Cool Massive Fatwood Stump w/ Barbed Wire

Check it out I wasn’t sure if it was fatwood or not. But I got into it right here. Sure enough Do you see that edge I sawed off? Pure fat wood baby. The whole thing. …and even more cool, do you see the barbed wire? There’s some barbed wire that went through that, and some barbed wire that went through that. How cool is that? Huh? It’s a hell of a stump. I’m going to have to come back here with a big ole saw. You see I can take these two pieces there And later on, chop at that bottom log. I’m very curious. But the core, the shell, is definitely fat wood. woo hoo The fatwood out here is rather old and rotty. (rotten) but there are some decent pieces. As you can see here by the maya dust this is a good piece. It probably doesn’t go up very far. It feels rather old and light. That’s not too bad but it feels like it only goes up to here. And I didn’t think I’d have time to go out today. So that’s actually a good piece right there. Good piece This is a really old forest. Check out this widow maker above my head. You got to watch it. Especially in these old forests. yikes The sun’s going down, temperatures dropping I think I’ll steal this piece. This one doesn’t need sawing. Just grabbed it I’m hoping there’s fat wood in there I can feel it. (at least up to here) I couldn’t leave you guys hanging and wondering so I sawed into her. Nice fat wood in there. Pretty good. A solid piece. You can see some all the way up to here. I’m sure it’s pretty solid right in there. As you can see, there’s a freebie right here. That one. Oooh… nice

46 thoughts on “Cool Massive Fatwood Stump w/ Barbed Wire

  1. love your intro very cool.that stump was cool with the wire.i found a axe head half in a tree one time.i wish i had a camera at that time.take care

  2. That hallow stump is one nice piece of farwood! You need to get a chainsaw! Love those Damn Yankee's, great music in the beginning! Take care Babe!

  3. Awesome find… Wish you could get into the roots of it… I don't for sure know but I'm hearing their is just as much fatwood in the roots… I have found a dead tree as soon as it dries up alittle I'm going to pull it up… I have to know lol…
    Awesome find Shlisa

  4. Awesome seeing them ol' stumps with barb wire in them, makes you wonder how old the stumps and wire are. Normally the music and talking don't go well together but once again very nicely edited vidja Shlisa!!
    Have a good'nnn

  5. That’s a sweet Stump, can’t wait to see you get it, and process the goodness. I saw the bend, but I’ll let somebody else take it!

  6. Looks like bones. Sections of fat wood bones. Like bones on a whale 🐳 vertebrae. That make a great place to keep your beer like CCOD! Lol fatwood poke!

  7. Some fatwood art work right there sister! You sure know how to find it ! Best wishes friend 👍🏽👍🏽😘😘

  8. That is by far the coolest Fatwood stump I've ever seen!! I would be almost sad to cut it down …but then, it'll look even better in your living room!!! Freaking Awesome sis!

  9. Fatwood Partyyyyy! I am going to have to start looking for that stuff over in the UK and making my own fire instead of bringing it in a gas bottle. Cheers Alan

  10. cool stump. who needs fence posts. lol i subbed you, heard your name a couple of places today [ cab7 n Idaho Hillbilly ] great bunch of people. looking forward to more visits

  11. Great find Shlisa, that was old with that embedded barbed wire. Watch out for those widow makers, silent but deadly 🙂

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