100 thoughts on “Congressman recounts GOP baseball shooting (Full)

  1. blame the democrats, blame the phony Russian investigation, blame Obama/george soros/blame the CiA/never mind the fake news lol ass holes

  2. Hillary Clinton would have fixed all this! Its too late now though. Looks like you Trumptards are going to have to deal with real world repercussions this time. Welfare cant save you from this Republicants. Backwards ass hillbilly bitches learn how to read and write and educate yourselves before its too late!

  3. CNN FAKE NEWS and it's anti-Trump vitriol empowered this LIBERAL DEMOCRAT to murder people that disagree with their liberal ideology.

  4. Arrest everyone at CNN. This is partly their fault! Spreading lies and condoning violence, I'd even say WANTING violence against Trump admin! YEAH CNN YOU ARE CRIMINALS!

  5. This shit is on YOU CNN. You never denounce the political violence coming from your little brainwashed horde, you celebrate mock assassinations of our President, you support domestic terrorist groups, and you do it all with a big shit eating grin on your face. You lying propagandists are the scum of the earth. YOU ARE THE TERRORISTS, CNN.

  6. Left leaning ideologies have  attendance to be more violent. Then the right. Right wing is based off more of a Republic, as the left is based off democracy. AKA mob rule. All the lies and hate towards Trump coming from the dems, and MSM. Have fueled this guy. Black lives matter, and antifa. Are all left wing violent hateful ideologies as well. The left is VOILENT!

  7. Fucking actor, he blame the gun now, a gun man attack ( if he was from Muslims = a Islamic terrorist attack , if people of colour he would say = criminal gang ) . white hypocrisy. enjoy Trump gun free country

  8. CNN created this. Look at the shooters social media, theres a reason CNN is not reporting on it. Its filled with the narrative CNN has been pushing for to long. CNN=Bias Fake News

  9. Seems fishy that Donald J. Trump didn't tweet about it trying to advance w/e is agenda is. Remember his comments against London mayor? He knew he was the reason for all of this.

  10. Since the libtards have not been this upset since Lincoln freed the slaves is there going to be another civil war?

  11. Will Republicans still support the gun lobbyists, now that they are being targeted? Hmmm? Republicans will continue to arm Radical Caucasian Terrorist, even at their own peril. What idiots.

  12. Keep it up you Fucking Liberals…………………
    You want conservatives to start hunting you Fucks down?

  13. Playing ball with lobbyists??? U gotta be kidding me? Its bad enough these asshole Congressman take money from these money bags for votes but to play ball with them? What a joke. Damn shame Pelosi and Ryan and quite a few others don't play baseball.

  14. Trumps hateful America…. if you have a President who cultivates hate it is to be expected to have people who do what he wants … that is kill and keep on killing.. but we all know he will push this hate even further after this sigh… Fortunately America has strengthened its borders and the rest of the world will be able to watch the implosion and not get involved… you reap what you sow Trump

  15. LOOK: There is a bipartisan effort to tone down the rhetoric. Who is going to amp it up… the Putin Paid Trolls… the divisionists.

  16. Texas,Louisiana, Alabama all states that believe 2nd amendment rights more valuable than lives lost in mass shootings. He seems much affected, why?

  17. If liberals can't invite terrorists into our country, guess they'll resort to becoming terrorists themselves. Thanks CNN for the hatred you spew to create this mess.

  18. CNN, You better hope the shit doesn't hit the fan. The people may hold you accountable. Each and every one of ya.

  19. These republicans aren't laughing anymore, they think that they are above the law. The law comes in many forms. They violated Gods law to DO GOOD. They failed.

  20. Responsible, law abiding Americans everywhere should be legally able and supported by our government to keep and bear arms to counter such attacks.

  21. Dayam, Rep Williams. You all should have been packin'. You were sitting ducks. How did that feel? You should have been armed. How do you think it feels when an ordinary, law-abiding citizen is being robbed or raped and has no defense? Could you please help us? Is it fucking real yet?

  22. Will Hillary accept any blame for accusing GOP of being traitor political party of Russian moles? Using broad-brush Democrat code-phrase, "either in witting or unwitting fashion." So everybody who didn't vote for Hillary is Russian mole or stooge… In bi-partisan spirt, will Democrats turn in their Obaminion moles to face justice?

  23. What a joke, they are just trying to distract you from the truth… Find me on youtube, Karl Storey. It will change your world…

  24. If cnn is all over a story, and the cell phone footage shows nothing. 100 % staged drill as always. End of story

  25. This shooting was a pre planned libtard / leftist event. Trying to dick with Our President on his birthday. sick commie demorat cancer.

  26. Time for sensible gun control so we don't have to keep seeing this craziness happen. Perhaps having this hit so close to home for the GOP means they'll stop obstructing gun control. ???? I hope & pray. B/c though my heart goes out to all those affected today, & of course, I don't condone any violence EVER, I feel a sense of deep disgust that the GOP has created a country where gun violence is the norm, & this almost feels like a blip on the screen instead of the catastrophe it is. I know this won't be a popular opinion, but I do believe the GOP has reaped what it has sown. Tragic, but true. May everyone be blessed with safety & security, & may all victims of violence be supported & helped through the healing process.

  27. It was just a peaceful loving Liberal expressing his feelings that Trump is not his President.
    Keep it up CNN you and your Commie style propaganda and hatred for Trump is pushing crazy people to harm Republicans and conservatives.
    CNN is dangerous FAKE NEWS.

  28. Looks like the violence that you lot at CNN were stoking up is going mainstream. CNN is fake news – CNN is ISIS.

  29. YOU and ALL the FAKE NEWS caused this!
    "The Rep. Health care Plan will kill millions" "Trump colluded with Russia"
    These FAKE stories are what drove that NUT to fire on those Civil Servants!
    MSM is to blame

  30. If this is a case of a GOP supporter shooting dem senates, those red state trolls would say this is the fault of Obama taking guns away from Americans. Either way, red state trolls always have their own ways to explain things lol

  31. Y'all need to watch Amtv on YouTube he spoke about the lies these fools keep telling Americans..all this was an agenda n a way to start civil war..Jesus is coming read the bible the time is very near an these are warning signs from heaven

  32. If CNN continues this fomentation of civil war: first we boycott all sponsors. Then after the war kicks off we make sure each and every one of them are afraid to walk out in public.

  33. The toxic and destructive Liberal media journalism, instigation and promotion of violence against their political counterparts is now paying off.

  34. All through the election and after, the Liberal media, Hollywood, day/night time T.V. hosts, have been FUELING this hatred and violence towards Trump and Trump supporters. I get all of it up here and I have the internet too, so we can look up everything. LIBERALS YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS

  35. This shooting and all this violence is ALL because of the democrat-leftest-fascist media and the democratic party. They use propaganda and preach hate too deceive and lie to their voters. They use Fear and Claim people will Die because the Republicans are in office. This is their game plan, and if this is not a crime, it should be. But what's really sad, are the ignorant people that soul depend on the goverment and can't think for themselves. They use welfare as a crutch, and will choose to work less hours in a week so it dosent effect their welfare handout. This is the New democratic party!

  36. My friend is an intern at CNN. He said the folk at CNN are all happy about this shooting. They all hope more republicans are shot. The whole CNN organization is evil. They need to Fe shut down. They are all terrorist.

  37. Blame Cnn Fake News and all Libtard MSM for spreading fake news that is creating hate for Trump. ..BLOOD IS ALL OVER YOUR HANDS, YOU SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE

  38. Hard to believe but nonetheless factually true, Bernie's supporters so far have been the craziest and the most violent ones, between the retarded Antifa faschists, the Portland shooter and now this psycho.

  39. cry baby cry!! why didn't you cry when innocent little children were kill at their school????? you defend the second amendment, right to have guns, right to kill you. His statement: if you hit us we hit back, isn't that to incite more violence? own it!!!!

  40. Well, I guess the tables were finally turned on the people who are usually responsible for inciting mass killings and putting guns into the hands of as many Americans as they can.

  41. Y'all should read this. I wrote this in response to someone in this comment section and thought it would be relevant to the discussion. We cannot go about demonizing the "other sides here". We are all humans.

    -Look Ameer, there was almost 63 million American citizens who voted for Trump last year. They are NOT all racists and bigots, some are just people who are concerned about the role of the government in their lives and the direction this country is heading. This is one of the largest problems with the media today, you can pick or choose your own stories; the ones that you agree with. When we do this we only see OUR side, the "right" side. If one only looks at one side of the population, questions like yours start to arise. Instead of understanding the arguments of the other side and their legitimate concerns and worries, we push them away. We divide ourselves into Democrats and Republicans, saying the other side is evil, stupid, racist, communist. What we need to do is to reach across and realize the "others" are just people, not the enemy. We are Americans, not Republicans and Democrats. We might share differing views about the roles and the positions of our government, but we are both fellow citizens. I need, we need, this country needs to be able to communicate our grievances WITHOUT attacking those who disagree with us. I am a Republican, and am hopeful for Trump's presidency, while still maintaining doubts about some of the directions he is taking. I am not your enemy, for those who we disagree with can only make our arguments stronger, and closer to the truth. I am your neighbor, not your nemesis. So in answer to your question, some like Trump because what he promises, although sometimes misguided, is in the best interests of this country and her people. They are on this comment section because this is a new event, that compels them to break the cycle of self confirmation they are in. Welcome to the rest of the US Ameer, nice to meet you.

  42. My thoughts are also with President Trump, who will as always; take on the burden of guilt and personal accountability. Struggling to rationalise whether his ever kind, considerate and calming words could in any way have contributed to the current feelings of division and anger……….. Meanwhile back in the real world.

  43. You the media are to blame, just as much as this terrorist., with all
    your hatred propaganda bullshit. Don't forget when this propaganda
    pushes the American people over the edge and causes a war within our
    nation, there is no SAFE SPACES, you will be hunted down along with the
    ones pulling your puppet strings. ESPECIALLY YOU CNN.

  44. CNN is responsible for bringing our nation to the brink of civil war. Are these the first shots of civil war? If so, the CNN traitors must pray that they get to safety before the fury of the people arrives at their doorstep.

  45. Shame on the traitors of CNN for fomenting the radical terrorism that is beginning to emanate from the far left.

  46. This is point for point the same thing that the Bush administration did when Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi launched his first terror attacks against the innocent people of Iraq. Foment mistrust and hatred between the groups in the form of identity politics. al-zarqawi was able to use this to rally radical islamists to his cause, earn the praise of Osama Bin Laden, and found the caliphate. CNN is trying to push our society into chaos in order for the elite to take over.

  47. #CNNBLOODONTHIERHANDS – If this shooting was your aim, congratulations you succeeded ! Now back to more conspiracy theories about Trump to continue.

  48. One deranged coward decided to take the NRA and the 2nd amendment seriously, and tried to fight against a tyrannical government. Sad.

  49. CNN is 95% at fault. They lead the Trump hate rhetoric. They promote it. Their persuasive hate speeches are helping divide this country. CNN, shut the hell up!

  50. Take your fake news and fake concern and shove it. You and your leftist terrorists encouraged this; you practically invited anyone to come behead, shoot, or stab the President.

  51. I find it funny that the Republicans are no up in arms about gun violence when one of their own is shot but won't bat an eye when some children are killed in a school or when some black kid is shot in the city. Also, the congressman who was shot was always proud of how he defeated a gun control bill. Ironic, isn't it?

  52. Asshole Roger Williams supported the Texas public school superintendent for making black and Hispanic children honor Confederate Klansman Jefferson Davis and remove reference of slavery in US History in Texas Public Schools.

  53. I believe CNN/MSNBC hots and others should be charged under Terrorism Acts because THEY DEFINITELY RADICALIZED this son-of-bitch into doing this Mass-murder attempt…………There would have been like 20 Congressmen killed yesterday if the 2 Capitol cops were not there.

    The Media, Democrats in congress and others in Hollywood have Radicalized thousands of these Nutjobs!

  54. Why hasn't any news outlet that I am aware of at least, point out that the first shot fired against the shooter came from a passer yesterday? He was carrying with a License to Carry Concealed !! PLEASE! I wouldn't for a sec MINIMIZE what everyone else on the Security Details or Police did, IN THE SLIGHTEST! Thank God they were there!! Don't own a SINGLE gun, myself, but? We need to retain THAT RIGHT! And so? We Pray for ALL INVOLVED!

  55. Consider…. every one of these (top) politicians are fully aware… Israeli leaders such as Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu seriously and confidently confess, 'ISRAEL CONTROLS AMERICA'. Yet when the AH Benjamin Netanyahu shagged his hairy ass recently in front of the US Senate Chambers, every (Rothschild) BITCH rose and applauded the AH.

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