Couple of Mistakes S01E07 | Rush-O-Gul | Karan Veer Mehra Barkha Sengupta Habib Mithiborwal

Where do it come from? How would I know? Ya sure Sunita, the food that you served There was a Rasgulla also Where did it come from? Ok Alright She said you ordered it with food You had promised Specially after what happened last time Baby me…
Yes you You had 68 Rasgulla Baby me..
Yes you You had promised not just to me Baby me..
Yes you I said I also won’t eat a rasgulla That’s what I am saying I did not order it Did it fell down from the sky? How would I know? Show me the bill It was here only.
Here it is Have a look. Dal Tadka & Paneer makhni What are you doing? I am asking him that If we did not pay for it then why did he send it for free Hello Nandanji, Meera here From B-803, Gulmohar heights We had ordered Dal tadka & paneer makhni You sent a rasgulla with that.
Why? Ok No it’s ok What happened? He is saying you used to order everytime That’s why this time he sent it for free I told you. You were doubting me for no reason Ok now eat I know you can’t resist No baby I promised So much overacting No baby i won’t eat I’ll keep it in the fridge And I am sure you’ll eat it in the next 15mins 15mins, 30mins, 1 hours, 2hour I will not eat Did you eat? Now you would have finished it What? You are also thinking how I did it? What should I say, just see it Nandan? Why is he calling? Yes Nandanji tell me Nono nothing happened. I did not get caught I don’t know how I left 1 rasgulla at the table! No next time you send 6 But also 6 table tennis balls too I’ll tell you about it later How did you like my idea? Baby if you are not eating then I am eating it Ok Nono

100 thoughts on “Couple of Mistakes S01E07 | Rush-O-Gul | Karan Veer Mehra Barkha Sengupta Habib Mithiborwal

  1. Acting of both are not realistic… Try some new stuff in your series rather than always dominating each other and showing similar tricks of fooling.. It look good sometimes, not in every episode… πŸ™„
    I seriously get bore always watching this now…only Meera and Ashwin and Meera always dominating Ashwin, the overactors 😏

  2. Karan u r so sweet & so cute expressions 😘😍πŸ₯° lots of love and sorry Karan I was just looking your cute expressions so I forget how much rosogulla you eat sorry love you and I m your subscribe from Gurgaon 😘😍

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