Couch/sofa burning at Dunedin cricket match. New Zealand vs Sri Lanka, 1997 (with subtitles)

Police are also busy at today’s first
cricket test against Sri Lanka at Carisbrook in Dunedin spectators set fires
on the terraces that had smoke billowing over the ground the incident didn’t stop
play but the fire service was called and for a short time commentators attention
was diverted from the match. Mark Price reports. “Well this is our view at the moment, if you can call that a view” “And it’s also the third umpires cameras view so there better not be any close calls of the run outs” It was Carisbrook at its smokiest. The
players got a whiff of it but carried on the game while officials and the fire
service moved in. University students had been encouraged to bring sofas and other
furniture onto the terrace to form their own corporate boxes. Setting fire to them
was not part of the plan. “Well they’re encouraged to come along and have some good clean fun at the cricket and create an atmosphere that’s a wee bit special
to Dunedin, but there’s always in a crowd there’s going to be one or two
idiots” Fires were lit in several places, spectators nearby weren’t upset. “I mean, I mean, it’s inevitable isn’t it, the lads have good times, you have to burn things” Dunedin
police well-versed in student antics ejected one terrace spectator, the rest
soon turned their attention back to the main action. Mark Price, One Network News.

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