100 thoughts on “Coupon-Cutting Congresswoman Stumps Big Bank CEO | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Living in California only means the mom gets the pay increase and then the state of California makes her pay that in taxes. This would be a much better story of the state of California looked out for the "everyday American."

  2. I have heard from others that msnbc sucks and now after lawrence interviews congressman porter that he has demonstrated a unique smugness and aloofness that other reporters fantasize about. never mind the interview content and ridiculous assumptions made but the sheer pompous attitudes of lawrence and porter were demeaning, never watch anything on this channel unless you are a hopeless snowflake ready for your next breast-feeding

  3. people are paid based on their training and experience dig yourself a hole by making bad choices and you will pay for the consequences. it is not up to employers pay more than the market bears. a fact many liberal snowflakes seem to gloss over as important.

  4. Where does it stop helping people in California. The taxes are so high everything is too expensive. Everyone wants some thing for free. Construction pays really good if you want to put the effort in. If you cant figure it out all people do is complain. What is 25 an hour is not enough then what?

  5. Sounds like this single mother needs to make better life choices. Like get education before babies. Maybe get married before babies. You can’t fix stupid. Unless your a widow of a soldier, I can’t see blaming the employer for your poor choices in life. But you should still get educated so you can make more money. Entry level jobs are more geared for single students who share apartments.

  6. Notice the perspective she brought: the working single mom. No one in Congress had yet thought of that angle. M

  7. He should've asked if somebody forced her to take a job with his bank? The day he can't find a worker until he pays $500 more, he won't pay it. California could lower their taxes and make life more affordable.

  8. This guy could have been a little more empathetic. He leads an organization which provides customer service and he friggin sucks at it !

  9. This lady did not factor in Child Support from the Sperm Donor. She did not factor in Alamony from the husband that abandonedher. She should recheck the math. She is right, but spinning the numbers

  10. Why isn’t her six year old allowed to work?
    Because “progressive” policies are faux virtue.As evidence example woman’s offspring would learn more about basic economics in the factory than at public school.

  11. Just love smart people. I would rather spend my time listening or talking with people that are far smarter than myself.

  12. this hypothetical woman should a)be getting child support from the baby daddy 2) at 32 she should at least be a mid level employee somewhere and not looking for entry level job. he doesn't have to justify his salary because she has made bad choices in her life!

  13. So basicly what this boils down to is.. if you can't afford a kid don't have one… why should a company pay you more because you can't keep ur legs closed

  14. Democrats are always hysterical without logic. Solution: The area is too expensive? Move elsewhere or houseshare. You're poor? Get Medicaid. Have a child? Make sure you're financially liable. You need to commute to work? Find work that is walking distance. Some jobs are not created equal. Some are level entry. You need more money? Get a higher education. Where are all the migrant farmers who make minimum wage and work 12+ hours a day in the blazing heat in a farm? They're not complaining. Some jobs require certain skills. Crap like this video makes everyone lose brain cells.

  15. The banksters and corporatists are criminal sociopaths. They are the new smug aristocracy, and will sooner or later meet the pitchforks, that's inevitable unless they start growing a conscience, which is unlikely. Sociopaths do not become humanitarians, because they are not even fully human.

  16. At 31 million dollars a year you should be able to think up your own answers.
    And Trump gave this guy a massive permanent tax cut to boot. MAGA.

  17. I am forever baffled by those multimillionaires and billions who are so bloody stingy. The more $$$$$$$$$$$$$ they have, the more selfish and greedier they are. According to Biblical records, a RICH man told Jesus that he had followed all the statues of Christian/religious living. He further asked Jesus what HE (Jesus thought he should do to enter God's kingdom. When Jesus told him that he was missing something….that he needed to go out, sell ALL that he had and give the sum of his sale to the POOR, he became quite distraught. Then JESUS looked at his disciples and forewarned them by rich folks. It would be (much) easier for a CAMEL to go through the eye of a NEEDLE than for a RICH man to enter the Kingdom of GOD.

  18. OMG, I just discovered Katie Porter. Don't want to be a prisoner of the moment or prematurely crown her…….but she acts and talks like the real deal. Finally, someone who speaks so eloquently, without stammering or looking out of their depth when answering simple questions. WOW, JUST WOW !!!! As someone who listens closely to every word when someone else speaks, and holds them accountable for those very words at every turn…….I was hugely impressed.

  19. the ever expanding wage gap is unsustainable. We created a notion of greater class mobility a few centuries ago, but merely placed it within a liberal (antisocial) political system wherein one individual owes nothing to the society which sustains said individual. These CEOs are supposed to have some of the top financial experts at their disposal to project the futures of their respective companies. Yet, it seems they are so focused upon quarterly or yearly reporting and pandering to stockholders that they forget to project the long term future of their companies. I would love to see a graphical representation of the growing wage gap over the past couple of decades or so (both between entry level occupations to their companies AND between women and men working at the same company respective to the top salaries of said company) and to have that projected over the next 20 years.

  20. wow, I wonder why a head of household cant make a living working a job that is designed to be an entry level position for high-school graduate, college student without any bills. maybe she should get together with the dad, so she doesn't have to be sole provider, and acquire skills and find a job that pays more. and leave the $16.50 job for those that are OK with such pay.

  21. UNFORTUNATELY, KATIE PORTER has fallen as for as I'm concerned.She voted against the BDS movement…(BOYCOTT,DIVEST & SANCTIONS) I have ZERO interest in Mrs.Porter…BYE FELICIA!!!

  22. I'm not in her district, I'm in Lou Correa's but I'm proud to have her amongst many freshmen of Orange County.

  23. Katie should teach people to cut coupons, and understand how grocery stores work the best days to shop.

  24. We want your money..because we don't have enough??
    It sucks..but it's NOT his problem.
    It's called CAPITALISM.

  25. Katie is the same dumb stupid scum bag clown like u jounash…t journalist from MSNBC fake hate sh..t news network , this sh..t jounalist this man have personal problem with the president , show this dumb stupid scut liberal socialist Democrat jounalist cursing his staff when he cannot hear his ear piece and sound coming from the studio show that dirty nasty man so assh.le liberal socialist look yourself in the mirror 💩💩💩🤡.

  26. They could also go after the slumlords that are charging $1,600 a month for an apartment that a few years ago was 800 the greed goes far and wide

  27. What a joke…Not his problem…You can't force someone to pay well. Promote your own family relationships and stick together, maintain your integrity, don't give false testimony, trust God, and always look for better work or start your own business. That's what she should do. Not impressed with freshmen who are not interested in real work.

  28. The "LOVE" of money is the root of all evil. Hey Jamie, what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul? Give it away brother! Then, you'll be rich!

  29. Single mom strike 1
    High rents in Irvine strike 2
    California's high tax rate get outta here

    You figured it out Ms. Porter Why the condescending view of your constitutes.

  30. The problem is the JP Morgan Chase did not make her a single mother, why don't you blame the single mother who brought a life into the world she could afford.


  32. The only problem is that everytime pay goes up so does cost of everything. Just making more money doesnt help if you have to spend more money. Everytime employees get raises business expenses go up and costs of product goes up. What to do about that is the final answer.

  33. He didn't lie on his back and get pregnant he worked all his life for his company. Stop popping out kids and then whining about the struggle.

  34. But unemployment is the lowest since WWII.?!
    This is why. People need to work 2 jobs.

    This woman needs the coverage "the squad" is getting.

  35. Raise the minimum wage, and you’ll raise the price of food, that cheapazz cricket phone plan, and everything else. Buncha dumbasses.

  36. Come on you could take a 11 million of his wage bill and he still has 20 and spread the other 11 amongst the lower payed but no 20 million wouldn't be enough

  37. The US is a capitalistic state, run by people (mostly males) who embrace fully the system. No reasons for them to change anything. Therefore it is great that people like this congresswoman to ask uncomfortable questions- which Republicans with little doubt will call socialist ideas and try to nip in the butt…

  38. Entry level jobs are not supposed to be a job to take care of an entire family. It is a job to learn how to be a productive part of the company as they stay with the company. The question is flawed.

  39. greed is one of the deadly sins. he will get his as the others will get theirs. all the money in the world will not save them.

  40. Bravo! These CEOs get paid millions and yet their employees can’t get a pay raise. They are clueless to a typical employee daily struggles.

  41. I like how everyone is praising her like she's the best thing ever. First, Irvine is incredibly expensive to live even for a married couple with decent jobs. This scenario is flawed as mentioned before, an entry level job isn't meant to provide for a family. If this person is real, they can move somewhere more affordable. Also, yes he could pay this one person the extra $500/month and not notice it, but you can't pay just one person more that's favoritism so you have to pay all employees more. If JP paid all it's 256k, employees $500 more each month so this suggests that's $1.5 billion annually. If you're invested in the stock market or have a 401k, you're a capitalist because the only way to make more money is when the corporations make more money so stop complaining about companies making so much, people have the choice to stay at a company or move on to something better.

  42. Has anybody thought that if she needs more money than maybe she should get a better job? Or perhaps get married before having children so there would be two incomes to support this family? Who are you to say this CEO makes too much money? Who tells you how much you are ALLOWED to make? A bank teller is a easy job for people that dont want to get dirt on their hands. Go work in a factory for double if your situation is so dire. Dont make the mistake of believing every job is a career. If you have a no skill job, you get paid no skill money.

  43. The answer is simple. Tell the woman to find another job and ask her to tell her friends not to make the same poor decisions she made to put herself in this situation.

  44. Diamond Jim Jamie Dimon was an incredible disappointment and on national TV, to boot! This is what we have to deal with, too. At least there are a couple advocates in the House. They are all women, too.

  45. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, so the representatives need to keep repeating their message to the wealthy elitists who never think about struggling working people. Someone who makes 31 million dollars just doesn't care or think about the struggles of the working class.

  46. Maybe Chase employees should strike! That always seems to work, when it's a mass effort and done correctly. Diamon sounded like a moron.

  47. I don't understand! Mz. Porter used logic, facts, a bit of history, good math. skills, and common sense. How can she possibly be a Democrat? She took a wrong turn somewhere!

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