Cool Circuits would stump Franklin, Tesla and Edison

Electrify your mind with Cool
Circuits, a challenging puzzle game. Cool Circuits tests your
skills in abstract thinking, deductive reasoning, and
spatial visualization. Basically, it’s
a mental workout. The object is simple. Fit all eight game
pieces on the board to form a complete circuit. Start by choosing a problem
card and placing your starting pieces on that indicated areas. Your task is to fit the
remaining pieces in the gaps to close the loop. They eight organic
shapes flip and rotate, allowing a multitude
of possibilities. But only one configuration
solves each puzzle. The difficult challenge makes
success all the sweeter. Forget this. I’m done. I got this. When you solve a
problem, you’re rewarded with a light show that feels
a little something like this. Yes. Yes. I am amazing. This is all for me. I’m the smartest
man in the world. Cool Circuits offers
40 challenging problems in four categories
of difficulty: tutorial, beginners,
student, and advanced, or as we like to call it,
really, really ridiculously hard, like almost impossible. But seriously, what you do here? When not in use, the problem
cards and circuit pieces stow away in a drawer
built into the puzzle box. Award winning Cool Circuits
gets your neurons firing. But it now at

100 thoughts on “Cool Circuits would stump Franklin, Tesla and Edison

  1. I think it is amazing how Vat19 is able to make great ads in 2019 that are normal, tell the viewer stuff about the product, and many other things. They are not at all like the others like!

  2. the closed loops look exactly like flattened tangles, and i for one, am thoroughly sad the circuits arent also stim toys

  3. Smartest man in the world: no one is smarter than me!
    Joey:I know but I can finish Cool circuts
    Smartest man in the world: gives crown

  4. So it's a one time puzzle thingy? Like once you solve it, there's no point of doing it another time since you know the solution?

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