Hey ! And welcome, after one year, for a new vlog today we are in Chamonix and we are about to go flying acro with a FPV Drone Pilot to try to take some nice shots together follow me, it’s gonna be cool This car is completely frozen Totally This car is also a mess a big one After having spent an hour trying to find a place for my car finally here in Chamonix It’s freaking cold It’s freaking crazy cold I think that this morning gonna be complicated ! oh look up ! sunrise on the top of the Mont Blanc and we are going… up here ! ready ? Yes ! Welcome to Christmas Hollydays we are we going Axel ? not there for sure nope going up by foot ohhh dear i think things are not gonna be easy Axel “run fast and it’s gonna be ok” i’m not convinced it’s tailwind day ! It’s around 9am and the takeoff is already taken by the tandems fail ! Do you like pople ? Axel : “Too much for me right now” As we could expect, conditions are getting too strong So here we are, waiting… eating cookies on the ski slopes we already did three runs not that bad, today was woth it Now it’s getting stronger… but it’s still beautifull so we can enjoy the place a bit better here than at the office How is your day bro ? …nobody is hearing what he’s saying… we gonna try to take off now a window is opening ! After a nice run thanks to better wind conditions here we are, back to the top waiting again, eating some stuffs Because conditions are bad again Here i presente you our drone pilot So no drone today finally Seb : “Too windy for the drone” hemlicopter passing by Here’s why we dont go with the drone For now we wait…we found a shelter so waiting for another window to open but it looks compromised dont be that pessimistic am I ? we are going to fly again ! ok so we just have to be patient honestly I have to confess that waiting here isn’t so bad regarding the beautifull view better to get bored here We finally have flown isn’t it ? we get a “light” tailwind so now we go up again because our drone pilot thinks he can fly because nobody is flying anymore so less risks to hit people but we’re not really sure that we can take off we are still believing but….mehh in the end, this day which was supposed to be a fpv drone shooting acro was just…anormal training day even a bit desapointing so we just landed and… it didn’t work as expected didn’t work at all we wont show the footage but it was a beggining and we did it thanks man ! here we are, this vlog is finally over I hope you liked it ! I really enjoy getting back on it ! I hope i will continue to make new ones and put some new content on my channel and if you didn’t subscribe to it, do it now ! and let a comment down below till then take care and fly safe !


  1. Une SAT freezer, suivie d'un Misty glaçon et un enchainement Décro Ice cube, LA LES GARS, BRAVO! Pour ma part, je suis devant une tisane bien chaude! A++

  2. Glad to see you back😀, I was beginning to think something terrible had happened 😢. It looked bloody cold there🥶. 👍👍👍👍👍

  3. C'est cool Mael !! Merci pour la vidéo… mais promis l'hiver je continuerai aller à RQB pour acrobater, genre en tee-shirt sur la plage une fois posé, tu m'as pas convaincu d'aller à Cham ))

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