100 thoughts on “Controversial Call Leads To Brawl Between Parents At Children’s Baseball Game

  1. Every parent involved should have their children taken away. The parents should also be forced to get a vasectomy/tubes tied. They don't deserve to raise children.

  2. Colorado, Softball, Fights….Randy Marsh…South Park….Life imitating art…Trey and Matt must be beaming…😜

  3. Everyone should know that just one punch can paralyze or even kill someone not just injury. It does not matter how strong the person is.

  4. If they didn’t do anything about the Waco Shootout they’re not going to do anything about this. #whitegrownupslifesmatter

  5. Did the police even come? Did anyone call the cop? Where’s that video? Why are we looking for someone who obviously follows their child’s baseball team? At least 18 adults know who the sucker punch guy is who punched the suckers that were out on the field throwing punches.

  6. This is why kids go to school & act like damned fools. It's bad enough you can hardly discipline your kids at home anymore…then they get THIS as an example of how to handle a disagreement or a situation that doesn't go your way.

  7. this is for wut? arresting me for wut? am I not allowed to stand up for myself? I thought this was america. Huh? Is this america? I'm sorry I thought this was america.

  8. People can be animals at times.. There is a fine line that keeps society civilized, What will our future look like when the youth on this field has taken in the lesson learned at that event? Damn Shame…

  9. Over a fucking sport that you're not even playing. It's gay Enough that people get so into professional sports in the first place, but this takes it to a whole new level of cocksucking.

  10. Ya because the outcome of a seven year old's game is so critical that loser parents have to fight over an ump's call. What a bunch of losers.

  11. Losers…fuck them dickheads,they should never be allowed at a game again.I played baseball growing up and it was the parents and shitty coaches that ruined it for me.They should be embarrassed. Why the hell is a 13-year-old kid umpiring a baseball game? I never saw that back in my day, and that was the 80s that’s not that long ago

  12. Wow the dad in the blue shorts sucker punch, what a thought guy. I'm sure his son is really proud of the lesson he was taught that day.

  13. All I see is a bunch of losers that weren't able to hack it when they played ball young so they're trying to live it through their kids..so sad and pathetic..that would be the last time I'd listen to my parents ever if they did some shit like that when I was a kid

  14. Oh look what a surprise, The aggressors are Hispanic, typical violent overly-emotional people..and we’re suppose to be letting more and more of these type of people in the U.S?? Fuck that

  15. It's so nice that people of all ethnicities and religions can get together and join in the time honored tradition of being an obnoxious violent twat at a childrens sports game

  16. The #1 reason young umpires and referees quit? The parents. As a referee I decided not to put up with any crap and address any disruptive behavior before it gets out of hand.

  17. The call wasn’t really a call in his interview with 9NEWS he says he told a man to watch his foul language

  18. why the Fuck are they only looking for the one guy. So a big fight breaks out and they look to arrest one person. Anyone who was involved and throwing punches at a kids game should be arrested.

  19. This isn't funny, this is embarrassing. Grown adults showing their children how to act. What in the actual hell is wrong with people?

  20. so basically some white folks got whooped up on by some Hispanic dudes for running their mouths and feeling entitled?? figured as much!

  21. If you watch the full video the guy that got knocked out was more involved than most everyone else. He kneed people in the head and kicked people on the ground then he got what he deserved. He got knocked the fuck out.

  22. I notice a redskin who looks like he isn't a parent but just some game attendant who took advantage of a chance to  join a brawl. The particular indian I refer to is the  guy in the aqua green short pants who fought like a fierce brave warrior historically has- he sucker punched a guy who wasn't even fighting.  People who serve jewry try to pretend they don't understand why sensible white  folks prefer to stay with their own kind.

  23. I've been an Umpire for many years and quite frankly you parents have chased me from the game
    It's not worth it and now children won't have officials for the most part around the country because no one wants to do it and we darn sure can't get young people to umpire. Solely because of the parents

  24. This maybe worst than the video I just saw about the dysfunctional family at Disney! So many out of control people in our society! Sad! Disgusting!

  25. Here's what I see in this video:
    One-third of the adults are fighting other adults in front of children
    The next third of the adults are either watching it or filming it instead of stopping it or checking on the children
    The final third of the adults are using the video in a news broadcast to get cheap shock value views

    What a wonderful society we live in, eh?

  26. My nephew, who’s son plays little league, got into twiggy a brawl along with other parents at a game. I heard that my nephew punched another guy to the ground and continued to kick him until others convinced him to stop. <BAD> I think my nephew went a bit over the top there!

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