gonna move the chains. Holy fumble it though. I Followed it. I’m scooping it up. I’m going oh my god, I was gonna score right there Am I not on the field sacked for a 24 yard loss what they took me out of the game I must have got injured. We won it I got injured on that fumble recovery. That was the ball game. We win the national championship What just happened so much just transpired right there the game Exploded once I picked up that fumble no cutscene. Nothing. I feel cheated Almost 400 passing yards three touchdowns one interception okay, I feel weird because I wanted that cutscene of me raising the trophy and stuff forty-eight rushing yards for win two touchdowns I had 32 rushing yards Hudson had 100 receiving yards Hills had 110 receiving yards and Cohen had 100 receiving yards We just leave the game after that. Okay, that’s a bizarre feeling. I mean hell, yeah, we won the nati Where’s me raising the crystal ball bruh? One of the oldest cliches in football is that big players make big plays in big games No one epitomizes that more than the subject of our Road to Glory series. He had an incredible day on the sports biggest stage He now has yet another player of the game award under his belt Time now for Kirk Herbstreit to give us his thoughts on the game. Thanks for Vanderbilt The game plan worked to perfection and allowed them to walk out with a bowl game victory The win was due in large part to our road to glory student athlete for Vanderbilt The team will leave for the offseason with a great sense of accomplishment back to you Erin. Great analysis Kirk. Thank you very much Another college football season has ended we’ll continue our Road to Glory series next year. So stay tuned until then I’m Erin Andrews for EA Sports. Oh I just broke the record for highest QB rating in a season broke the school record for rushing touchdowns in a season Previously 13 – 20 passing yards in the season also broken 31 passing touchdowns in the previous was 26 24:20 Club, sorry, 20 passing touchdowns 20 rushing touchdowns great achievements. But anyway, so to say thank you guys so much for watching You’re all legends in my book and ask for me. Hi, I’m drew Morris Big old ruski, not the expert and I’ll see you guys in my next video Face, thank you to patreon supporters Lokomotiv, Adrian Felix their crab matches artists Christabel Ryan heat Grayson bursts in goes like Rob Lewis Brandon Martin Christian hurt nerdy No, Matthew called out of tragedy Marcus goes James Jordan richer Peyser air called Jack Webb, Jack Montgomery Then named Duke Kumiko DS by Sir. Marhaus Iskander Philip Spitzer camera tip to job pastor Brandon chinks, and we butcher and Ricky Saldana

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