COSOM Hockey

[MUSIC PLAYING] Cosom hockey is a fun and
challenging physical education activity that can be
played indoors or outdoors. Cosom hockey sticks come
in a variety of lengths ranging from 36 inch
elementary sticks to 52 inch collegiate sticks. And allow you to
match every player with a stick suitable
for their height. They also come in
a variety of colors to help players easily
identify teammates. The stick’s
non-marring blades are made from high impact
polycarbonate with high density polyurethane to protect your
floor from dings, dents, and marks. A wooden dowel runs through
the shaft of each stick making them built to take
abuse without snapping. These stick will
perform in the toughest indoor and outdoor conditions. Hockey sets also come with Cosom
hockey pucks and hockey balls. These hockey pucks allow
for more control of play while the hockey ball
provides for a greater challenge and more movement
for advanced players. Both the puck and
the ball are designed to minimize skipping
and bouncing. Physical education
instructors, coaches, and recreational
sports coordinators love that Cosom hockey
helps children of all ages meet the Shape America’s
National Physical Education Standards. Cosom hockey engages children
in a physical challenge, encourages strategic
thinking, and teaches coordination, teamwork,
and basic hockey skills. And it’s fun for all ages.

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