Cops vs Firefighters In EPIC Hockey Fight

a charity game aimed at Nassau Coliseum
in Long Island at two days ago between the police and the firefighters
well look what happened Co Co Co here so much wrong with that clip
obviously I think a good place to start is that most of
the people that were there were probably family members or friends yeah you know
this is a look and they were all playing by the way I can see I but was barely is driving car from a New
York City native is that the New York City cops in new york city
fireman are playing online I’ll I don’t have a rather than this to
happen it’s supposed to be for sort of good well but not only did they on the
ice have no goodwill towards each other but you heard people chanting that the
cops of PD sucks yeah family is all a boisterous firefighter
fans who had like I guess that the family to the firefighters should
understand what this like sort of service-oriented jobs
in commitment to the city means but no a QP teeth out to charity if yesterday
reported it to charity credit talking but it’s all rather see
you know our offender our law enforcement under fire
department demonstrating that sport yet we should note that in over 20 years in
this game this was the first bench clearing brawl I I think I’m gonna make more money
maybe they raised more money because it I would you know the boys are talking
about it they are they’re thinking about money and if you’re not happy with you
next year’s game will sell more tickets but rather that than one reason people
want their ego his than that yeah thankfully not allowed to bring their
tasers onto the ice I’m not really no just the thing about all the kids you know these are their fathers and
they are you know at chariot this we’re delighted her I never
know how to handle a douche there now for my other items and all
that thank you yeah and and I know everybody I was born
in Brooklyn but yeah ever is wondering the it was a NYPD a NYFD for was a really yeah bear in mind that
people are professionals like they might not have played much hockey before so
they get on the ice and I just try to do what they’ve seen and hockey before they
just are wailing on each other that that’s pretty well but I know that
I have not I ideas lol most beautiful sport I I don’t know
hockey people always have to defend hockey we don’t have to do and we’re
just telling people the truth that I know that but

100 thoughts on “Cops vs Firefighters In EPIC Hockey Fight

  1. The end of America, pretty much like the end of Rome with their Colosseum violence and banalities while society crumbles at their feet. 

  2. I really hate the sound of women and kids screaming… I think that's how hell sounds. When you go to hell you got to hear women and kids screaming inside your ears for all eternity.

  3. Aren't police and firefighters used to hierarchy, authority, and discipline?? Why don't the captains tell everyone to quit it? Bunch of thugs.

  4. Wait…isn't this what your suppose to do in hockey?…I thought it was just boxing on ice.

    …I always wondered what those sticks were for.

  5. I remember cops and firefighters getting into a fight after 9-11 because the firefighters wanted to keep looking for bodies/survivors. The fight started man to man but afterward the police arrested the firefighters….really pissed me off.

  6. If it was a basketball game with majority blacks and Hispanics, Bill O'reilly and Meagan Kelley would headline their shows with it talking about the problems in black and Hispanic culture.

  7. Im not even an american and I know NYPD hates FDNY. Its so evident they hate eachother ita in a tv show Rescue me. I think this is awesome and id pay big bucks to watch this next year. A little fist fight in hockey is what makes hockey, hockey. Just like burning down stadiums and killing police is Brazils way of playing soccer.

  8. Cops: "We're the real heroes here!"
    Firemen: "Heroes? You don't save people, you shoot them for loitering!"
    Cops: "What did you say? Are you threatening me? WE GOT A CODE RED OVER HERE!"

    Brawl ensues.

  9. i'm not too surprised that the cops are not favored by the crowd. firefighters are more popular generally. they murder significantly less people while on the job, so it makes sense that people would like them better.

  10. This is a good example of the NYPD's professionalism and self control…. then people are surprised when they shoot a unarmed teen walking home from school… SMH.

  11. Well, this answers a childhood argument. Now if only I could find out whether Superman or the Hulk would win at arm wrestling…

  12. Wow, this is way better than Hockey Night in Canada! If it ever got this exciting I might watch it more often. XD

  13. The Firemen are lucky the cops didn't pull out there guns…  The cops are lucky the firemen didn't have to take out there axes to rescue them.

  14. Violent/fighting is big part of ice hockey, but even in my opinion this violence went little too far, we won Silver medal in last Olympics

  15. Firefighters are REAL heroes that actually SAVE people and protect them.

    The Cops are pieces of shit that PRETEND to serve the public.

  16. Did anyone notice that the goalies didnt fight they watched they coworkers kick each other ass? its funny if u watch very closely?

  17. wow, you have to get the local rivalries to understand this, NYPD got blue and FDNY got orange, orange is the home color and blue is of the rangers and the rivalries between the rangers and the islanders and devils is as heated as it gets. as a devils fan my favorite two words to yell during a game, "RANGERS SUCK!" It was the islanders fans who came up with it and whatever team is in blue gets told they suck.

  18. What a riot, the place was on fire. This has to be the most action the Nassau Coliseum has seen since 1983. 

  19. Sends out all dirty,unloyal cops Coaches: were gonna win now
    Firefighter: Blast fire hoses at cops to clean those dirty cops and starts fight

  20. There is a good percentage of hockey that is used an excuse to fight. There have been countless reports of coaches encouraging young players to get into fights on the ice, both for the sheer sake of it, and the entertainment value. I can absolutely see the cops in this situation getting excited about the chance to brawl.

  21. FUCK those cops! corrupt. !!! Firefighters the real protectors! just b/c its a charity game doesn't mean its not a game! doesn't mean nothing can happen. just because there are kids there doesn't mean don't fight… fighting isn't necessarily bad… its initiation of attacks that is wrong, those who stand up to say no to it, fight back is a necessity if you care about health. PD vs FF… probabilities are with the FF, those oppressive cops proolly string a whole bunch of shit. what is this Loppy BS from TYT

  22. It's just a hockey fight. If it was Canada, we'd cheer and never talk about it lol. It happens. It's hockey, despite what people say and are trying to turn it in to, fights are part of it. Charity game……ok…. fine, maybe they shouldn't fight. It's just a hockey fight.

  23. u know them firemen have been waiting for a day to beat up cops
    im suprised the pigs didnt arrest the firemen the next day lol

  24. i dnt follow hockey much but i know fighting is a huge part of it besides police & fire fighters have alot of stress so what a better way to relieve it a little hockey, little fight and to finish it off a couple of cold ones lol ofcourse with out fighting, i bet they felt alot better and looking forward next year for a rematch…

  25. Reading through the much stereotypical statements. "PD Sucks!" Why? For one, those who think cops are racist pigs…more power to ya, liberal airhead. It is the police that portect you, your children, and loved ones from the harsh world. No matter black or white, yellow, or damn purple. Yes, firefighters do protect us. I give them the credit they deserve. Those who shout PD Sucks, well. Lets get rid of the Police for one whole 24 hours. Would they suck then? Hmmm, I think not. Liberals, you all claim to be so "Open minded", yet, when it comes to these situations, you seem to be the , most closed minded. Grow up and realize where your bread is buttered.

  26. WOW Nobody wants to touch the real reason they are fighting?  Even the tyt jokes about it and turns away…….

  27. Backstory: they got along and are still friends , i seen a video where cop was talking to the firefighter when they were actually working . Cop"you got me with those two nice hits . Firefighter "yup" . Shakes hands after

  28. It is a charity game, and I bet they shook hands after the game and drank beer in the parking lot together, too. I have never been interested in the fighting but, if it's all left on the ice I'm ok with it. That's hockey for those of us that play. If you dont get it, dont talk.

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