Compression Packing: Keeping Your Paraglider Flat

Right, there are lots of methods to pack up
a wing, this is the one that I use all the time. I like super-light, super-simple. So
although concertina bags are very useful, especially for competition gliders, gliders
with lots of reinforcing, I’ll show you a method you can use if you don’t want to use
a concertina bag, or if you haven’t got it with you … you can just do a simple fold
this way. You get the centre of your wing, lay it out
nicely. Clip your brakes on. I leave a metre of line off the trailing edge. Keeping the
lines on top of the glider, I just do a little fold here on the trailing edge, just doing
a bit of a concertina fold on the trailing edge, bringing it in to the centre. The same
on this side, folding it over, kind of three or four cells at a time.
Right, so that’s just a rough fold, and that just gets the tail of the glider neatened
up, you fold it over and get a bit of air out of it, work it slightly towards the leading
edge, and then bring your harness forward and just put it on top of the glider.
You can do this with a strap but I’ve gone even lighter and got rid of the strap. So
coming around to the front here, if I pull a little bit, the harness is pinning the back
edge so I can get a nice bit of pressure there, and I can do my nice leading edge concertinas
just getting the nose cones together. The same on the other side, you can get two at
a time, and pull them in. Because I’ve got that little bit of weight on the glider, it
helps me get them lined up nice and tight. Right, so there we go, part of the glider
done, let me push some of the air out of it. Step over. I’m using my feet now to give me
this nice section at the front of the glider, so all the nose cones are still nicely folded
in the front, I’m going to pull it forward, and bend it around like that. Using my feet
I can pinch that again to tidy this up slightly just by folding the glider in there, and if
you keep your hand there you can pull it forward and get yourself another fold. That means
now in the centre here, I’ve still got my nose cones all lined up and I’m keeping my
hand against them so they don’t move. Now I bring my other foot in, on this side, and
I can lift it up slightly off the ground ready for the bag.
OK, try and keep the bag lined up with the nose cones so when you push the air out you
are keeping that nice fold. I’m just moving my legs up the glider, and I step out. You’re
going to have one little piece left here and its just the tail, which I fold over the top,
push the air out, tip the harness back and fold this tail section down on the outside
of the bag. That’s not critical, it’s the leading edge that’s critical.
Right. Now because I put the bag on in the right direction it’s safe to sit on the glider,
squash the air out, and this nice little Advance Compressbag allows me to get the packed shape
much tidier. So there we go, my nose is concertina-ed in there, all nicely packed away, ready to
go in the bag. Cheers.

15 thoughts on “Compression Packing: Keeping Your Paraglider Flat

  1. Hi Greg,
    I've been packing my wing like that since I got it as no posh bag came with it, but the problem is when you're in spain with strong dry grass or in pointy rocks area I'm always scared to damage the wing when pressing it on the ground to get the air out 🙁

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