Continuing My Fantasy Baseball Tradition | DailyVee 436

– Woodruff, David Woodruff, if you’re watching this which I’m sure you are,
pitch your ass off, my man. (upbeat music) That’s how I saw it playing out. (upbeat music) – Severay, wanna, can you
lead off with the rules that were passed last year
that are now in effect? – That’s something we’re gonna talk about. – Cool. – So, read it off. – The next one is by far the biggest one which is the Homegrown Player Right. So, I wanna make sure
everybody understands it ’cause it starts with next
year’s Minor League Draft. – [Man] I thought it had
to do with this year’s. – Well, but it impacts
like, your first round pick for next year that everybody gets right after we finish the auction. Your 2019 first round pick
is implicated in this. So, any guy that you originally select as a minor leaguer and you
don’t waive him, you don’t trade him, he never leaves your roster, now follows a different salary trajectory. So, after his qualifying
season that we now call S2, he goes to H6 and you
then have the ability to keep that guy for up to six years. (laughing in the background) You would start off $5, S2, then he would go H6, $5, H5, $7, H4, $9, H3, $18, H2, $20, H1, $22. (dramatic music) – Think more than any other season that we’ve had previously,
this group has been super quick to act on big names. – 17? – [Man] 19. – [Player] 20. – 20, 21 for me, 21, 21, 21 (laughing) – [Player] 24. – I’ll go 25. – Six.
– Seven. – 27 plus one is eight. 28. – [Man] 29. – [Player] 30. – [Participant] One. – [Man] 31, Going once. – [Player] 32. – So, in Fantasy Baseball
there’s like a strategy that a lot of people
are seem to be adapting it’s that Stars and Scrubs Strategy. You need to go for the big, easy to predict, reliable
players and spend, overspend essentially, on them and then hopefully, with kind of
like your leftover dollars, you’re able to find a couple
diamonds in the rough. It’s a lot of, a lot of
times a crap shoot anyway. So with a 20 team lead,
there’s a lot less depth. So you want to overpay
for the cream of the crop. – 45. – Drew.
– It’s Drew ’cause he has– (multiple speakers drowning out dialogue) – Going once.
– Eight plus one again. – 45.
– Plus one is 46. (clapping and laughing) – Fuck the system. (laughing) – $47, going once. – And I’m not telling you
where I’m putting ’em. (laughing) – 47, $47 going once. Going twice.
– 48. – Keep going, going twice.
– 49. – (cheering loudly) – Yeah, gimme 50. – $49 going once, going twice. – Plus one, 50. (cheering loudly) – $50 going twice.
– 51. (cheering) – Going twice. – 52. (cheering loudly) – Alright now, alright alright. $53 Dee Gordon to AJ. Going once. (laughing and cheering) Going once. (multiple people drowning out each other) – Going once. – 55. (clapping and cheering) – 56. (cheering) – 56. – Bob, you wanna– – Where’s the high?
– $57, do you want– (loud yelling covers dialogue) – You bitch, Drew! (cheering) – Drew is evil! Evil – Can I get a hold? – Yeah. (loud clapping and cheering) (loud clapping and cheering) – Dee Gordon, so Dee Gordon went for $60. Whereas I paid 35 for Billy Hamilton, but Hamilton gets more
steals and that’s why. Dee Gordon went for so much. So. – [Interviewer] Who do you
think has done the best today? – Honestly I’m not really sure. – I think this year everyone
is doing pretty terribly. A lot of people feel that way. – Pretty much planning
to punt to next year. – I’m feeling bad. I did a bad job. – I’m happy to spend times with friends. I’m not happy with my
baseball team’s future. Came into the year ready to pack it in. Feel as if I did some
good things, but overall, I’m not the happiest of all
time but I’ll figure it out. – Those are shorter. – Go ahead, go ahead. – Barry Stone wants $13. – This guy blows. – 14 to Brandt. – Two got players. You know the player’s
bad because two actual bad players are bidding
against each other. – 15.
– See. – 15 for choice. – Choice went for 15,
he’s not a good player. – Here it comes for Brandt.
– Going once. – He wants to be in. – Going twice. – But he can’t. – Sold. – Drew is 15. – You guys should do a bet between Nate Jones and Leon. – I’m willing to do it. I’m willing to do it. Yeah, how much, 40,000? (laughing) Four? No, $4. – 104? – 104. – Yeah. (laughing and cheering) – I’m super tired because I had my draft yesterday. – That’s how we prep throughout the draft. – That’s how we prep for my draft. Happy where we are.
– Yeah. – I think we’re happy. Right?
– Yeah, still dollars left. – Yeah, dollars left and
I like where my team is. So I think we’re good on that front. Now of course, the end game could kill ya. Make or kill ya. – I’m kinda gonna kinda sit on my roster so that the next hour and a half, I have two guys I really want. We’ll see if I can get em. – There’s no stand outs at all. I think I’ve done both
some of the least terrible misses so far, so I’m happy about that. I think my best picks are still to come which is kinda weird with like, 30 minutes left in the auction, but, I really like my Delino DeShields pick at like $24. Definitely think he’s
gonna have a big season, a lot of steals and when
Dee Gordon went for 60, I feel really good
about that and I’ve been on the Dan Voglebach train
for a couple years now and I think this might be the year, so he’s a big target of mine. I think I have a good shot at getting him. I think Zhang’s done a solid
job. I think a lot of the contenders kinda like last
year, haven’t put themselves over the top with the great draft. I think a lot of the people who know they’re not going to
win this year have done a good job getting like
cheap, high upside guys like Statz and AJ and I think I find myself in between going forward
and tanking again. – [Interviewer] You guys
out of everyone have also consumed the most alcohol. How do you think that’s
affecting your shot? – I think that’s– – Well that’s not true
because Yudk ended up outpacing us. – If you put us together – If you think Yudkin’s
having tomato juice then you’re grossly mistaken. (dramatic music) – I’m doing good, focus is
gonna be on pitching throughout. – Focus should be on 2019. First time you’re gonna
be able to compete. – You think so? I think we’re a year ahead of that. I think 2018 and we’ll be there. (bell dings once) – Frankly, hoping to trade with Gary. He looks like a front runner potentially. Just told me he’s going for it so I might be trying to make some moves there. There’s a couple other guys, so my goal now is to sell my entire team in about an hour and in exactly one year from now, be talking to you about how I’m going to win this whole thing. (bell dings once) (upbeat music)

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