Couple Caught On Tape HAVING SEX During Baseball Game By Two Different People | What’s Trending Now!

During the Mets vs. Cardinals game
last night, a couple was caught having sex in the bathroom at Citi Field.
Oh, we knocked it out of the park! Welcome back to What’s Trending, I’m Ava Gordy.
Ryan Clyne shared this 5 second video of a bongin’, boingin’ couple doing it on
Twitter and directed the tweet to a blogger for Barstool New York, who then
shared it. Personally, 5 seconds isn’t enough for me… I’ll stop there. And after that it went crazy.
Fellow baseball goer Megan Carty responded to the tweet and said, “Okay but
like actually these people are sitting next to me they just confirmed.” When
someone asked her to prove it, she did so by posting a photo of the gentleman’s
shoes, which is really the only distinguishable thing about this couple
because you know… they filmed it and you can only see the shoes. Okay, but also…
those are common shoes! Is it really this couple? Well, she tweeted another photo
and captioned it, “His pants and shoes plus they just said they had sex in the
bathroom *laughing emoji* thanks for playing.” So, yeah. I guess you don’t really need photo
evidence when they’re just so candid about the fact that they just did it in
the bathroom. Really classy! And when someone tweeted asking that she should
tell them that they’re going viral on barstool, she happily obliged!
She said the, “Girl was pissed but they had a train to catch
they left a full beer we do not approve.” And then she tweeted a final photo of
the baseball bangers departure. So, what do y’all think of the Citi Field’s
fornicators? Let us know in the COMMENTS below, LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE for
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17 thoughts on “Couple Caught On Tape HAVING SEX During Baseball Game By Two Different People | What’s Trending Now!

  1. Only in the US would two audults obviously in consent making love be considered more scandalous than people carrying guns and electing a narcissistic moron as president of the country. Go figure…

  2. I don't see a big problem here, at least it wasn't in front of people. When you're horny you're horny, big deal ๐Ÿ™„ Live a little!

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