Cómo MARCAR GOLES de desvío en hockey sobre césped [LAS CLAVES]👌

Hi friends of Hockey Ejercicios! How do you create space in the D to make good deflections I will us the tactical whiteboard and some videos to demo The main goal of today analysis is to know about the basis of deflection drills Usually deflections happen close to the goal uzually…. Near ot the goal 6 metres zone Inside this small D we can make a difference deflections at the first post zone At deflections in front of the goal zone Deflections at the first post are usually produced by passes from the corner And the deflections at the central zone are produced by diagonal passes or vertical passes from 23 yards line One of the main tips is where to be inside the D If the forwards stay at the middle of the D Then it will not exist any space to deflect the ball Because defenders will be with them And then they will cover the space behind And thiz zone is so far for an effective deflection Where do we have to stay? At least one or two forwards have to be deep in the D So they will drag their own mark and create a great space to deflect We suppose that ball will come from this zone Then forwards could anticipate and touch the ball If the ball is coming from the side or corner Forwards would be deep if they stay at the second post Creating a free space in the first post to deflect How to make the pass to the D? To make a dangerous pass we are going to consider Most of the passes to the D appear when we move the ball previously or when we make a feint pass So if we move the ball to the corner to gather defender players there With a pass back we will have free space to pass in the ball Defenders players at the corner Forwards stay in a deep position inside the D With a driving we will provoke the defender to move to the corner Then go back and scape to make a pass to the D All the time out of the left foot of the defender This is one of the main tips look for the left side of the defender with a feint pass Even more important at the front of the D Because we are going to find the sweeper covering another pass option It’s a hard time to force the vertical pass So we will drive looking for the left foot of the defender and sweeper We hope you like this video Give us your feedback And have a look at this video!

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