78 thoughts on “Couple who shot video of brawl at youth baseball game talks about what happened

  1. They only speak of the man getting hit without him seeing the punch "sucker punched." BUT if you see the video, this is the same man who was kicking someone who was on the ground before he was thrown to the ground and then sucker punched. So him kicking another person who was on the ground was ok but him getting knocked out was wrong? Really?

  2. All the parents are wrong. Their whole mindset is wrong. Even these 2, especially these 2. How can a 7 year old baseball game be competitive? Unless all the adults allow it to be competitive. Dont get me wrong. I'm not for participation trophies, but 7 year olds are kicking dirt and picking grass. Just stop it.

  3. Stay classy Lakewood. On Fox News – not a peep about this… I guess they were the wrong color to make the news for Fox.

  4. Another cultural shift in America. Kids are basically living dolls in which the parents choose every thing like they are a custom toy. For parents like these who treat children as possessions, who then treat their custom doll choices as a game with other parents, who judge themselves by where the status of that child gets them, YOU’RE DISGUSTING!

    We need more laws in this country protecting children’s rights. They are human beings, no Gucci bags

  5. The disconnect of humanity is real, unfortunately. Jesus however, is not real. No angels came down to break it up, the people just got tired. The real solutions lay with people working it out with people….rationally. Grow up.

  6. In the name of Jesus let me make a little money off of these people acting like trailer park trash like you are so much better 🤦‍♀️

  7. Ladys eyes were popping out of her head while telling that story.
    Why do women have to pump things up to something they are not with face expressions.

  8. People going to jail over a youth ball game. Well done.

    Many lives will be disrupted with court, jail, cops, and banned from youth sports.

    These people now have a police record (violence around kids) that will disqualify them from being part of youth activities.

    Such ignorance to say you can't find books/information about being a good parent or coach. Just start with the "Golden Rule".

  9. "Good people on both sides". Wait, guilty on both sides.


  10. My little league team I coached WON the championship in my area and the other coach complained and almost got into it with my parents in the stands. We didn't punch each other in the face though lol

  11. Having coached in NYC for fifteen years, T-Ball through high school, division leader and president of the 16 – 18 YO league for five years, I never witnessed anything like this. Occasional loud mouth parent or overzealous kid, but never cursing, yelling and physical interaction. They needed more than a division leader or someone to intercede, they need direction on parenting and socializing. Fights at kids sports at any age is utter insanity.

  12. "When it gets competitive and intense"?!? They're FIRST GRADERS!! What is wrong with people?? And they're going after a THIRTEEN year old umpire! This is pathetic. Those poor kids. It must really suck having dumbasses for parents.

  13. What is wrong with these parents they need a psychotherapy leave the kids alone let them play enjoy the game and have some trust On the Empire

  14. List the names of the parents along with mug shots. Let the world see the best example of STUPID ASS PARENTS IN N SPORTS.

  15. Hiring an adult umpire costs significantly more money. There's already a shortage of umpires and sports officials and those costs will be passed along to the families participating in these leagues. Can't have it both ways.

  16. Dude it's a lil league game it's not the MLB. What a bunch of fucktards! These two didn't make themselves look any better. 🤦

  17. Wow did these two GROWN ASS human beings just say they need adult supervision at a 7yr olds baseball game?! Wow lmao 👍👏🤣😂

  18. This doesn't make no dam sense grown ass adults out there fighting at a dam 7 yr old baseball gm…wtf..smdh..

  19. Why did they report this to police. Now the guy will have a record lose his job his wife his house be homeless . That is a little disagreement.

  20. If he is looking for a book on how to act, may it could be found in your House of prayer.. WSJ ARTICE ON FAILING CHURCH PARTICIPATION

  21. Look at that fucking pitbull looking bitch see that face she as guilty as the rest of them. and this fuckin simp

  22. https://www.9news.com/mobile/article/news/crime/12-suspects-cited-in-lakewood-baseball-brawl/73-1db332eb-ecff-4cf1-a4c1-42ef498c33ea

  23. They claim they were not arguing with the umpire just from this and the umpire interview I believe the umpire they argue his warning to the spectators on bolth sides to watch their language. These parents should be ashamed of themselves for teaching 7 year olds that fighting is ok. This is a teaching league for little league not a competitive league. They don't even have regional tournaments they stop at state uf they even go that far.

  24. Just have a parent ump the game! Gosh Dang, it is freakin 7 year olds! We're here to have fun people! This isn't the majors. Just have a grown azz man with balls ump the game and everything is ok. Now you wonder why kids are so jacked up, is because of stupid little league parents! Vote Trump! Vote Republican!

  25. Unfortunately this is just indicative of the way of the world nowadays. America has become an Idiocracy overflowing with selfish moronic lowlifes (like these two and the reporter breaking a "huge story")

  26. Sad part to me is the perception is that teams from the inner city/hood are the only people who do this type of thing and its just not true in the heat of a game emotions run high. I am a little league coach and saw something like this just this past spring where the COACHES from the Pomona jr Panthers 6th grade team fought each other and my team was penalized for it in the Mile High football league.

  27. When some of the idiot comments in youtube are twice as bad as the idiots brawling during a youth baseball game….

  28. This woman is a money hungry bitch who screams for Jesus but sells video and does interviews for money. She is a problem parent. Her screaming for Jesus and saying that this is all for the kids while grown adult men are swinging on each other is absurd. She is spreading nonsense that isn't news. Her man friend here is explaining nothing. God I hate the fucking news

  29. This was a fight over Coach Pitched First graders? What in the LITERALLY F ?! All coaches and Adults who participated in this should be banned from the field for 2 full years minimum. This is NOT how we conduct ourselves in front of children. Appalling!

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