Congenital Amputee Does My Makeup #GRWM ft. Stump Kitchen [CC]

– Okay, so we have these things. – This is like my stump. (scatting) – Hello, hello. Today we are doing something, fun. I’m here with my friend
Alexis from Stump Kitchen. – Hello. – Yay, and if you haven’t
ever seen Stump Kitchen before can you tell them what
you do on your channel? – Absolutely, so I make
gluten-free and vegan recipes and I use my stump as a kitchen tool so like, a lemon juicer,
potato masher, spatula and many, many more. So, it’s a very good time. (laughs) – I love her channel. Please, I’m going to link
it in the description so that y’all can go follow her. I’m so excited because we
are together for Clexacon. – Yes we are. – Which is a convention, conference, about LGBT representation in the media. So we’ve been having a great time hanging out with a bunch
of our LGBT+ pals, community, and like talking
about LGBT representation and culture and our intersection of identifying as both queer and disabled. – It’s so great. – So for this video, what we wanted to try and do
is I have to actually get ready for another panel that I’m doing. – You’re on three, you’re on three panels. Me one, you three.
(laughing) – Now and you now what we have
really good urgency moment because there’s a time crunch, I gotta get out of here in
a certain amount of time. – Urgency. – Alexis is going to try
to help me do my makeup. (laughing) – With one hand.
(laughing) – Yes. – Okay, so I’m going to
pretend that I know how to do this, I don’t but
we’re going to have fun. Thank you for trusting me. (laughing) That’s a big deal. – Yeah, you don’t I’m just noticing now you don’t really wear makeup. – No. – or are on a never thing. – It’s not a never, like,
sometimes if I’m feeling fancy I’ll put on mascara, but I
don’t wear makeup otherwise. (laughing)
So. This obviously covers up things that you don’t
want other people to see. (laughing) So like, your baggage. Your like hard memories, you know. (laughing)
Your past traumas and shit. – Oh my god, how accurate. – Yeah but I don’t know. Is it concealer?
– Do you want me to tell you? Yeah, cause it’s very
accurate because what, the only way that I use that
is kind of like highlight so I use that like under my eye circles. – Okay. – Kinda like highlight.
– So I was wrong and correct. – It yeah, cause it’s for
my traumas and bad memories. – Oh neat, am I pushing too hard? – Nope.
– Okay good. Wow that like– – The magic. – Changes things.
– Mhm. – Oh sorry.
– It’s okay. – I’m like squishing your eye.
(laughing) – No, I have nervous eyes
and like half the makeup on the table right now is eye
makeup so it’s really funny. I’m like ah! – Yeah good, I think that’s enough. That’s good. Okay great, what’s next? – Yay! So like as you can see like
one is the main used one. – Oh, I should’ve figured that out. (laughing) – This one is the one you like to use. (laughing) Is it like a face massage? – I was going to say the exact same thing. I was like it’s like a face massage. – Actually, it makes it so smooth. (grunts)
(laughing) Say that again. (laughing)
(grunts) Try to sing me a song Annie. (grunting)
(laughing) – Fun times. (laughing) – This makeup is going to be shit but we are having the times of our lives. (laughing) That’s all that matters. Now next if I was making a
choice I would do something on your eyes. – Okay.
– But I don’t know what. Maybe–
– Oh look. – Oh wow. – We do have this if you want to try but also there’s no tools for this. – So I’ll use my finger. – Yeah.
(laughing) – The makeup gurus hate us right now. – Oh my gosh, I’m going to
do one eye with my finger and one eye with my stump. – Nice. – I can’t believe you’re agreeing. – Absolutely. – What color? – Whatever you want. – Whatever I want? Okay, what’s going to go good with yellow? Oh maybe like some of
these blue situations. Do you think so? I do think so. – Yeah I never like, I
barely ever use eye shadow I have it like in case of emergencies. (laughing) – What would make up an
eye shadow emergency? – If I have to go to a club or something. – Oh yeah. (bouncy music) – Like that? – Like an emergency. – I need like bolder makeup. – I understand, now I get it. Okay, close your eyes and trust me and by the time you
get doing double handed or double limbed I guess, eyeshadow. Okay and I’m not allowed
to help one with the other. – All right. – Get some more over here. You know what? I’ve always really
liked all the eye shadow that I’ve ever done. Either on myself or others. I’ve always really liked using my hand just cause I feel like you
almost have more control and it’s like I don’t know. – Well also cause us broke fellas don’t have enough money
for like 25 brushes. – Absolutely right. Your eyelashes are so long. – Aw, thank you – Look at them. They’re like a pony. You know how ponies have
such long eye lashes. – Aww. – Yeah, oh sorry. – That’s really sweet because like. – It’s true. – I don’t know cause of
anxiety or dehydration I like rub my eyes so much that I’ve gotten rid of quite a
few sections of my eye lashes. – Really? – So I’ve had to try to
grow them back out, yeah. – Well it looks like
you’re doing a great job. They’re very–
– Thank you. full and kind of fan out like ponies. – Aw, thank you. All right. Okay now I would do. I don’t know, this? This thing? – Okay.
– Do you wear this? – Yes.
– Okay great. – I took away everything that’s like, I even put the eyeshadow on
the other side and I was like if you want to give it a try. – Give it a shot. – Yeah, cause I usually
just use that for like (bouncy music)
places. (laughing) – That’s very good. Eye shadow emergency. (bouncy music)
(laughing) Oh so pretty.
(laughing) Okay now this sides
gonna be a little weird. – Okay. – ‘Cause its like reverse, oh god. Okay open. (laughs) I’m gonna come in like this. Just gonna steady myself, yes. See they’re so long I don’t
even have to go near your eyes. ‘Cause they’re just like.
(whooshing) Its good to make sounds
when you do make up. (whooshing) I don’t know why. I learned that from myself. So what’s your next video
that’s gonna come out? – The next video is probably, how to book and prepare for traveling while disabled.
(laughing) – Yeah, I bet you they’ll be so many like well there are like even, thinking about, okay, so on my flight here to Vegas, I was sat in the emergency exit row and I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and I hid my arm the entire time because I’ve had friends who have been asked to like
be removed from the row. – Oh. – Because they think that
they can’t handle the door and all these things or
friends with prostetic legs or whatever and it’s like, no. We know the limits of our body and we can have a conversation, you don’t need to make
those choices for us. So that’s like probably my main, one of my things when I’m traveling. Just like if I’m in that row
it’s like, yes I can sit here. Don’t make assumptions. – Right.
– You know? – Yeah, its going to be different
for like every disability. – Absolutely. – I never know like
how to use the language outside of like because I
identify as disabled so I’m like, “How to Prepare for Traveling as a EDSer”? I don’t know, maybe. But I feel like it’s a lot of
the things are not gonna be necessarily specific to my disability but some things will be. – Yeah, and some things will be more broad then a lot of folks can kind of like tune in too and be like that’s, yeah. – A lot of the things
you’ll be able to use whether you’re disabled or not disabled. – Absolutely, absolutely. – Like we talked about a few of the packing techniques that I have. (laughing) – Okay so, I do not prepare when I pack. I just shove everything into a bag and Annie’s like, “Did you know if you roll
stuff you save room?” And I’m like, excuse me? (laughing) Or just like packing things on the bottom that you’ll need last verus first on top. Like, that just. Very good. (laughing) Very good. – I love it. I love it. I always think that those things
are common sense but damn. – Well they’re not and we need to know. (laughing) You just, we need to know the information. – I’m ready. I’m ready to put it all out there. – Are you ready for lip time? – Sure, yes, I’m like trying to wipe off, because what I did before in preparation is I used this Brujita Holistic Skincare and it is like an avocado cream. – Oh my gosh I want to bath in it. – That you, yeah you can. Its like a treatment for
your skin face, face skin. (laughing) – Skin face. – Your face skin. – Your face skin. I love that. – Also you can put it on your lippy. – Aw. – So I put it there to try and like, ’cause it’s very dry here in Vegas. – Oh, it’s so dry. – So I put it there to
try and like moisturize before I put any lip color on. – Kay. That’s great and I just want– – The more you know. – The more, exactly. I had no idea and I just wanna note that I am using the um, elementary school pencil hold for this lipstick so this is how we are gonna do it. I think this is the correct way. Not at all. – Kay.
– All right. (humming) ♪ you have fun lips ♪ ♪ They are so nice and full ♪ ♪ La la la ♪ And then, this thing goes
in the middle of them? – That’s a choice. – That’s a choice that people make? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Okay great and then, the
tops are always the hardest but the pencil technique helps. Wonderful, that’s not bad. (laughing) Oh, I thought I was
gonna really mess that up but I don’t think I did. – Yay. – This just like, looks like too much fun so I’m just going to put a little dab in the middle just to
give it like a, you know? – Yeah. – Oh its really dark, okay. – It’s fine. – We made a choice. – You can also blend. – That’s true. Let’s see. – You can also blend the dark into the – With this or with this? (laughing)
– With itself. (laughing)
– Oh, thank you. – You can also blend. It can also, yeah, that is a darker color. – It is, and that’s okay. Oh, that makes you look like a vampire. Wow. Okay, I’m gonna do this one and then I’m going to let you do that one. So we can see the difference and also you can fix it if I mess up. – Okay. – All right so lets
start with this eye brow. Even if you’re on the actual hair and darkening the hair
itself it’s like, wow. Okay, let me see? Oh yeah. – A full brow. – A full brow, everyone. You can see the difference a little bit. – Yeah. – Right? – Yeah. – Yeah, and you can add, but it’s just like a tiny bit
of distinction or whatever. – Right.
– You know? – The finally is always that like I have like my hair twisted up and then when I pull
it out it’s like, wavy. – That’s how you do that. – Yeah. – I was wondering, okay, so
those eyes with that hair looks so great because your hairs so dark it actually looks blue. Did you know that? – Yay.
– That’s magic. – It’s magic. – You look so ready for your panel. – I’m ready for my panel. – And you’re gonna rock it so hard. – Yay.
– Oh, yay. And it’s like a little part
of me will be there with you. – Aw, yay.
(laughing) ‘Cause she’s got other plans. – Well, yes I’m going
to an animal sanctuary. To pet the animals and then I’m
going to cook a vegan dinner ’cause yup, that’s what I do. (laughing) – What a cutie. Okay, bueno. I think, what time is it now? – I don’t know is it time to go? Probably.
– I don’t know. Probably. I should probably,
– Sweet. – I should probably get out of here. Okay, bueno. Thank you so much for being on my channel. – It was my pleasure. – Being in my video and for helping me put this
look together that I’m literally not even gonna change. Like I’m going to go there just like this. – Bless you. (laughing) Bless you friend, that’s really great. Yeah, thank you for having me. This was so much fun. – Yay, I’m so glad. – So good.
– So glad. Yay, okay everyone please
go down in the description, click that link. Follow Stump Kitchen and like, subscribe. All the usual fun stuff for me and I will see you eventually. – [Both] Bye! (happy music)

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