Cotton Batting or Wool Batting for Upholstery?

In this video we’re talking about cotton
batting versus wool batting in upholstery – when to use them and when not
to. In general, cotton batting is considered a
foundation material while wool batting is used as a cushion wrap. I just want
to show you what I mean by a upholstery foundation material. This is cotton
batting that was the original cotton batting with this chair that I’m working
on right now. It’s very compacted, so it takes several layers of cotton to
make this about inch thick padding on the deck of this chair. So it’s a
foundation material, meaning under here you have the springs, you have the burlap
covering the springs, the edge roll, and the next layer is cotton. and that forms
a solid foundation. So that is what the cotton batting is for. It is not
generally used for cushion wrap, except in some antique cushions. To achieve the
same thickness as this cotton batting using wool batting you need twice as
many layers of wool. and that could get expensive. To give you a sense of the
relative densities of the cotton batting versus the wool batting, here’s a quick
demonstration. We’re starting out with the same one-and-a-half inch thick
uncompressed thickness for both battings.
When I compress the wool batting as firmly as I can, it compresses down to
about 1/4 inch. When I compress the cotton batting as firmly as I can, it
compresses down to about a half an inch. So this is my cutaway cushion to
illustrate the different layers of the materials. This is the latex foam. It’s
wrapped with the premium wool batting, and it has the organic cotton ticking
fabric on top of it, and the outer upholstery fabric. One thing to know
about the wool batting, as well as polyester batting in conventional
upholstery, is it does not affect the size of your cushion. It’s just there to
soften the edges and make your cushion look nice and professional. So there’s no
need to adjust the size of your foam when you have the wool batting or the
polyester batting. If you use cotton batting – I think some people have, that
don’t like to use wool – then you may need to adjust the size of your cushion
because it is so dense.

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  1. I love your video. I am very much interested in this natural batting. I find the conventional foam is so hot, I cannot sleep in my sofa without turning the A/C on. I am glad you are explaining all these differences. Thank you very much for informing us!

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