Coronavirus; England switching West Indies Test series to Caribbean ‘unrealistic’

there shall be no play in the English
police at least until April 30 so says the Premier League after a meeting with
key affiliates and stakeholders today determining that the situation in the UK
concerning coronavirus is too dangerous for play any time before good afternoon
welcome to these sports magazine my name is George Davis working alongside Pryor
Ram Iraq and Lance whatever and I put it to the panel that sports fans who have
been caught off like some were used to getting a high regular they’re getting
that high regularly for years for decades for a lifetime even suddenly
it’s cut off life is not the same what they love to wait a while longer for the
appeal to turn has you seen that I think about one of the memes that I saw on
circulating on social media when man said you know he saw a woman sitting on
his couch and she happened to be his wife he didn’t realize that you know
there was I apart from sports and football and all that and George just
add what you said about extension it just shows how covert 19 you know the
debts are rising the case of Cooper 19 continued to rise and of course we just
have to wait until we get some sort of green light that things will be okay
before we have a solid decision yeah this is a store not surprising at all
the April 3 projection of a restart over the English Premier League was always
optimistic given what we were seeing so not rising here and even the new day is
is tenuous you know right so in the show this afternoon we’re going to talk about
much as concerning Cove it 19 again as we continue to update you on the
decisions made in the big sports leagues will hear from the CEO of cricket was
Dennis Johnny grave what will happen to that England West Indies Test series set
for June this summer and of course we’ll talk about oh this Thursday of course
it’s at the track today is that the track yes there was a missing element in
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its Trinidad and Tobago cyclist squeezy brown has tested positive for coupe at
19 the 26 year old recently returned to TNT after competing at the UCI World
Championship in Berlin Germany the head of world athletics Lord Sebastian Coe
says it’s too early decide whether to cancel the Tokyo Olympics Olympics
bosses are confident the event was started on July 24th the extension aims
a suspension of all professional tennis action until June 7 means the entire
clearcoat segment of the season has been wiped out
Solutions Football Association has canceled all domestic Club games and
training for national teams – to cope with 19
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2020 welcome back to the sports and so
reports emerged on Wednesday that this summer’s Test series between England and
the West Indies set to be read in England could still happen
that is if a proposal by a cricket you series until September to clarify
of cricket roasting this is its CEO Johnny Greer Johnny welcome to these
sports man zone good to have you again first there was a story set with the
headline said that there was a proposal from cricket West Indies to host the
series in the event that England couldn’t the court attributed to you in
this story did not match the headline then there was a story with you quoted
saying look I can’t imagine the situation in England
being different from the situation in the West Indies at the time to
necessitate the West Indies taking over hosting duties for this England Test
series in June what’s the true position at this point in time the situation is
obviously changing rapidly we’re planning the Test series to happen as
planned in June clearly if that situation changes then we’re into all
sorts of different scenarios and as you’d expect we’re running lot of
different plans for our own quick and easy beer doing the same last spoken a
few times to Thomason who’s the chief exec of the ECB and just said that we
would tribe is possible and and and helpful as we can and they look to try
and get as much of their international summer’s program on as they possibly can journalists about it’s the first series
of their summer and I think it’s fair to say that English journalists would don’t
need much excuse to do a trip to the Caribbean to watch them watch cricket
and so maybe pop out enthusiasm gave the headlines but we’ve not had any official
discussions with the ECB around our contingency pass for our cricket or even
in fact there’s but clearly if the worst case scenario was that the ECB couldn’t
post any cricket this summer or couldn’t schedule those matches in their summer
then one of the options we may need to consider in order to help them to
that that series to to sky and for the World Championship to continue as we
plan may be that that we need to look to post the games here in the Caribbean but
but under the sort of the ownership of the ECB but for that to take place no
cricket would need to be back being played through our world and clearly
that would have to be scheduled here with our institutional venues and also
went both the West Indies Testament in English testy for it what is the level
of what was the level of revenue involved in this test series from a
cricket West Indies perspective if of course it goes ahead as scheduled
what are they the revenue forecasts that you have around this June test series
probably when we go away on and tour the the income is kept by the high board so
this is very much ECB’s revenue clearly we have principal partner in Sandals
Resorts who is UK mark is a huge focus for them so it would be a blow to them
and therefore blow to us if hoarding take place as scheduled but in terms of
all the ticket revenue all the hospital revenue and all that TV revenue they is
retained 100% by the ECB well maybe the question was imprecise
because what what I was good at what I was getting her because I know what you
said is if in the contract that you have that cricket with status has with its
sponsors if a Test series is not played if there is revenue hit in other words
if there is a performance guarantee in the contract that you have with your
sponsor to see that when you go away on test series then and X amount of
released to you as a tranche of the total contract value so I’m asking if
that is at risk if indeed June doesn’t happen in England or anywhere else yeah
it would be in the case of our principal partner sandals and most of the sponsors
as you know that we have activate their rights at home matches so in terms of
all of our in-ground inventory our title rights to our series and the predominant
sort of family of sponsors we have very to bathe their rights and have ownership
of our home cricket there’s only really sandals through the branding of the West
Indies shirts that have an exposure and therefore in the rights and value when
we go away from either this would in terms of our risk in terms of an income
point of view this would be pretty much we’ve been sold into sandals have you
been in discussions with England regarding this and if so if they were to
play on in the West Indies let’s just say you know we have the conditions for
them to come and play would they feel at a disadvantage knowing that you know
it’s being played here in the Caribbean and we can alter the wicket on what not
to suit our conditions with and trophy where we know we we won the series
sermon fairly convincing an emphatic style to-220 and winning the first two
tests so these matches are I guess from it a cricket point of view even more
important than that always be playing England and trying to win the Western
trophy because er as I said earlier part of the the world Test Championship
clearly our players will always be more confident playing our two conditions and
I guess to a certain extent England playing at the oval interestin and Lords
would feel very confident I’m using their own Duke ball in their own
conditions but these are pretty much precedent at times and certainly I’ve
not had any formal discussions with EDB at all or even in formal discussions
around not playing the suits in the UK and not playing in June I think if the
first port of call in scenarios would be what kind of series could we have in the
UK in June and if that wasn’t an option when it’s the next available time across
to complete that series in the UK and I think until we exhausted those
possibilities only then would we then get into a much later scenario okay left
if we can we repay them next summer Orion is there an opportunity for us to
play them here but as a sailor under the ownership of the ECB okay I’m just going
to move away from that topic just for a few seconds and ask you a question that
the West Indies players would have been concerned about there
players that are on contraband will continue to get their monthly monies
what about the players who only get paid when they play a match and cricket is
not gone right now have you all made any sort of you know have you talked about
that I’m consideration for those players yeah we have this there’s only a handful
of those players most of our players now as you know 520 are on monthly retainers
and contracts those contracts end on June 30th but clearly we would be
looking to keep everyone employed within cricket West Indies including those
players we would fully expect at this stage for all new contracts to kick in
on 1st of July and we’ve had briefed our selectors to address business as normal
and provide their recommendation to us for the new retain contracts that would
start from July the 1st onwards and and therefore we would give that list to the
to the six franchises so that they knew which players being retained by us and
by default which players would be available to me make make up their 50
man squads for their retained players but yes there we prioritize match fees
the West Indies championship for regional players that didn’t have
contracts but this at the moment with the compass moment if we’re not able to
reschedule those West Indies championship games at which there were
two rounds in clearly players would be our loss three through their own the
match fee said they would have expected to earn as well as the officials that
would get matches from those final two rounds of the four-day competition Jonny
the Olympic Games as you know is scheduled to start the 24th of lion the
IOC is saying that it’s too early generally speaking for them to make any
defeat of announcement sorry postponements or cancellations or so on
this series in England comes up the month before that and you’ve suggested
already there hasn’t been any formal or informal serious discussions yet so as
far as we know up to this the tour is on schedule for June what
about the timelines at what point if the situation continues as it is where the
kovat 19 virus will bear be an urgent look at the series and any
decisions made regarding whether the series happens in June on the ECB
haven’t made any investment but I think we’re certainly expecting an
announcement within within a few days probably early next week because the
domestic season in England’s you to start early April I think we’ve seen
investments from many other sports in the UK saying that they’re not going to
play a meaningful live sport and professional level until well no earlier
than the first of June so clearly that potentially gives us the option if the
ECB were to follow Thomas as Premiership football and other sports and the
ability to get the series on but clearly that would be without any of the warm-up
games we planned to have a 10-day training camp at the about how a Rose
Bowl and as well as have three warm-up games in the build-up and to that test
series that we showed our players had fully adapted to English conditions and
and we gave them the best possible chance have been successful in that
series so clearly if the ECB make announcement and it follows all the
sports and we’re able potentially to get games on from the 1st of June our
preparation would be severely disrupted and we’ve probably had to consider
preparing here in the Caribbean and barring over without any warm-up games
and going straight into the series now of course the ICC Test Championship
table is being messed up by this Cove in 19th Iris’s well the West End is having
played a 1 Series in the ICC Test Championship for Ament so far where many
others have played for and and 3 so even if you look at the ICC Test Championship
competition as the format suggests this is another setback to it isn’t it the
competition’s that are existing in in sport the speed huge deception and and
therefore you know the integrity of all the competitions comes into questions as
players from injury may be covering as we get to sort of changes
in contract squads and and place well obviously change as well so yeah the
West Indies champ sorry inaudible Cindy cherish through the world Test
Championship has already been disrupted with the cat session I know from England
England’s Test matches that would you to be taking place now in Sri Lanka part of
that are serious – so it was never a perfect Championship table as everyone
everyone said from its onset but it’s clearly clearly gonna be hugely
disruptive in terms of if these games can’t can’t take place that land from
the summer onwards because all the international schedules are so packed
the ability especially around Test cricket with warm-up games the ability
to reschedule is going to prove very very challenging from a logistical point
of view and a raft of postponements coming from your cricket West Indies
desk last week about domestic tournaments the women’s super 50 the
under-15 boys the women’s on the 19th one of them sponsored I CMI which you
know messes that up as well it’s clearly unprecedented times and and many of
those tournaments were really crucial in terms of our planning for future events
our women beating all tournament having a 50 over focus as we were going to lead
into Africa series following by the World Cup qualifiers the Richards take
place in Sri Lanka whether those can still go ahead in Sri Lanka ruined by we
don’t know but they were all to qualify for the Women’s World Cup to to take
peace in January February next year in New Zealand and the this was going to be
the first time as well on the 19 girls tournament was going to take part with
all six territory wards represented that was going to form either a raft of high
performance camps that would take place between now and the end of the year as
we look to build a under-19 team to go to the first women’s under-19 World Cup
due to take place in Bangladesh early next year so huge disruptive for our
cricket programs you know clearly we need to be
responsible they’re being cases now reported throughout many parts of the
Caribbean and taking hundreds of cricketers to play tournaments for three
or four weeks with all the staff and officials and everything else wouldn’t
have been responsible and it seemed very much last week when we made the
announcement we have being proactive following the recommendations of our
medical panel but I think very quick quickly as more and more cases were
reported throughout the Caribbean it and more more govern governments of taking
action banning sports and banning mass participation events in or than 50
people it would have been almost impossible for those games and
tournaments to have taken part so it seems like a very sensible decision now
but as you acknowledge it’s this disruptive to our programs and and for
our sponsors and partners but as I said at the moment we’ve made a postponement
we very much hope that we can get back to normality quickly then these matters
and tournaments can be replayed later in the year
thank you very much Johnny all the best to you thank you don’t agree of CEO of
picky customers we take a recon back with one

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